single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. Jolin break up, many people shout pity, we pity what? The end of love is not necessarily a marriage, leaving a person, let us meet a better life. (Recommended reading: single Diary: My single, no sympathy )

Jolin Tsai and Jin Rong broke up.

They say, six years, this is what kind of time, do not marry must be a problem.

They say, after days of men, Jolin too do not concede no wonder break up.

Sigh that the woman can have a few gold ten years of people, anxious to step into the older stage looking for that person, but did not live well himself.

Perhaps you also see the network article righteousness is sternly geology ask: high achievement but unmarried Taiwan still have a few jolin? They grumble at Lin Chi-ling, Chen Jiaon, Cheryl Yang and other female artists, endorsement of the life of others said: "For these women feel not give up and bear."

Six years, can be married and have children, but Jolin Tsai is not only this paragraph of love, her name still with a lot of achievements. From the stigma of a teenage killer. From Jay Chou's lace news mud away, Jolin Tsai to "Pooh" won the 26th Annual Golden Melody Award Best Mandarin Album award, her desperately three Niang seal on the back is a variety of difficult gymnastics movements, she stepped on the high heel stand on the international stage.

Is it a pity that Jolin Tsai broke up? The six-year time wave is not wasted?

The effect is also that we look forward to the marriage system commitment to the everlasting, we worship this sacred piece of paper may be better than the person in front.

It's not a pity to leave a man it is a pity that you abandon the whole world for one person, the breakup may be sad, the real sad thing is that you will be on your own in a period of no growth in the relationship, six years do not get married where waste, more wasteful is, we gamble each other's life for the social peace of conscience.

Always remembered that she said:

You may not be the princess of a certain person, but you can definitely be the Queen and the king who are inside your emotional world.


The Queen's name is not a wave of fame, as an audience, we do not care about her feelings, compared to her wife, girlfriend, we are more concerned about, Jolin, how she professional treatment of work, how to sculpture themselves to become a better person. Jolin Tsai's end is not necessarily a marriage, but also a relationship, can let themselves in the gentle ebb and decline.