After the end of the Washington Women's March , a global campaign of affirmative action was about to begin, listening to Sgaria Hansen's shocking declaration of affirmative action, and getting our autonomy back!(Sibling: Invisible Woman Behind Trump's Inauguration Ceremony )

The inauguration of the President of the United States at 1/21 of the weekend, as well as the march to the streets of Washington, D.C., calling for 500,000 people to take to the streets, with the world responding to the biggest record of the US president's history of demonstrations."We believe that the United States is a pluralistic country, and it must be inclusive of dialogue with respect to each other's cultures and differences," Trump said.

Nowhere to speak out, Natalie Poman, Madonna, Sgary Jensen, Emma Watson, Christine Stewart, Sally Silelon, and Millie, take on equal rights, appeal for solidarity and strength, fight for women's rights in human rights, minority rights, civil liberties and social justice.

In this way, Sgaria Hansen's publication has raised many concerns, and she spoke about women's autonomy from the rights of her body, demanding that Trump pay attention, respect women, and human rights:

Protecting women's health: the United States needs more friendly gynecology

" Have you ever seen a gynecologist?My mom asked me this way when I was 15.Because I found some changes in my body, I didn't like to share my own personal affairs, but in the present political environment, it is inevitable that we have to become totally free of privacy.I looked at the gynecologist at the age of 15, and I was living in New York, where I went to the local family planning clinic.The doctor suggested that I should talk to my pediatrician to see if there was any need for referral.

Her passion and professionalism helped me greatly, and her relatives told me that she would be happy to conduct regular tests for me, and also to make sexual and cancer tests if needed.In such a hospital, there was no point at all. The question was not asked, the family planning organization provided me with a safe and comfortable environment that allowed me to get the right treatment.

In the United States, many hospitals that are willing to undergo abortion surgery in the United States will be heavily attacked by Trump, the first conservative Republican, who, under Trump's power, remains committed to a medical environment that is friendly to women.In the past, Trump had threatened to evacuate all government funding from the US-provided family planning services, and revealed during the competition that "women's abortion is guilty and should be punished", making a large number of women feel violated and marched in Washington DC.

Sgala Jensen: Please let me take my heart to the support of you

President Trump, I have not voted for you, I respect that you are the elected president of the people, and I very much hope that I can support you, but only if you have to support me.Support my sisters, support my mother, support my best friend, and all women present at the scene, support all those who are present at the scene today.They couldn't wait to see what effect your next step would have on their lives.

Because of your administration, growing up in a country that has gone backwards without going forward, I would like to ask us to support my daughter, who may not be able to have her physical autonomy, loss of interest, and she cannot live with human rights and privileges like your daughter, Ifanka.

She has repeatedly stressed that not only is it a child of a generation, but also a current interest: "I want to make sure my voice is heard, and stand up to defend what I believe in."Trump has offending female voters, who again disparage women and minority groups on public occasions: "How can the media write about you? As long as you're young, and you're beautiful, you're beautiful.""I only allow the dwarfs of the jew-hats to help me count."" ......

Trump was elected, critics said Americans were choosing the lunatic and the swindlers, and Americans were not ignorant. They understood the current situation, and in Washington's march, they were taking a campaign that had blossomed multiculturalism with the people that were elected by the people.At this point, however, Sgaria Hansen and other stars are on the streets to prove that the "Aka", the "Rue", the real great United States, is the right to stand together and stand together.(Recommended reading: Pursuits consensus rather than creating a split!US 45th President Trump: "I will make America great again"