Woman fan interview Janet and George, in front of the media they are immortal, in life they are naughty friends. Janet and George are friends, soul mates , and companions of life. Two people's edge to live more attractive, they are similar and complementary, what is the motive, let a couple fly to the Antarctic to marry, in the adventure of the promise of life? Let's listen to the story of love. (Recommended reading:"Janet Special article" To do their own, then have love )

This day I met Janet and George, not so much as to know two people, more like to know a complete circle. If one thing is learned from two people, it is to live well, to have love.

Walk into the comfort zone of love and jump out of the stratosphere of life

The interview began Janet careful translation of George does not understand the word, one side teach him to recite Chinese with Roman pinyin. Janet large La La character with George's pragmatic, they became a pair of even their envy of the companion, if there are any two similar temperament, I would say they are can-do full, hard to live people.

Janet Good proudly told me: "george before, bitter back Roman Pinyin, to answer you these questions. "I can laugh and speak English," Janet said, "It's George's insistence on work."

"The two of us were wonderful, and there he was, and I began to enjoy my comfort zone more." "janet says that he and George are learning from each other, because they are content with each other years static good, but in the work of their respective leaps, George feel himself in the work very like" uncomfortable "feeling:" I am not afraid to change the environment or see more distant vision, in fact, Janet is also the same, she in the work of the spell, are invisible on the screen. 」

This is the day when two people are separated, home from work, handle the gap, George through Skype to help Janet to play, Janet will even record back to other actors narration, while put on one side to figure out the role, George is also a performance, so across the screen, two people comb the script, again busy , they are willing to stop for each other. (same field Gayon:"Janet" I am longing for adventure, he is longing for stability, we are not lucky together )

Janet repeatedly practice their own tones, articulation, clarify the meaning of the words, they are the companions of life, but also a mentor of the work Zhi industry. janet:"The most important is support, we will not give each other the pressure to say:" You do not accompany me because of the work ", we like to accompany each other's pressure, with each other to endure. Just as he was working in America, I was fine, and I would pick up the camera and take the side shot for his work. It's this little support that's a lot of energy to us. 」

Love Is You let me free, I keep you safe

The two marched in the same pace, Janet put down their work sometimes, George for Janet fly to Taiwan often, they make concessions in progress, in addition to help each other work, but also to go in the long run, together to see the world. Talk about adventure They can't miss the time to go to Antarctica to marry, two people first try to ride, George strong wearing a helmet, Janet with handsome cowboy hat, she has a Texas girl's wild, with George feel free, George is like a scary adult, followed by Janet Nervous but excited to explore the world.

The first time in the Antarctic to play canoe, the first time to see the whale, the first time their own wine, the Antarctic wedding memory refreshed two miles, life is very long, in addition to first love, we can also have with the lover how many first, before Janet a person to explore, until met George she knows, The best love is to see the world together.

George said: "With Janet experience all the first time, let me see myself more, also let me feel my fear and joy, because she constantly out of the comfort of life, let me know the world greater." "George, who was born in a traditional family, never did skiing or any dangerous activity since he was a child, until the woman in sight opened his eyes."

"What I like most about him is that he is willing to try, and his attempts have never complained or prevented me from doing what I want to do," Janet said. He has a very open-minded mind and will not be deterred. 」

This is not deterred, led the two people all the way to the Antarctic, but also published a lasting new wedding album.

Remember the beauty at the end of the world: I love you as ever.

The publication of "I Will at the end of the world" is an important item of life for two people: "We found in the process of getting married, we all like to write diaries, record the process, and also find that each other's views are different." Again, I like George so much, and I hope everyone will know his wit. "george says it's a good time to record a short 50-day Journey:" We're all happy in the process of writing, like going on a trip again. " Especially when the journey has been imprinted on the paper, I think this is more profound our story. 」

After marriage, the two people's life is not very different, the only change is the two people more thinking of the future, imagine the blueprint of life together. From friends, love to marriage, familiar with each other but I'm curious, what they like most of each other? George said: "I like her smile and laugh the most, so I want to keep her smiling all the time." 」

This smile George from a friend saw lovers, just like Janet from the beginning to appreciate George smart humor, two people maintain a good friend for a long time, sharing the experience of the dormitory. If there is such a "want to have a lifetime with this woman" Magic Moment,george said that is Janet for him when cooking: "At that time I caught a cold in Taiwan, very ill, Janet cooked soup and rice for me to eat." "george jokingly said," Maybe I really have a fever burn. " Janet the wicked smile: "Too late." "(Recommended you see:" for You Song "In Love Become a child, also become a shoulder )

Usually do not cook the Janet, but good happy can make a meal for him to eat: "I like to take care of his feeling." 」

Accept each other's frailty, so love is invincible.

In the past our impression of Janet is always Sunshine Lotte, is that crazy Taiwan climbed up the courage of the Super Crazy host, these days, Janet under George's company to live more honest, she has publicly complained about her history of melancholy, the people in the rotary nest slowly come out.

In the distance between the time, Janet said two people have developed an independent character, if each other is not around, but also to know how to enrich their lives: "If I am in a bad mood, will be on Youtube to find a lot of funny NG screen, animal fall film." "janet said while rubbing George's shoulder, she felt the release of their unhappiness in love especially important, both learn to bare each other's fragile, they fell in love with each other, so willing to their own soft rib to the world. Sad fragile lonely, all let people see, because love no longer have nothing to fear, and then there is a bad person there. (same field Gayon: you are not alone!) Janet to the confession of depression: body and people, there are weak time.

Those days that are not accompanied by each other are waiting for the gathering. So the two people more efforts to live their own time alone, Janet smiled and said because of the best, to fly to find George can be reckless.

It's the most romantic thing to have in your daily life.

I asked two people to describe each other in their eyes. Janet said George was pink: "His sex is very pink, is commonly known as the Niang, he also is not afraid of others say he is Gay, he said well wow so boys and girls like me, he is very shinny; In addition I think George is lava chocolate, outside looks hard, but inside is soft, like George always prepares, looks very resolute, but has a soft heart. 」

They describe each other, while bickering, Janet heard George opened his mouth to say that he laughed like a sloth, just want to George to recover the answer.

George then said Janet like Hamtaro: "Because Hamtaro will collect food, put food in the mouth, also do not waste food, and Janet like Hamtaro on the treadmill above, busy when Ituge, and desperately forward; she's vanilla ice cream, muffins are delicious, eating is delicious. , she was a match for anything. 」

The two people finally said a thought of each other's film, Janet See "Codex Love" to think of George,george see "Happy Feet" to think of Janet. Such a combination is very interesting, their romance is never send flowers diamond ring, Janet said the most romantic thing, but the interview before George from Janet's teeth pull out the vegetable residue, is two people together to throw away fear to Antarctica adventure.

From me to us, I love you just because you are you

From me to us, two people have the ambition to say together, the mutual running-in compromise is very important, Janet feel that the compromise is not to give up, but to see each other's life rhythm is different, willing to work together harmoniously when fast and slow. George said, the mystery is: "What is not your mine, but ours." 」

For them, love is not to lose themselves, but to find their own desire in each other, Janet said: "You have to love yourself, only then you can have someone who loves you, you have to recognize the real who you are, others will love the real you." 」

George thought: "Two people together if one plus a greater than two, when you meet that person, in fact, you do not need to change, he loves you, because you are you." 」

The answer of two people did not set, but the tacit answer to a "from me to us" process. Many people say that two people have a husband and wife face, perhaps love let them look like each other's likeness, we are not always lucky, just like the couple also through many missed to meet each other, I asked another time, you will love each other earlier?

Janet Smile said not, perhaps they are to experience so many wrong scenery, will come to this splendid section of road. Love is so, life is the same, so live, like the 50 days of the Antarctic journey, in the unknown, live their own color.

"PostScript" that day two people in the female fans live a happy, they like to do not have to do the big adventure, try to pick the difficulties to get through. To draw lipstick on the left hand, Janet is the deepest color. To stand up, Janet thought it was a challenge for both of us. It is these small adventures in life that allow two adults to play with their hearts open lovers. They are one like Peter, one like Tinkle Belle, because with such a free soul, the world has a Dream island.