Work is love made visible. Women fans have always believed that work is a love of the elephant, to see our work site, this week to listen to the editor said.

Recently, the team PTTT. PTTT is Private Talk Talk time Short, the day is again hurried, also offer you face-to-face, because things are important, doing things more important. Be honest about what kind of work you are in this year and how you can imagine yourself in the future and how your work will help you become the person you want.

We have always believed that the work can not only five-night nine clock out, not just for a change of food and clothing, but can be a volunteer industry, a life and to their own yearning.

Walking through the workplace for three years, I feel very happy to have a volunteer industry is not easy, so want to write a letter to 2017 in the workplace of their own, not to the universe under orders, but to their own be mine wish,

Dear Me,

Make a bold breakthrough and meekness workers, with endless creativity and the framework of dialogue, with a strong executive force to promote change, while reminding yourself to be humble, see their own shortcomings, to hear the advice of others, allow their growth flexibility.

Be an upright and conscientious worker, and make good choices in the workplace. Be honest with yourself, not to be brave, not to please, not to be, not to be, not to be, to be honest, to be, to be, to be judged by value, and always to have the ability to question yourself and the matter.

Do a panoramic also have a high level of workers, the day-to-day strategy thinking, take the goal-oriented road, optimize their decision-making habits, do not rely on inertia, challenge authority, practice panoramic thinking, and highly from the humble, and continuously optimize their attitude to the workplace.

Do a discovery problem also have the ability to solve problems of workers, roll up sleeves, solid work, solve the world also solve their own problems. Things have to adjust the space, people have better possible, because just good far enough, brave to imagine better, is the key to the progress of the Times.

Be a worker who has accomplished what he has done to others, see himself, see heaven and earth, see all sentient beings. The practitioner of value, the accomplishment of the mind, and the builder of the stage, so that all people can stand up and glow, regardless of background, ethnicity, color, faith, gender identity.

To be a living and have their own workers, life and work should not be the enemy, but the mutual agitation, shape we grow into an exceptionally rich people, have a love of work, enjoy the wonderful Life. When you work, you have no distractions, and you don't have to work to feel yourself. (Recommended reading: Workplace notes: When not working, I concentrate on myself )

Be a worker who you like and want to work with, and who you want to work with, you have to be that person first. Care about things also take care of people, cooperation and happy, and get along happily.

Be a worker with love and knowledge, all life is dark unless there is desire, and all desires are blind unless there is knowledge, and all knowledge is vain unless there is work, and all work is empty unless there is love.


Finally, be a happy worker. Because life is too short to live unhappy. Many times, people feel happy because they see themselves growing up.

I wish I had become such a worker, challenges sometimes, every step is to learn, and finally will return to reserve their own, I hope that the work to help me to achieve the dream of the day, to become what I want to be.

At the end of the year it's time to invite you to write a letter to 2017 of yourself. (Welcome to submit: write to defend the ideal world!) Invite you to be a WOMAN fan Observer: A teleprompter for life, a voice for current affairs