Christmas is coming, haven't you figured out where to go and enjoy the beautiful winter food with important people? Open up your culinary senses, follow the women's obsession and eat and drink, and select 9 restaurants that you'll have to know for Christmas! Of course, the important person can also be yourself, don't forget to also bring yourself a good metime time oh: (You will like the Winter Love Fire Festival: with oneself open the fiery mode of love )

#深夜 DJ call recommend: pill for tea

"is not eating, is on the way to eat!" "Before eating, first a cup of limited" Christmas white socks!

#深夜 DJ said: "Pill is the world's first:" On-site production of pearls "Beverage shop! People who love to wipe the tea must not miss the season-limited launch of the "Christmas white socks", is the red bean tea taste pearl!

There is one of the most important reasons: it is too ~ Good ~ Drink ~! (Shout The Echo)

Recommended shop: Pill for tea ( photo source )

#潇洒编浪漫推荐: Ningxia Night Market

The whole night market, is my food ~ Big! Flat! Console

Xu Xian Court said: "I have been looking for a lifetime, can go to the night market lovers." "Who said that Christmas must go into the high-end restaurant, this Christmas, we must find a can go to the night market together with a cool hair, eat food!" (recommend you see: interview Xu Xian court: Do you want your own happiness, or someone else's envy?) )

#潇洒编 favorite Ningxia Night Market, what all want to eat what is delicious, then what is your favorite authentic snack miles?

Recommended Store: Ningxia Night Market ( photo source )

#B女郎豪迈推荐: Hutong

Eat meat and drink! Christmas is a big stutter.

#B女郎 belong to "no longer want to be full of drowning" that faction! Romantic restaurant crowded people, may wish to reverse operation of the opportunity to large bites of the meat drink it! (Eat Hutong, will certainly make the whole person is sweet meat taste, acquaintance and friend limit, eat meat drink, also be another kind of romantic time!) (Recommended you see:"Han Lianglu" Carnell)? The history and learning of eating meat

Recommended shops: Hutong ( photo source )

#在你身编私房推荐: White-walled landscape restaurant

Old-fashioned dating! People go to see the Christmas tree you go to see the night!

Who says Christmas must be with your partner? With the sister to see the night scenery, choose a good view of the restaurant to sit in, simple to eat, spend a not crowded people and shiny Christmas Eve is really! While overlooking 1011 side chats, because #在你身编 is really all around you:)

Recommended Restaurant: White walled Landscape restaurant @ Taoyuan ( photo source )

#姊BJ4 Super Crazy recommended: Mountain Garden Potherb Restaurant

Sister said the trip can only eat fun good mood, other free Talk!

#姊 has always been a woman fans will arrange the itinerary of the party Queen, the size of the matter is always more thoughtful than who think! Recommend planning a day's travel, eat the characteristics of mountain vegetables, and go to the top of the mountain to drink coffee to see the night, a day trip just good! Do not squeeze people, and chicken soup super good to drink, put pheasant super delicious Ah! (Recommended for you: Christmas one person travel proposal: Romance for the Runaway )

Recommended store: Mountain Garden Wild Vegetable Restaurant ( photo source )

#甜心小姐挑剔推荐: Fragrant Color

Stay in South Law! Open the door and cross the country vintage restaurant

One #甜心小姐 met with Miss Picky , unexpectedly opened the door as if leaving Taipei's bustling, only the color and taste of food art, laid-back jazz and mysterious and moving candle lights. (Recommended reading: lazy morning!) Nine delicious Brunch in Taipei

If you pursue the good experience of life, this is the feast you have to go to, and we will not say more.

Recommended Store: Incense Color ( photo source )

#脸红小编脸红推荐: Small Pavilion

The foreigner becomes your surround sound! A small restaurant where foreigners also love

#脸红小编 favorite Authentic Italian cuisine! A warm, warm stomach warms your body (blink), often with a foreigner who reports to eat, to know how authentic his Quebec fries are!

Recommended Store: Small Pavilion ( photo source )


Christmas meets your little honeymoon: a trip to Europe

#品味小姐 can taste everything: décor, atmosphere, food, service! Also need to change the menu once a week, to meet the taste of Miss Heart. If you always want to have a little honeymoon with your partner, it's better to spend your budget here and experience the atmosphere of Europe! (Recommended reading: sell only one kind of food but let the French long queues!) Bordeaux L ' Entrecôte restaurant )

Recommended Store: Biteology ( photo source )

#田丁编贪吃推荐: Amadeus Cafe

A good Christmas Eve needs a perfect period: Amadeus Cafe!

#田丁编 find the happiness of winter, is to want this one can let the heart bounce Christmas! Seriously recommend to you who are looking for Christmas cake, sometimes the store will also launch a surprise Oh! For example, women fans want to give you a taste of their family Christmas cake Ah <3 (W CLUB 12/21-12/24 Lottery, quickly join the woman fan! )

Give yourself a good reward! "This year's own hard," the classic Austrian cake, is the best perfect ending this year! (Recommended reading: to the beautiful you, to reward yourself the night Me time )

Recommended Store: Amadeus Cafe ( photo source )