single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. Write a love letter, to leave us. For I have loved you , you have loved me, we have wanted to lightly take each other's life, finally can only briefly borrow each other for a while, I will not regret, then you? (Recommended reading: single diary: It's all good and good, but I just don't like it )

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I want to write a love letter, to have left you, to have left me.

I once deeply need you, I once wanted a light to keep you forever. You know, inconstancy, talking about love we are too absurd, wounding or injured, stumbling, or can not be invincible Iron King.

Have to meet to drink a glass of wine, tell you the deepest secret. Perhaps cheering, we can recognize each other's lonely eyes, just dare to reach you timidly. We are not born to know love, so met when, full of camouflage, spent a lot of strength to convince ourselves to love, exhausted to tell ourselves not to fear.

At that time I said to myself, love we will not lose anything, if we love, we have more.

So you give me a hug, so I took your hand, we tore each other's days, time flying, I bow to you smile, your kiss like snow fell on my face, my body a cold.

And we actually know, love is clearly the beginning of the loss. All present possessions are marked by the inevitable loss of the future. I do not want to be sensible of their own, you want to more greedy life, we with stall of their own, step by step toward the break of love.

It's hard to walk without being ugly.

I think of you once loved me, like a cat turned up belly, give me the softness of your life, I think I have been so dependent on you, I thought I would not go, sit with you to see the sunrise and sunset; I think we used to warm each other, nestled in the same light, imagining the same kind of future, the last walk is ultimately still separated.

We thought about taking each other in, and finally we could just borrow each other for a while. I can't lose the whole world because I love you.

After you left me, it's better, I'll probably be able to do it after I leave you. So, can write a love letter to you, time is we give each other the best gift, we pass together, do not have to go to the end.

"Might be frustrated, maybe it would be normal.
Maybe this mediocre black and white world you don't understand
All the intersections in life are never the end
Don't be afraid to let me stay with you and spend it with you.