He used a song full of music to conquer the hearts of fans, but also to make people tears in the movie, he is Leehom Wang. He had not seen him for a long time before, and brought a new work to everyone. An interview with Wang Leehom, he is a singer, producer, film director, no matter how you know him before, invite you to put down the past impression , follow the woman fan editor Abby text, and he walked with Wang Leehom's life story. (Recommended reading: Enjoy the rhythm of music!) To rewrite the "digital rock" of the Elephant Gymnastics Orchestra )

Photography/Hong Yu-wen

This is the name of a couple of generations of teenage girls who don't want to forget; this is the best Mandarin male singer to be nominated for most of the name; This is the first time to board a concert in the Bird's Nest stadium, which holds 90,000 people, Ang Lee praised the name: "Very hard genius". The name symbolizes a singer who ushered in the age of elegance and creation, behind which was a father, a gentleman, a man who was lonely and wanted to cry.

Leehom Wang in 1995 debut, that year, he was only 19 years old, left to grow up in New York, shouldering the music in the city wandering, backpack with a dream, those notes and scars together out of happiness, one day, to the earth with the rotation, let the flow of music by all human beings to share.

The dream of germination until the debut of more than 20 years, he was in the support of the full, he in the carving Kungfu, in 2008, the first time in the bird's Nest performance at the closing ceremony, Leehom Wang knew the time, he thought if one day in this concert, it is a dream come true. 2012 Leehom Wang became the first concert in the Bird's Nest, in another five years, he made a concert film, from up to the arrival of nine years before and after, you say he is what?

Wang Leehom sits in front of me, no 20 years of rolling in the music market, look like the children of the beginner music bright, he said: "Originally just want to do the concert, did not think this story has its own life, photographed the record is ready to fly, then I have to support it." 」

If you want to do something unprecedented, don't be afraid of difficulties.

What kind of person will focus on one thing for nine years, fail to let go, fall more than step, and not fear the dark ahead? The dream of such a vulgar word, in his voice resonance out very noble, it is not a distant illusion, but a solid step-by-step approach. Do I ask for trouble? What he said was not difficult: "This is the largest stadium in Asia and no one has done it, so it is reasonable to meet any difficulties." Long, also difficult, more worthy. 」

In 57 cities, more than 2 million listeners, Leehom Wang felt that every play was a big challenge: "We went from Daan Forest Park to the city stadium to the little giant egg, and then there were concerts in several cities that could be touring." "Full fire" process to many cities to open concerts, the concert industry in the mainland is not very mature, many cities are the first concert. There have been many difficulties, including public security, and we have even been robbed by bandits to complete this series of games with a very indigenous way of steelmaking. "(Recommended reading: interview Lin Mi-shou: Every time I play, I will be afraid )

After the most vigorous concert in Taiwan, Leehom Wang smiled, it was not your age, when we were all in Daan Forest Park to open a concert. The more difficult the concert in Taiwan, the more he is not discouraged, the more he has to fulfill his mission. Several times to apply for small giant eggs, went to the Bird's nest, he used a higher perspective of his vision.

I ask whether movies and music complement each other. He said the two are different: "Music is like this, is 3-5 minutes of moment, you put a moment, an instant, a feeling, a picture expansion, it is also abstract, only a feeling, is the hearing." But the movie has 90 minutes, and the story has its physics in it. "Touch a brand new thing, Wang still cussed Hard foundation of a project to understand, learn color palette, color gamut, Gesso, lattice rate, late technicians in the implementation of things, he almost omniscient."

This big project Wang felt that "the process is not difficult," but why do not feel the pain? Leehom Wang has the spirit and mind of a craftsman: "See the film finished, I feel very satisfied, have full sense, very happy worthy of that year we under the Kungfu, do all the things." Not only is it a concert, all the rehearsals, the tour, the team of hundreds of of us working together, which is a valuable experience in our lives, is a record-worthy innovation in the history of pop music. (Recommended reading: Not afraid to be seen!) Interview Uber female leader Dorothy: I don't want to do what I already do .

I've been bullied, music has turned my enemies to my brother.

Why is a concert in the Bird's Nest a dream station? He is not to stand in front of the "most people", but to enjoy the moment: Regardless of race, identity, class, sex, everyone listens to the same music, sentimental touched, sentient beings have love. This ideal of universal harmony originates from childhood experience:

Wang was born in New York, yellow skin black hair, American children saw "Chinese, Japanese, dirty knees" giggle: "At that time do not know how to face, very frustrated, also feel why I clearly like you, you want to me, I am also an American, Why you are different to me, they see you are a Chinese, you must play Kung Fu. They just want to bully you, you cry, they are very happy. 」

He hid in the music, parents at home with classical music, musicals, vocal music, Broadway, Little Leehom Wang has a return: "I like music in this kind of feeling and security, music let me first escape the bullying is not happy, it also became I was recognized by foreigners Bridge, primary school Group band, 12 years old I began to play regiment, At that time I was a drummer, and then the people who bullied me, with me to play music, become my best brother. I just feel that it can defuse the strength of the boundaries, the original bully your classmate, originally can become friends because of music. 」

Because of the music to find his own way to survive, he said his intention is to bring the flow of music to the world: "I want to bring people closer to each other, regardless of ethnic nationality, music is an important bridge, it has this magic." Why are you taking the music out of the stream? Because you can let foreigners to understand your story, contemporary culture, can be moved to more people, they are not easy to treat you as a stranger or an enemy. (Recommended reading: to Love and hate with a wandering gesture!) Soda Green writing to your winter Music diary )

If only do safe things, his road may go more smoothly, these nine years, also will not only produce "full firepower" works, but Wang said in addition to economic benefits, life should have more important things.

Go all out for love: music is longing to be together

"To defuse hatred and fear, like Theo or Trump, now the world is a lot of hatred and anger, the fragmentation of the current, musical people are very important." 」

Leehom Wang is for everyone, just like John Lennon sang 〈imagine〉, just like Babudiren sang 〈blowin in the wind〉, he longed for a song that could fly around the Chinese people: "I feel that now everyone is facing the same problem, any place with racial differences, Always the minority will be bullied, bullying is not my personal unique experience, the Jews were bullied, in Taiwan there are also discrimination against minorities, the United States to immigrants ... 」

"Music can really let people face this matter, no matter what your label identity is, with sincerity can dissolve ignorance and fear." Like bullying my people to become the best brother, because this thing makes me want to change the situation of music, I believe that change, do not let others think the Far East is remote, terrible, think the U.S. economy is because of the east. It's easy to sow discord, it's a recurring thing in history, and the music has to do just the opposite, and we want everyone to be together. (Recommended reading: Japanese music godfather Pan Benrong: Music, the faith that makes the world a better place)

We just want to be together, so we have "full fire", 57-game tour, a film: "Fire full four words is the best state, your creative power, physical strength, vitality are in full bloom state, everyone will have a distant dream, in order to dream their own firepower, set all the spirit toward the goal of effort, The movie record and brewing Dream, is to go to the nest to open a concert. I have accumulated this matter since childhood, the whole process must be sustained fire full, every moment must go all out. 」

You're your best enemy.

I asked Wang Leehom whether he was particularly fond of challenges and pioneering work. He said no, just: "If there is value, I will do it." 」

"In fact I like competition, as long as it is benign competition." I feel that stress can make me go beyond myself, just as any athlete in training and real game always runs better, because you have an equally good person beside you. Even if no one is running beside you, you have to convince yourself that there is someone next to you. So in fact, many times, we are playing with ourselves. 」

Why is he worth the applause of 2 million people? Why is he still the mainstay of the Chinese music scene for 20 years? The glory was not given to him by anyone, 9-Year-old Wang Leehom himself earned it.

As a child, there are two Couba, but Leehom Wang will not study, although the parents principle of schoolwork, but does not stop Wang to do what he wants to do, the idea is "if you want to make money to buy, we will not stop you." 」

So his stubborn: "Life is the first set of drum is their own newspaper work bought, I started when the 9-year-old newsboy to send newspapers, sent to 12 years old to save money to buy that set of second-hand jazz drums, 100 dollars, it is an old couple in the city sold in the newspaper." Then I bought four-track recording equipment and a microphone. 」

It was Wang Lihong's first gift to himself.

This gift took him to find the life of the only industry and bring him roots, Wang said, fortunately, fortunately there is music.

Do bad things, let me find my true way

"When I was young, I couldn't read, but they were too far away, and my brother's grades were good enough to congratulate the President," he said. I will also feel unbalanced, reading to my brother, like a duck to heart, for me as every day in the tooth good pain. 」

Leehom Wang will not complain, he is also grateful, this way seemingly failed: "Fortunately there are these flaws, just let me meet music, more motivated to do well." I feel right now, wow, I've got one thing I can do, 1995 19 years old when I had the opportunity to send a film, think of really can be regarded as a future work, I really can go a different way with my brother, but very happy, thank me for doing bad things, let me find my real way to go. 」

At that time Leehom Wang, did not know that he could go so far, he said: "At that time did not pursue what, is to play music, I have always felt if I was a street entertainer, the days have to go is enough, I am very happy to do music, in fact, most of the musicians are very satisfied with the happy, you just give guitar hand a guitar, He can play the piano for a whole day by the roadside. 」

He left the country, the heart has music, at any time can pack his bags to leave a city, laugh at himself is the music of the Gypsy, Wang said more than 20 years, only work, really only work.

Loneliness Sometimes, music makes your world only you

He was about to forget the real sense of the name Leehom, for some time struggled: "To regain" life, is not bound to abandon Leehom Wang's public identity? He achieved good results on the stage, but when the gorgeous fall, the million people cheered instantly disappeared, from the crowd surrounded by the stars back to calm daily, a person, a century of loneliness.

He put his hands together in a fist, like praying with faith, and wrapped in the spirit of young and weak, the answer is very fast and sophisticated. When he was so slow, he gently talked about the weight of Shen Dian: "I have little chance to talk about this, especially if you are a solo singer." On the tour in front of tens of thousands of people, a second away from the million people left one moment, that's like a roller coaster, I think it might be a bit of a drug, you are high, there will be down, to the higher the fall deeper, everyone still want to return to an emotional average, I am very fortunate to have faith to accompany me. 」

In fact, Wang has been used to "one" in his teens, and he said: "The concert has trained you to be like this, you practice the piano close the room, play for six hours, you have your own world." 」

The distance between tens of thousands of people and a single human being is much more magnificent and deeper than a black hole. Wang described this as "the silence of the ears," his whole body limp, and even so lying at home in the last two days do not want to move, let quiet endless spread, let oneself back to the audience is not appreciated. Adapt to such loneliness requires strength, so many times, he thought, is not to abandon the singer identity back to a normal life.

Life is a dynamic circle, don't focus on one thing

"I know that one day I will have my own life, but has been delaying, I used to live only work, when it is necessary to change the fear, I have to sacrifice the work to what extent." I think it is time to get along with my wife, she is the most considerate support of my life, I am very grateful to her, we married her to accompany me to a lot of touring, filming, for her is a great accommodation tolerance. "I ask, so are you perfect now?" He said that in the past few years more practice, to see the time management, become more efficient people of this category of books, Wang likes to use time and behavior management APP help himself, do what he wants to do, make time more willing to cherish the people.

He naughty Pat chair back response: "Perfect ing, life if it is a cake, should be dynamic, my previous life only work, life and have your family and friends health belief, many many blocks, will achieve dynamic circle." 」

When he spoke of his wife, he was more like a grace in his eyes than in love. Wang has been singing for the first time to his wife's song: "I think One-zero is a very good concept, the fate is really very mysterious things, you can not calculate or predict, because this is too small probability, so I think this fate to cherish, Everyone and the other half of life are only together at nearly 0. 」

He describes the common task of each other's lives: "It is our goal to work together to run a common life, we think we are doing, too much of their own importance." If you really have a life partner, your strength will be strong, not double, but unexpected transcendence. (Recommended reading: single diary: Be a better person, still walk together )

In the movie, Wang has asked himself, "Where is the home of his more than 20 years wandering?" I say you have written "Roots" this song, and your home imagination have what relation?

"It's interesting that you're going to mention this song, and the last sentence is that home is all around you." I found it really is so, no matter where in the earth, I just with the wife and children together, a certain hotel is my home, home is a feeling, not a house. 」

To the 19-year-old self: Humility to humbly, the road is still long

9-Year-old Wang made money ready to buy the first set of drums, 19-Year-old Wang's first solo album, and then he wrote songs all the way to make movies, all the way into the "Strength Idol" of the ancestor, I asked Wang to 19 years old to come out to make music himself speak:

"There is nothing to change, no regrets, no regrets, the road is still very long." Do not worry, because you in the process of hard study, young will be impatient, "Let everyone know you will" is not the most important, life is continuous learning. You have to be modest and humble, and I would say the same if you gave it to someone new now. Now the era is very easy to send a video today will be red tomorrow, there is no solid foundation on the start. No matter how much your reading rate is, it is not your real value, you should concentrate on doing your part. 」

Think he answered interesting, I said so imagine myself ten years later, do you have something to say to him? He said: "I hope you can have a good music school, this is what I would like to do." Compared to classical musicology, I think that pop music is often overlooked, how many Joshabel, long Lang can be a record tour? Pop music gives people more opportunities to do music, advertising, and mixing, and there are many professionals who need it now. This is very scarce in our Chinese pop music circle, I hope you can join this foundation to send streaming music out of the world and create a more complete industry. 」

He was always talking about the pressure of Leehom after ten years, and I said, is there any encouragement? "Take care of your body, don't get too tired of filming, I will continue to be a director." "Next, we have to go to Beijing to smoke haze, he said blow the nose cough phlegm out are black, oxygen thin, while playing action, fainted several Wukong, Leehom Wang has two months to boil."

I asked you if you were tough, and you were better at making movies and music. Do not want to let go of their own, he said is not: "No matter what I do film producer director Investment, I just want one thing, the Chinese culture," Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon "17 years, no one was embraced by the world of Chinese movies, it is not justified. "And the most important thing is:" I do not like to waste time, I feel that my time is my most precious resources. Another way of thinking, I was kind of if the time wasted, will sigh said, hey, very sorry ah. (Recommended reading:"quality book" "The Value of Loneliness" time, is the best luxury for themselves )

Alas, it is a pity that Wang did not want to hear the bitter lament. So he is so alive, bones injury does not matter, the stage is enough to go all out, what is lonely, more people because of music and together.

Before coming here, my mother told me to take a good look at him, my mother is a fan of Wang Leehom, said he laughed really very handsome, I was instructed to close to see that he is not just my wife love that idol, relax and laugh a kind of silly, and perhaps 9-year-old Leehom selling the naïve, hidden fearless without fear of character.

Finally Wang Leehom asked me: "Then, ten years later, can I speak to myself?" "I said yes, can you?"

He thought about it: "We'll talk about it in 10 years, and I'll write it in my time and behavior management APP." "Like a 10-year-old WL pact, we'll see after ten years," he said.