Oscar Outpost, watch the finalists for the hit movies! This Oscar is more integrated into the multiple issues, looking at the corner, let us together from the film Aftertaste Life, reserve the future.

The 89th annual Oscar will be launched in Taiwan time 2/27! A good film, let people miss their restudying, a movie that changes people, let a person wake up in tears with courage to continue to go on; an attempt to the heart of the film, to challenge others did not do, pay tribute to the predecessors left, a classic film, we understand the price of love and pain value.

From the reflection of the image we are more aware of ourselves, from the narrative line of the story we embarked on the path to climb comb life, read these slowly change the human history of good works!

You don't have to copy his life: "The Blue Boy in the Moonlight"

"I'm a man like me, and I don't want to be anything else. 」

Chiron is a small, reticent man who looks like an alien to the mainstream world. But the film abandoned the alien perspective, give up the emotional rendering of homosexuality and racial discrimination, the performance of a small boy from childhood to adult story.

He is a lonely young soul, alienated from the family to the peers of the bullying, he finally swam through the long night and became a true self, not the ideal himself, or the attempt to become himself, but without any disguise, in the world's desires as much as possible to influence you as what kind of person, to identify where the original true self. (same field Gayon:14 Movies with you identify yourself: Fear is the Treasure of Life )

Beauty is lonely: The Secret of the First lady

"I am accustomed to the common man's determination, unlike the truth I know. 」

Among the presidents of the United States, Jacqueline has always been the first lady of the United States, she has an extraordinary elegant fashion taste, she has a full amount of cultural knowledge. At the age of 34, Jacqueline died next to her in the third year of the White House.

She had many labels on her body, rich women, photographers, First lady, widow, boat King Hi Chun, publishing editor, drilling trader Miharu ... However, it is always best to remember that when President Kennedy was assassinated, Jackie climbed back into the hood as a machine. Natalie Portman plays Jackie, saying that fame can make people have two lives, one is Jackie's greatness is dignified, one is Jackie's fragile sadness. (Extended reading: very equal pay not afraid to be a prostitute!) Natalie Portman: A woman, not just someone else's wife and mother.

The harsh and broad of love: the Fence

"Some fences are built to keep people out of the house, while others build fences to keep their hearts in the loop," he said. 」

My son asked his father why you did not love me, his father angrily replied: "Which law stipulates that I want to love you?" You sleep in my bed, eat my food grow up, live a life without worry, but now come to question others do not love you. "He treats a son who has his own shadow more than he treats a stranger, because the blue-collar father lives in such sternness."

If you have been treated maliciously by the system, you will want your children not to replicate the path they have taken. It was a struggle between a father and his son, and in this man's fight, the film accidentally watched the mother's role-she also had a dream, she also has the youth, but never in the family quarrel. As a female identity, in the long absence of social class.

There is no positive solution to life: "Manchester by the Sea"

"I can't beat everything. 」

"I can't beat life, I can't beat fate, I have no ability to cross it, I know." "Sometimes we suspect that we are just one-zero of the drift," he said. He lived a little impatiently, living in America but far away from the city of Desire.

This movie does not create a dream, it is steady way out of reality, some cruel, let the heart broken, but deeply comforted. Life is not a need for redemption and confrontation, we need, the original is just a good life. Sadness, originally more than happy to host more people. (You'll likeit: "Manchester by the Sea": Can I be an adult who can't take responsibility?) )

A person who makes you miss yourself: "The more I love you, the happier I am."

"When they disappoint you, you still have to keep your head up, for the dawn is coming and it will be a sunny day." 」

Film Around the dream turn, there is a compromise, there is a kind of desperate, the original is part of the dream. Picture of passion and brilliant like everyone lost youth, we have been like the Seb stubborn, also like Mia to love disappointed. And no matter how far the road was, he longed for her, and she reminded him of his intention.

They are the ones who miss each other and those who send each other to a better place. Although the love has failed, but has achieved a person to live the significance, that last indefinitely smile, enough concerned person review life. (Extended reading:"Happy to Love You": Let Go is the best way I love you )

The way home is to go back to their hearts: "Long Home Road"

"Every day I imagined walking home on those streets, and I knew every step of the way home." 」

How far is the distance from India to Australia in 25 years? Salou is lost in the streets of India to stray children, adopted by the Australian family, he even forget the Indian language, but always forget the childhood taste of the home. He used the taste root, go home to the road, Salou to pick up that piece of self.

Why the farther away from home, even if life is complete, we still feel empty? Every person living in the city, there is a waiting to return home, where there is their most clean and innocent appearance.

Unwilling to be a permanent weakness: the key few

"Learn to make yourself more valuable." 」

They are very prominent workers, but they suffer discrimination only because they are black and female. "Every time we get to the finish line, they always move the finish lines backwards." "So they try harder to run and go beyond frustration."

In the 1960 's, gender and racial discrimination blocked many jobs, and they handled the precise formula for exploring the universe in a corner of NASA's old space Agency, and she was calm, courageous, and brave. The movie reveals that what society needs is not 1:1 of affirmative action, but the right person to be the right place. (Recommended you see:"elder sister's crazy quotes" you want to become the general public, or "key minority")

Evil goodness: "Hell and Hell"

"Our family has been poor for a lifetime, poverty is an infectious disease and I cannot make my children poor." 」

They don't know how to express a fragile Western man. The hand with the gun, the lines in his hand are thinner than anyone else, and the dark sunglasses under the sun are the eyes of a bright middle-aged man. Living and living, what are we willing to do? Is robbing a bank a justice or a crime to a capitalist?

If one day, those on the edge of the people are no longer poor, is it also proof that the world is no longer good? The movie is asking every one of us in the balance of good and evil, in a faraway Texas town, poverty is lonely, but alone. And how would we choose? Capital is an experience that must be learned by nurture, and goodness follows its growth and dies together.

The 89th annual Oscar, look into the intangible of human nature, or gorgeous or ugly, there are dreams and heartbreak, in the Roll card scrolling, we again for life, fool, Shen drunk, thank the film, thank you alive.

The 89th annual Academy Awards complete shortlisted list:

Best Film

"Alien Entry"
"The Iron Hero"
"Key minorities"
"The More I love you, the happier I am."
"The Long Way Home"
"Manchester by the Sea"
The Blue Boy in the Moonlight

Best Director

Dennis Villenave (Denis Villeneuve) "Alien Entry"
Braveheart (Mel Gibson) "Iron Hero"
Damienzazere (Damien Chazelle) "Happy to Love You"
Kennisloreggen (Kenneth Lonergan) "Manchester by the Sea"
Berry Jankins (Barry Jenkins) "The Blue Boy in the Moonlight"

Best Actor

Kasiai Frek (Casey Affleck) "Manchester by the Sea"
Leingosling (Ryan Gosling) "Happy to Love You"
Andrugafid (Andrew Garfield) "Iron Hero"
Victor Mottinson (Viggo Mortensen) "The Captain of the Magic"
Denzel Washington (Denzel washingotn) "Fences"

Best Actress

Isabel Rain (Isabelle Huppert) "Her Dangerous Game"
Melissa Streep (Meryl Streep) "Walking the tune"
Rose Nagle (Ruth Negga) "Lovers"
Emasdon (Emma Stone) "Happy to Love You"
Natalie Portman (Natalie Portman) "The Secret of the First Lady"

Best Supporting Actor

Mahsharahari (Mahershala Ali) "Blue Boy in the Moonlight"
Jeff Vanessa (Jeff Bridges) "Fire and Fire"
Michael Shannon (Michael Shannon) "Nocturnal Animals"
Devpato (Dev Patel) "The Long Way Home"
Lucas Heiges (Lucas Hedges) "Manchester by the Sea"

Best Supporting Actress

Vera Oladaivis (Viola devis) "The Fence"
Michelle Williams (Michelle Williams) "Manchester by the Sea"
Nikoki Kidman (Nicole Kidman) "Long Way Home"
Naomi Harris (Naomie Harris) "Blue Boy in the Moonlight"
Aspansen (Octavia Spencer) "Key minorities"

Best Foreign Language Film

"The Father's Life" (Toni Erdmann)
"Don't knock on the door Tomorrow" (A Man called Ove)
Love of the Tana (Tanna)
"New house Storm" (The salesman)
"The Bomb Boy" (Land of Mine)

Best Animated Long film

Cool treasure: The Legend of Magic string
"Animal City"
The Sea of Romance
"Cool melon Life"
"The Red Turtle"

Best Original Screenplay

"The More I love you, the happier I am."
The Singles ' Zoo
"Manchester by the Sea"
Women of the 20th century

Best Adapted Screenplay

"Alien Entry"
"Key minorities"
"The Long Way Home"
The Blue Boy in the Moonlight

Best Original Song

〈audition (the fools who Dream) "Happy to Love You"
〈can ' t Stop the feeling〉 "The Devil Hair Elf"
〈city of stars〉 "Love You More"
〈the Empty chair〉 "jim:the James Foley Story"
〈how Far I ' ll go〉 "Ocean Romance"

Best Original Score

The secret of the First lady
"The More I love you, the happier I am."
"The Long Way Home"
The Blue Boy in the Moonlight
"The Star Traveler"

Best Documentary

Fire at sea
I Am not Your Negro
Life, Animated
O.J.: Made in America

Best Clips

"Alien Entry"
"The Iron Hero"
"The More I love you, the happier I am."
The Blue Boy in the Moonlight

Best Cinematography

"Alien Entry"
"The More I love you, the happier I am."
"The Long Way Home"
The Blue Boy in the Moonlight

Best Animated Short Film

Blind Vaysha
Borrowed Time
Pear Cider and cigarettes

Best Visual effects

The horizon of Rage
"The Strange Doctor"
Dances with the forest
Cool treasure: The Legend of Magic string
"Star Wars: The Grand Theft"

Best Sound Editing

"Alien Entry"
The horizon of Rage
"The Iron Hero"
"The More I love you, the happier I am."
"Captain Sally."

Best Mix Sound

"Alien Entry"
"The Iron Hero"
"The More I love you, the happier I am."
"Star Wars: The Grand Theft"
"13 Hours: The Secret soldier of Benghazi"

Best Documentary short Film

4.1 Miles
Joe ' s violin
Watani:my Homeland
The White Helmets

Best Video

Ennemis interieurs
La femme et le TGV
Silent Nights

Best Makeup Hair

"Don't knock on the door again tomorrow."
StarCraft: The vastness of the universe
"Suicide Commando"

Best Costume Design

"Confederate 鹣 Flounder"
"Monsters and their origin"
"The Sound of Walking"
The secret of the First lady
"The More I love you, the happier I am."

Best Art Direction

"Alien Entry"
"Monsters and their origin"
"Long Live Caesar"
"The More I love you, the happier I am."
"The Star Traveler"