Vision , 1000 short stories to share with you blockbuster world things, in the fast Information age, we prepare you a full knowledge of the volume of the message, in the field of the training of our broad-minded, accurate reading. Disappear the first lady is ramming, do you know why Melania avoid the spotlight? Take a look at the name of the popular slaughter-first lady . (Recommended reading: First lady, not just a man's deputy )

These days American media have a message that Ivanka will replace Melania as first lady.

"Asian age" reported that all Trump important occasions, there are Ivan card. She and Trump attended a policy meeting with CEOs, she escorted the president to Dover Air Force base, and people said that there was an unprecedented 1000th gold-like policy, and that her mother would be the first lady to disappear from the United States. (I recommend you: no matter what my job is, I'm Angela Merkel in my class. )

The media was curious about Melania's absence, and the New York times sighed that she was too much of a mystery, and that the polls were much lower than Michelle-au-Bama; CNN asked the first lady where she was? She was not present at the important occasion, and the gossip magazine began with the title "Separation of the president and wife".

The public expects to communicate with the first lady, who believes that it is the public interest and the people have the right to know what kind of family the future of the country will be entrusted to. Judging a family's good or bad is only a way of striking the interaction between the President and his wife.

Not staying with the president as a "wife" of Melania Choufso, there are also a faction of feminists said, it is time for the first lady to "get rid of the Lady" identity, and then no longer need to celebrate her as a home angel, is the perfect American wife, is a great mother model.

In this respect, Melania said that at least until the end of the school year, she will stay in New York to take care of 10-year-old son Barron. Is it the people who take the "First lady's responsibility" too much for granted, or do they choose Melanie, the selfish life of their own private lives? What kind of first lady has become a model mother in all of America?

In his outgoing speech, Obama said he chose to be president, so Michelle-au-Bama also had no choice but to be the first lady: "You assume a role that is not what you want, and you are graceful, simple and happy to play the role appropriately; The new generation will set a higher vision, all because of the example you have laid, You make me proud and proud of my country. 」

As the first lady, not just an identity, in the eyes of the world is a job, a word is affecting generations, a look may ripple a policy, a smile to make the president's image better. Do you want to be yourself or the first lady? Melania is not an option.

By contrast, the media now seem to love the 1000th Gold Act of Ivan Card, although they sour say Ivan Card "chiropractor Oversteps moment Mother's place, exercise first lady's right", but also put two women on the same day scale, to Melania bad words and bad social, praise Ivan Success, family happy, as if it is perfect " American Family. " (Same field Gayon: The definition of "home" to the people in love: My family is unfortunate but very real )

Mother play bad perfect family let daughter to play, more than once in public occasions by Trump Cooling Melania, after the resignation and cold shoulder, first step down a bow, perhaps tomorrow again war.

But, whether it is the first lady, or a daughter, Melania and Ivan, and countless women who are built into the family function, there is still a long and difficult way to go.