Single Diary, with 500 words to write a single person with a single heart.You are looking at the Jinshen of the Lonely and brilliant Ghost. Compared to the heroine, she seems to be more clumsy than us. Love cannot be counted. She loves to go to life, and she also dies.(Recommended you see: Single diary: Love is lucky as you do, because you love you )

It is hard to dislike a woman who is not a good king, after the end of "The End of the Ghost and Ghost".

face is evil, she likes to be an umbrella of other people, and in a rush of tears and a rush of life, she can hand out a pair of arms with a pair of arms and a smile on a woman who has been homeless and has a stable and stable life.

Take care of your own life beautifully, not to meet the rich two generations, but to stretch your eyes and feel happy.The opening of a fried chicken restaurant was not for the seat of the seat, but rather to allow oneself to have a quiet place when it was left alone.

She is not easy to love, because it is a love of an equal and powerful enemy.

When you like you, when you say it, you don't hide it when you miss you.She loves to be very, very straightforward, and she wants that one.Because love is not only a crush on the appearance of a person, but also to embrace the wounds he has suffered, and to listen to what he says about the road.

A man who falls in love with a man who has no memory, and Chin-shan is both hard and dangerous. After the age of 30, she says she doesn't have any time to waste any time, and she still misses that person.The mouth is hard to say, "I don't want to worry about you anymore," or it is up to you to protect him.

Gone is so smart and tough, but there is no more tender heart.She was the woman who was in love with her death. She was a woman who had been too short and had enough to love once. She was a woman who preferred jade and stone to burn herself and not betray her emotions.

Love is like Jin Sun, love is like this. It's not just sweet and soft, it makes love engraving a thousand years old, maybe it's the kind of injury we've suffered together, and together we recover from the pain.Love Ben is a punishment that allows us to do everything we can to no longer owe it to who we owe and to live up to ourselves.

Fate is strong, at least when we turn around, we can smile and see the path of love.