single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. We have all experienced the wrong scenery, a little way, and came to a wider place. You have because he questioned himself not good enough, then found that not you are not cute, but not each other have the ability to love each other. How can you understand the truest beauty of your soul when you can't love your flaws? (same field Gayon: single Diary: Why Reluctant to miss your people )

Leave him, you meet the whole world.

The person who always wants you to adapt, finally teaches you to lose oneself, that lets you try to break through the person, has worn off all your good edges and corners.

The longer you love him, the more you miss your single self. He wants you to be "like ex-girlfriends." Can be prepared, can be spoiled, can easily let gifts to replace the company, than to be a lover, more like you as a beautiful doll, you reluctantly wear his favorite clothes, like his friends, but not like this himself.

When meeting, he said: "The world is so big, or meet such a you, do not love, you think: The world so big, leave you I want to see." Life has been such a crazy, so that you more cherish their love is not the transformation of the look. You pass a few wrong person, after several clumsy oneself, only then arrives here.

"You can't accept the worst of me, nor deserve the best of me." 」

Happiness is not how much you can give up for one person, but how much you can accept for one person.

You see yourself climbing over the mountains overlooking the city, think of the lazy to accompany you walk home, you thanked him for letting go, let you at the moment so close to the sky. You lost all the gifts he gave you, no longer nostalgia for an untimely relationship. You came to a strange country, he dragged a drag on the trip, you finally have achieved.

Instead of dragging each other's path of life, it is better to walk a clean and free.

It's not easy to leave, you have to give up the idea of a hug, you have to face more lonely noodles for dinner. But once you leave this one, you will forgive the past in the love of blaming yourself for not good enough, and you and that constantly retreat to the girl.

Dear single, you are lonely but you are free, you use to leave, to change the life more options.

You do not have to be who the shadow of love, not only whose girlfriend, you have your say my name, you have your life can create wonderful.