At the beginning of the year, in the time of reunion, in addition to always keeping you a family of lights, old friends are also your eternal home!Three films dedicated to seeing each other's growing life, thank them for their lives.

I'm tired out of the world, tired, and there's another one behind you, and I'm going to make you strong, and I'll give you the comfort of your vulnerability.

Old friends are like this, you've been so lost in your youth together, watching the other person stumble over in love. You are not worthy of his stubborn assertiveness. He is worried about your intribful anxiety.

day you fell in love, you were lucky to have a friend who broke his heart and burst into tears, and he had the courage to make his own hard work.

You are amazing at the fickle world. You want to take the seven corners of the road for him. He wants to hurt those heartbroken hearts. His old friends are like this. They are willing to hang on to the fall of your unbearable fall, and wait for you to wait for the calm of the times, so that you can understand the days of the days.

Some of my friends on life are still somewhat diaspora, and they have made you walk to the present.Three movies that make you remember the traces of your growing friends in your heart, the good times, the occasional sadness, but it's an imprint of your efforts to live with each other.(Recommended reading: For a 20-year-old youthful sheet: Please allow us, repeat the stupid one )

: You look deep in my soul, this moment is unmatched by us

We can't pick up where we're going, but we can choose where to go.We can't choose where we come from but we can choose where we go from there.

I know that these days will be remembered.Our picture is going to be yellow, we're going to be parents, but right now, these moments are not memories.These moments are occurring.I know these will all be stories someday. And our pictures will become old photographys.We'll all become somebody's mom or dad. But right now these moments are not stories.This is hindering.

This moment I feel free, I swear, at that moment we are infinite.Right now we are alive and in this moment I swear we are infinite.

wallflower boy was renamed "The Perks of Being a Wallflower", and the main character, Charlie, was suspicious of the future and his own.Faced with the loss of their loved ones, their good friends and their own guns, and Charlie themselves, they cannot figure out the psychological shadow of their own.His daily life began to fall apart.

There are always some unprepared youth that make you realize the meaning of life in a rush.

Charlie's new life begins in a state of confusion, and the heart of the collapse is so scattered, and the next stage of life is catching up.This kind of high school was not a good start, and his peers treated him as an invisible man, and he was happy to be a stealth boy, walking in the everyday and hallucinogenic times.It wasn't until I met with Patrick and Sam, who were sexually active, that they had a passion for life that was infecting Charlie's heart.

But the deeper you understand each other, the more you understand that the sparkling people, all of them, have a part of it in the black hole.

Patrick's love cannot be Zhang Yang's jealousy devouring the beauty of love, "he said." Sam always seems to be on the wrong side of the body. It seems that a tragic love can conceal his self-confidence, and he has a broken soul that has taken the path of life.(Recommended reading: Single diary: To find the right person, I choose the best I left )

Their own heartbroken hearts are on the way to the rest of the road, and it happens to be a lifetime of luck to each other.

There are always some friends who see your brightness and obscure and still use tenderness for you.If one day you forget your initial appearance, and then he can take on you, you have unmatched rigid and kindness.

: You've gone through youth with me, and this is a noisy city where we live together.

The season changes after all, and the city is the same, and the people in life come and go.But it's gratifying that you know that love will live forever in your heart.After all, seastons change, so do cities; people come into your life and people go.But it's coming to know that the ones you love are always in your heart.

People say nothing lasts forever.The dream will change, and the trend will come and go, but the friendship will never go back to the mainstream.They say nothing lastts forever; dreams change, trends come and go, but friendships never go out of style.

Maybe in the past, like an anchor, we're blocking us.Perhaps, you have to get out of the old yourself before you can achieve your own future.Maybe the past is like an anchor holing us back. Maybe, you have to let go of who you were to become who you will be.

After the end of the "Desire City Cinema" series, the film's release enabled the dominant role to continue to live in the public's mind.Carrie's life-practice romanticism, Charlotte's unwavering commitment to her convictions, and Miranda's strength to stay strong with soft hearts, Samantha was just waiting for her to be free to run.

Four people, four colors, as if they were a microcosms of people living in a bustling city. In the corners of the city, they fought all the time, and they only acted in the unrepentent movie of life.We love them as deep as they are, and they live much more than they do in a similar reinforced concrete.Fortunately, there are friends who are more precious than movies, shouting and cheering for you, laughing with you and laughing. (Applause)

Desire City Films, Continent Movie, Carrie and Lovers are on the way to the auditorium, the love of a man who escapes from the scene is more like a farce.

The human capriciousness is sometimes more dramatic than the film, and the same is the common everyday life of the people, and the old friends don't give up.When you're defeated, they hold on to you, and let you know that even if the sky is falling, there are old friends who can stand for you, and then grow up and grow stronger.(Recommended reading: lost love, a better sister with more pain in pain )

Life is a farce from time to time. Thank you, no matter whether I'm a turtle or self-confident, I have your flag-waving cheering, and give me the courage to play a part in the life of a life.

: You have been living in my life, and this life has been blooming, and we smile and flowers blossom

Almost all of my photos have Millie, where she is always there.I didn't have many pictures that Milly wasn't in, she is always there.

Already, think about it.

, you

This is already very much thought out.One sentence contains all the fervent thoughts.

Milly and Jess, seeing each other's teetless youth, company with each other's first love, first night, and then lost first love.She saw her fat belly, she took care of her drunken skin.Life is very sticky, and I haven't thought about it, but I haven't had the other person's life.

The world was empty and meaningless when the cancer went into the Milly life as a bomb.The waiting lines were turned on, and Jess had a warm voice, just as when he was a child.All helplessness fear the noise of Jess, and the world is once again noisy, real and cruel.But this valley is not the end of the day, as long as there is one another.(Recommended reading: A good friend: Be strong, embrace your strength, embrace your vulnerability )

The real end is unfamiliar, despite all the companioning, cancer, and the waste of real Milly.She doesn't care for her, she doesn't care for herself, she doesn't want to be herself, she vomiting, and she doesn't overthink her, and she lives in her own life.And this turn, goodbye, is the tears of tears.When you missed your time, Jess's joyness of pregnancy without friends and tears was a little bit less. Milly was weak in the face of a disease and was hung up on Jess's smile.

The wrinkles that we grew out together were the wrinkles that came out of love, and we shared our common youth.

Friends who have been stackable lives have finally been separated.Whether or not it is a matter of alienation or death due to a misunderstanding, or the trick of death, I think of the way in life, you gently, your eyes, your smile, my smile, and the good will continue to walk away from your path.

If some people don't take part in the next stage of your life, I want to remember the way he walked along with me, and in the heart.In every night when you see each magnificent view, every frustration, every hope, and every hope, every night, and the bottom of my heart, I have a personal desire to calm down and say, "I have a good life, you too."

The people in life come and go, but over time, they won't go with you to see the old friends of the watershed.

you look at a night's film, you stay with your buried head, and you stay up late, and you stay up late, and he's always smiling, and he's always smiling, but he's always careful of your body, and you keep a note of it late at night, and you keep a note of it.

A friend of this kind is dispersed at all stages of life, and he has been separated from you after a while. He has picked you up without any reservation. He has come to realize in your life that he is the home you rest assured of, and he is the most resonant of his

For my old friends in my life, I miss you so much.