single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. People say that the recent aggressively of the "ferryman" like the wrong time to surreal, this movie café gathered, Hee, the love of pain written in a gold sentence, but there are many absurd like you my love. Say a little jade and horsepower, who did not once, love a person who does not love themselves, but love deeply, there is no wrong, this is the little Jade teaches us. (Recommended to you: single diary: The Ferryman who desperately loved, the best love is not hope )

Xiao Jade and Chen learn to do ferry people, his soul even floating and sinking, also want to send frustrated horsepower to the river bank yonder, where there is happiness, she hope he is very happy, his own, later talk about it.

She has loved him for a long time. When she was very young, the power of the Voice from the broadcast, her fate rooted, his direction is her distance, she remembers clearly, he told her, time has gone, no end, only intersection, that a voice, accompany her grow up, give her desire.

She finally grew up, and he was down. He sang a song he did not want to sing, and the ideal was far away from him, and his ponytail girl finally left him and turned around without mercy; he was drunk on the ground, and her long idols suddenly became so small that only she could remember who he was.

She wants to share his life's toss, she wants to relax his heart ache, she wants to soften his too hard life, she wants horsepower good horsepower is enough.

Little Jade has the temperament of the Northeast Girl, rectum pass to the end. She thought, if not the fate of love, at least let me cross you, for he is her robbery, he is happy, she has the mind to think of their own happiness. Nine-hole golf, she will not drink, but with Jiangjie wine, if you want to love, it is doomed to desperately.

Perhaps it was the best distance between them that the horse would come ashore. Is it because of this, the scene is so beautiful, she hugged the shadow of power, kiss, snuggle, intertwined, like a hug for years only their own love.

She had been his comma, and had been quietly at his feet, seeing him pass, and seeing him depart, and continue to write down his sentences. This kind of love is also very good and good. This is what Hsiao-yu teaches us. Have you ever lived your life for love?

If you want to love, Love Like a little jade. To talk about a love not to have, love a person after all, you can only see yourself to love so lonely and great.

If you want to love, Love Like a little jade. All the pain, will come ashore, I want to love you, not to want You also love me, I just do not want to apologize to myself, I just wanted to do a return to your life of hot tea, love deep, no wrong.