Single Diary, with 500 words to write a single person with a single heart.During the annual leave period, it is appropriate to review the classic Japanese drama . Do you still remember the "Valentine's Dream" and the Chiaki prince of "The Dream of the Lovers"?The days of romance are reminisance of the love of the wild Tian Tian and the process of love and love, and love and love.(Recommended reading: Single diary: First Runway, Red Lixiang )

When I was so stupefied, I was reminded of the Japanese drama "The Noise" of the" Valentine's Dream ".

Noda doesn't fix the edge, and Noda Nooo cares. Noda is playing the piano in the garbage heap. The notes all fly up and make her friends.She sounds like a genius, and she says she is a genius, and she says, "Why do I have to do that day?"I was playing the piano for happiness. I played the piano for love, and I was playing the piano for myself.

Noda is playing the piano because he wants to be a kindergarten teacher, and he doesn't have too much of his appetite for merit.She is willing to be an ordinary person, but she is in love with another genius, and it will certainly be hard work.

the autumn of the autumn, the prince has a great deal of beauty, and she is not afraid of her face, but she is not afraid of the physical distance between them.

The determination of love is fuel. She knows that she will catch up with him. What is the difference? The fascination is real.The scenes of love, the scenes and the white, the crashing, the crashing, the white eyes, and the cute, the cute, and the cute, are adorable.

Nodhi-tien's invasion of Chiaki's life. When everyone says this is my husband, please take care of it. She breaks into the daily life of a thousand-year-old, like an accident in which the field is a fixed one.She asked him to learn to comb his eyebrows, release the tight fist, and put aside the power of self. You have to let yourself have nothing and no hope, so you can have a wider area of land.

Love originally was supposed to be like this, and she was fascinated with his determination in his command. When he took a look at her eyes, they secretly love each other, worshied with each other, and/she/she wanted to make her/he want to be a very good person.

Life is in no way, but they always catch up with each other. When he was walking in the front, she looked at his back and wanted to walk side by side with him. When she ran ahead of her, she kept up with him, and she gave her a solid hug.Love is the direction we look at, but we are always willing to live in the same frequency.

If you want to love, you want to love it like Nomi.Love is that we worship each other, go to our own dancer, emit heat, know love will lead us to a better path, and we will always be famous.

If you want to love, you want to love it like Nomi.If life is hard, you have to have a better understanding of the past. There are no enemies in love, but only colleagues.