Work is love made visible. Women fans have always believed that work is a love of the elephant, to see our work site, this week to listen to the editor said.

2017, I came from the oldest media industry-book publishing, to the new media companies-women fans. The same is the exchange of knowledge and information transmission, the work of the two rhythm is very different, just one months, like sitting on the roller coaster, began a high-speed and exciting trip.

The woman fan's character is bright, she is enthusiastic, positive, intelligent, generous and transparent, encourages the real-time feedback and the mutual support, lets the human warm heart, also wants to urge oneself to grow more faster. Each woman is a partner of the outstanding performance, but also let you want to step out of the new rookie of the slow groping period, and everyone along side. (same field Gayon: Workplace notes: Break involuntarily, clarify problems, brave hands )

After work, my thoughts are not independent to haunt the work, the wonderful thing is that I enjoy the state of blood. Thinking that this is the magic of the Chi industry, the work of the focus, from personal success or failure to a wider social level, but will not be indecisive and energy filling. Because every step of the way is to strive for a friendlier gender environment, when the order of life is structured for work, I feel that life is full of meaning.

So this time, I bolted, work back home still continue to work, but a long time, but found that the results are not ideal. Because I neglected to relax, I became very tense, rhythm also gradually disorderly, obviously spent a lot of time, things still can not be completed as expected, so that the unfinished items into a monster; I found myself having to spend extra time checking mistakes, not moving forward. And because you can't stay focused for long periods of time, it's a mistake to start appearing to be annoyed. I went into a negative loop and started blaming myself for being fast, not positive, and not enthusiastic enough. Full of their own shortcomings. (same field Gayon: are you busy or efficient?) Three efficiency notes addressed to the workplace .

In the editorial room of the daily meeting, the heart unexpectedly also appeared an unnecessary tension, because only looking at my shortcomings, gradually lost the emboldened. It was a warning sign and I knew I had to make a change.

For a more emboldened 2017, I want to practice three small exercises in my daily life and share them with everyone who has been transferred in 2017:

The first exercise--to recognize yourself, is the first step to giving back the team.

Too much self criticism, but easy to consume the energy of positive action. Zhou, a consultant psychologist, has an imaginary exercise in his new book, "emotional blackmail": imagine a child in your heart who always thinks he is not good enough and often scolds him harshly, even if he is doing well objectively, will he suffer? In such a language brainwashing, you will really think that you are not enough.

Please stop blaming yourself and see what you have done, give yourself a little applause first! Tell yourself:

"I've tried so hard to be so picky, to blame myself, to do well."

With confidence and energy, you can go with the team in the long run.

The second exercise--Find your own rhythm

In this period of time to adapt to the new job, I gradually found that my life is out of balance. After work, I still work on the computer, my partner and I talk, I was absent-minded. Back to work, but also because of the lack of real relaxation, easy tension and disorderly footsteps.

I think of friends sharing the hiking experience on the island:

Run, allowing you to quickly reach the center station, but in the future you need more time to rest. To find the right speed forward, is actually the fastest.

With different stages of life, the center of gravity is not the same, nature needs different rhythm adjustment, people not only rely on a rhythm of life, whether it is working or intimate relationship. Work hard and be serious about your relationship and find a balance in your life. Only in this way, when you really want to run, will not panic not disquietude, when slowing down, you will remember to enjoy the present. (Extended reading: Workplace notes: When not working, I concentrate on myself )

The third exercise--action!

I always get used to planning the whole and then start to move. Looking back, I found that if we put down perfectionism, direct action will be more effective. Discover the potential of a woman obsessed with the author, rather than first for the other party planning complete, as a direct discussion with the other party, need to grab the topic of the issue, the first action to say.

The 2017 new gift that women fans bring to me is not to be tripped up by perfectionism, to put aside unnecessary psychological baggage, to try, not to be afraid of embarrassment and failure. When they stumble, they grow the most.