A woman's story, a few women's wounds, a woman's pride , and a woman's history.We want to understand the pain of women's meat, the pain of being carried out by women's perspective and the world.I saw Natalie Poman, and she had no sex with life, but gender was always blocking her way forward, and let us hear her voice together.(Recommended you see: Beautiful star-ring star, Natalie Pomman )

She was liberated from the tears of the ultimate hunting order, Matilda's tears, until she turned to the "Swan", and in more than 20 years, she performed more than 40 films, and Hollywood recorded her growth in a down-to-earth manner, and she could never forget her name, Natalie Poman.

life was the envy of her life. From the best actress to the best actress, she grew up to be his wife, and she seemed to have made her way, but few media mentioned Natalie Borman to give himself a test of her own.And in these ways, we see her as a woman's vision and ambition in the environment, and she's struggling to be gender-vocal, and let's go to the Natalie Pogman that you haven't explored:

When a fairy tale turns into a life: a mother's passage and long

interpretation of her role as a mother, war, and life threatened her, and Natalie Poman once said: " Although she enjoyed her child-rearing and her life, she was exposed to the gradual and gradual historical and political situation, her mistakes, marriage, women's duties, and her artistic frustration, and dragged her into a dark abyss that could not escape.We can see this process on her."

She was a woman who had long been a woman in the history of her history, and Natalie Poeman focused on her mother and her mother, and she was a common woman in our society.Every teenager who's romantically romantically pregnant as a woman who sits in a sleep-sitting family, says, " When you really understand survival, you find a mother's condition that is far from the story of a princess who was read as a child."

Women's directors and mothers: Why do you care more about my identity than professionals?

I often feel that my gender identity has given me the feeling that my girls are walking around the world and seeing many women's role models grow up, but we can't avoid a career and a few options of life, " she said.Even if I was a director and an actor, I often saw the media call me a "full time mom" in my relevant story title, not my profession.Have you ever read the headline, "Full-time Papa Brad Pitt"?I don't think so.(Extended reading: should I quit my job as a full-time housewife?)

" I want to say that I feel free to be my mother and my wife, which is an important part of my life, but I like my diversity of labels. I don't want to see my work expertise in my mother's dimension, I don't think I'm a woman, a full-time mother, that affects my work profession.The same principle applies to my husband.A lot of women are often asked: " How do you balance work and family?"I hope we can try and ask men this question until it is no longer a problem.""

are expected to play a role in caring for the family, as well as the fact that our script narraymen are almost male."As Hollywood films become increasingly dependent on global markets, women will become more and less dominant because they are more looking forward to seeing the performances of the men," the Guardian commented." The most difficult thing in the world is to convince the male audience to identify with women's roles.

As a director, Nataliopman is not only trying to deal with national and country issues, but she is more of a perspective on women: "I want to understand women's desires and aspirations for life."Most of the films' perspectives are in satisfying male desires, and it's time for us to change the current situation, to find the way women tell their stories." (recommended for you: Amelia, Juliamore, Kylie Mexican!)Four girls' gender counterattack on Hollywood

" We want to cast aside the stereotype of the stereotype of the stereotype of the script, the reality of the real life of a woman, not just a woman, but all of us, and we should imagine that all gender was allowed to be strong and weak, and capable of showing sadness and happiness, just like a person."

Sounding for women: I'm no longer afraid to be a bitch of social talk

In most industries, women earn about 80 percent of their male counterparts, but in Hollywood we only have 30 percent, " Natalie Bohman said in an interview with the film."In fact, we've got more money than most people, and many say we have nothing to complain about, but this is a very crazy one," she said."

Following Jennifer Lawrence, Natalie Boeman also joined the initiative for equal pay.In addition to gender, the Hollywood star's wages have been reduced with age, with Harrison Ford receiving 20 million dollars at the age of 69, and no Hollywood actress 69-year-old can win such a high level of pay.(Sibling: A gender perspective: Pride to square chest and old buttocks!"The goddess of the goddess of the goddess of kloi, the Kira, the" ", .

" I don't think the difference between men and women is different. We only have a serious problem, that is, women don't have the opportunity.— — Natalipoman

soon as Natalie Poeman was born, many of the media reported "Natalie complaining about wage inequality" as headline reports, and that "women who are deeply planted by society" are "shut up and accept a lower level of experience."Whether in professional capacity or pay, Natalie Boman is deeply unfriendly, and she regrets that she did not rise up in the face of inequality and let more girls bear the same rules when they were experiencing unequal treatment.Natalie Bohman said it was like her first time as a "female director": " I was afraid that I was too strong like a bitch, but now I'm not afraid.Because I believe that the right thing to do is to insist.If I have a great team, I don't have to be afraid to say anything wrong or to express my views.(Extended reading: Ten years wait until a woman director!Oskar is too "yang" controversy: getting more women into filmmaking circles

If a "bitch" slanders the filthy words of women, the meaning behind it is that our system does not approve of you exceeding patriarchal and provocative powers. What is a woman who is walking on the front, saying that I have a name?

At this time, Natalie Boman is still like the 13-year-old Matilda, who is not afraid of her own wacky. She looks at the eyes of the world with little clarity and no fear of being afraid.