During the Spring Festival, girls are subject to gender stress, unmarried, and married women of different ages.Looking at the common predicament of women from single mothers — the — and full expectations of the Chinese community for their mothers and their marriages.

The Spring Festival is approaching, and many people begin to organize annual goods and prepare their relatives and relatives. The mothers are busy making preparations and collecting the market for the Chinese food.However, there is a kind of woman who is unable to participate in such a happy and happy Spring Festival, but it is just their usual day, or they have the courage to fight for their hearts.

Single mothers' Spring Festival, due to their father's absence, is seen by traditional New Year as an incomplete woman.

In traditional New Year, a good daughter-in-law needs to look at the quartet with her hands and feet; a good wife has to serve a child under the elders' elders.So, a woman without a husband, what do you have to do during the Spring Festival?

my interview, several single mothers have talked about not only single mothers, but also women, who have been facing the difficulties of the Spring —. — the dinner table, everyone is concerned about your emotional state, the state of your emotions, the children's academic achievements: Are you enough to be considered a good woman?(Extended Read: Bubble, Shaping, What?with the "Good Women" rule )

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There are no wives, so women dare not enter their mother's family.

Chen has spent nearly a decade with her husband, and she has been unable to bear the burden of economic responsibility. She has been carrying a suitcase with a child. She has been unable to let her family know that her husband is undergoing divorce proceedings."

seems that this is the biggest charity for a woman who has failed marriage. "The divorce was very important at that time," she said. "It's not like the young people now say that they are divorced. I can understand that when I didn't let me go home, my daughter's first time to go back to the mother's family would be a touch of the head.""

the next few years, Ms. Chen can go home on New Year's Eve, but she is always shrugging. Her daughter-in-law is no longer the most emotional place in her family. The family is no longer the most emotional place in the family.

family of distant relatives has been in pain for several years, and the noble cause of concern is: "You have an orphan, you have to buy a house to settle down. Don't let your family worry that your parents are too old."It is difficult to be.(Sibling: Single-parent confuse: women, not necessarily having to have birth )

Many people feel that a divorced woman is struggling to maintain a family that makes family members physically and mentally healthy. But compared to a family whose father was deliberately absent from the cold, the family system began to breathe when she left the family after the divorce.It's just that women who don't end up at the end of the marriage have become the housewives of their families. Not only are they not able to shelter the rain from the rain, but for single mothers, it is also a stormy and rainy day.

The traditional meaning of full woman: supporting the wife's mother's name

Traditional women dared not divorce, because they said that girls were from their father, married from husband, husband and wife, and they were afraid of being killed without burial. How to get a domestic violence or a marital relationship would have to be a way to go on.As a matter of time, the mothers and daughters of the mother have asked themselves, and later they also look forward to their own daughter. In the life of adrift, even if they are dead, they will be able to enter the master card of the family.

Of course you can expect to be married to a married woman: Single parents, divorced, widowed, comrades and comrades. Parents don't want their children to be the most reliable ones. Marriage is the most reliable proof of the child's ability to give birth.These mothers who were once trapped will eventually become the mother-in-law, once again consolidating the value of the same cycle.

However, this is not a woman's war. The myth of a complete woman is to be broken, and the men must be invited to join, even starting with a bowl of dishes, to liberate women's links with their mothers and men.The whole of single mothers and women are not the same as whether or not women can make up for the lack of male powers.From declining marriage rates, late marriages, and high divorce rates, women no longer want to be able to attract men to economic support, and no longer have to prioritize their career choices because of their male priorities.(Recommended you see: )

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Therefore, the "historically held" single parent who has lost his marriage also has the possibility of living out of his own heterogeneous family.An unmarried Alley (alias) is a case in which she doesn't have a married life in 70 years. She has children and three women in her husband's apartment in Taipei. She lives in a gay couple, and the other one is a single woman who is divorced.

Their hinterland is sufficient, family members support each other for half a day, at Alley's production, when the children were at their feet, the children took their first exam, and they were all in this family, and there was no father, and they stretched out the map of their matrilus in their own space.

is a single mother, she has no shortage of emotional support and education systems in addition to her economic needs. Alley recognently is a very good mother. Besides returning to her old home every year, she can almost confidently say this.

" How's your kid doing?" Don't let the kids be big in parents.

On New Year's Eve and first day, Alley had taken the child home with her son, and grandparents and grandparents greeted their children with their children, and at the dinner table was another family's reeducation of the mother.

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" When the child comes back, he still plays the electric power, and he doesn't say anything."Don't let him live in a family of no less than four," "Don't let him live in a family of no less than four." "Don't you have a public if you're paying attention to kids' homework?"

Believe in those words, not just Alley's personal story, but most of the mothers have experienced the blame.It's just that Alley's self-responsibility of single-parent mothers has been further deepened, from outside the outside world to her "failing projection."(Sibling: Gender: Mother's Day, Mother's Silent Dead )

The value of traditional mothers' values comes from their children's performance and achievements. If their children's academic success is successful, it is the success of the mother who care for one of the parents. The mother and child have been trapped in such a mother's subject for a long time. The mother and child of the school are deeply impressed by the children's achievements in the study of the success of women.

The child's growth is not only the mother's responsibility, it is also about how all family members and national policies are shaping the child.For example, if a mother upbringing his child to a family is not wrong, but the school only inculpate the mainstream value, will the child be disturbed by such confusion?If a mother tells the child that "single parent families are normal", other parents tell their children, "Don't be friends with single parent families." Can the children grow up to support them?

The accusations of "single parent" in society are also reported in various major news stories. Compared to the parental practice of single-parent families, they would rather be more than willing to say "a single single-parent family that is broken by a suspect."

The education of a child is not only the responsibility of the mother, but the responsibility of society as a whole.

undermining social stability is not a single parent, but a divergence of views

The child's growth is about how all family members and national policies can shape the child.Especially in Taiwan today, everyone should learn to look at single-parent families in the right way:

2016, the percentage of single-parent families was 10.32 % for single-parent families, compared to 43.32 % for single-parent families.

This shows that the number of single-parent families in Taiwan today is almost 10 %, and one in ten is a single-parent family.While the traditional marriage of a paternal patriarchal system is more liberal, men feel betrayed by the patriarchal tradition of the patriarchal system. Women are also more able to focus on the cause of development because they are no longer entitled to a family's patriarchal bonuses, but are prevented from investing in their families.(Recommended you see: Women in the Labor Structure: Gender Baggage in the Underground Economy )

This Spring Festival, if you have single parents at your table, please remove the tinted glasses of "Single Parent Destroy Social Stability and Marriage Structure".

real persecution of the marriage structure is a lack of close relationship raising, the free movement of men and women, and the free movement of patriarchal women, and the fact that social stability is really disturbed by the divergence of the stigma of single-person stigmatifiers that have pushed them to the brink.

is not necessary to give them the meaning of the Spring Festival, but single mother Alley hopes that she can take her children out of the kitchen in a way that she wants to spring. She doesn't have to have her daughter and daughter-in-law in the kitchen, and she hopes that she will work together to have her family's night-time dinner.Home, not to be a safe haven for a mother or father, which is a place where everyone is safe and safe to run in the head.

In the future, we also expect that fathers and mothers of single-parent families can no longer be so alone, and that society can give them better support systems, and culture must embrace the arrival of different heterogeneous families. We must constantly challenge the traditional family values that exist and find more room for future families to grow, until everyone happily sits on that day's dinner table.