Small Xian openly admit infertility, she choked said continue to work hard, we love, but also want to ask, fertility technology is really from incense magic spell, liberated women?

Image source: Xiao Xian face book

"Because of the genetic mutation, I was born without a uterus, difficult to reproduce." "One day before Valentine's Day, Xiao Xian openly confessed that he did not have a uterus to cause infertility." This news immediately became the most popular topic of the whole Taiwan. Someone distressed her, Pep said "continue to work", some blame her idea of old-fashioned best quickly change, someone surprised her infertility dared to marry only son, more people say she is a drama.

Sitting in front of the computer, watching the gaunt look of Xiao Xian's visit, I have mixed feelings, after a round of heartache, anger to the inability of the emotional cycle, I think I still have a pen to write, can for small Xian, for now or in the future will face fertility pressure of women, to support a free space, so do, but also for myself.

Mother should be a woman's option, not an obligation

Interestingly enough, in the 21st century, women declared infertility can also be stunned by a whole society.

Xiao Xian said that when she was 17 years old, the right ovary was diagnosed by the doctor has a tumor, must be removed, the examination also found that she was born without a uterus caused by infertility. In this case, the news film adds a piece of the narrator: "She has only one ovarian function, but she is fortunate enough to find the other half." "As if a girl cannot or does not want to have a child, she is not a complete person, unworthy of a good companion and a happy life."

Having children in Taiwan is still considered a female vocation, and "girl-wife-mother-boil-up grandmother" is a linear resume that Chinese women are expected to fill up, even if the parents give all the cultivation of their daughters, most will still be in her long blooming years, in the ear softly fill a sentence: "To become a mother, is the complete woman." Being a mother can be a very happy thing, but can we have the right to be infertile? (Extended reading: When a mother is a choice, not an obligation: A woman who doesn't want to have a baby doesn't have to explain to society )

Whether it was an earlier Kovinge mayor's "unmarried woman in a state of crisis", or last year Weiford to women, "25-29 years old is the golden period of pregnancy," The birth call, the society has always put the reproductive responsibility to women, or blame, or remind, you have to remember your "effective time", do not forget that the family is still waiting for you to continue the incense, Society needs you to increase the country.

When childbirth is regarded as a woman's duty, whether it is impossible or not to bear, we have to spend a lot of effort to give a justification. Many women in the process of consternation found that my uterus is (future) husband, is the in-laws, is the country, but not mine. (same field Gayon: Sex Observation: WEIFAO department "Golden pregnancy period" said, woman's belly to respond to how many social expectations? )

Women's reproductive autonomy

The United Nations General Assembly adopted the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women in 1979 (abbreviation Cedaw,convention of the elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women), The extension of women's rights and interests from the public sphere of politics to private areas such as personal and family life is an important indicator of "reproductive autonomy".

In current technology, only women can conceive and produce. Women's ability to decide whether or not to reproduce, and how to reproduce, is a significant representation of women's body autonomy. (Note i)

Feminism is one of the important theoretical foundations of feminism, that is, it is the important source of gender oppression to consider the female's physiological mother's identity and reproductive responsibility. Among them, the feminist Felsdon, who ignited the discussion of reproductive autonomy, has been fiercely opposed to women being automatically regarded as physical mothers. She advocated the removal of women's reproductive status through technology, such as contraception, or artificial birth in vitro, so that women's sexual organs no longer bear the responsibility for maternity, so the elimination of gender-based division of labor, so that reproductive responsibility by the community as a whole to share, women's liberation can be completed. (Note II)

Felsdon's argument was a great shock in the 1970 's, after all, her remarks were slightly more brutal, and the lack of care for the real women who suffered from childbirth, many of which were rooted in feminists, could not accept her arguments. Others criticized her for being a biological determinism. But her argument also inspires more debate about women's reproductive autonomy. For example, can technological advances really help women lift their fertility stress? Or, instead of making society more persistent in women's belly?

When the birth technology meets the incense-magic spell

In the interview, Xiao Xian has repeatedly mentioned and thanked her husband and in-laws for their consideration, but she frankly said, "There are ways to work hard, after all, my husband is an only child, I ... do not want to let the husband's family sad, his family is very eager to embrace the sun, I must work hard, said this paragraph when she was a lump of sobs, you saw how hard she loved the family , and saw her weariness.

Fertility technology, this is expected to give women more assistance and resources, but when science and technology meet the patriarchal society's desire to reproduce, incense magic spell of the role of time extended, there is no "do not", only "do not do" the "determination and perseverance." People think that since science and technology can intervene in the guidelines, you should go all out, so want to fight women can only grasp the physiological clock, and then tired to pursue not to guarantee the pregnancy but the number of a slightly higher probability. (Extended reading: stress is the main cause of infertility )

Take medicine, play ovulation needles, go to the United States to get eggs, do test tubes, such as pregnant mother, the small and the couple tried three times, smashed a total of 4.3 million yuan, the future to continue efforts. This is not just a time consuming and costly marathon, in fact, it makes women's psychology under great pressure, not completely harmless to the body.

When the media learn to package fertility technology in a "progressive" tone, side effects are often not reported. From artificial reproduction, surrogate motherhood, to frozen eggs, we rarely hear that these technologies are safe enough? Professor Linfangro has criticized the media for reporting irresponsible, side effects, complications and low success rates of reproductive technology, "the so-called magic technology, the birth rate is only 20%, most women not only born to children, but also to compensate for physical and mental health, money, time."

The plight of "forced procreation", as feminists say, is still in the possession of Chinese women.

The ideal picture of fertility technology is to reduce the burden of childbirth and increase resources for women. But when the reality is that surrogate mothers are mostly economically disadvantaged and third world women, does this contribute to the (transnational) sexual exploitation of women? is the patriarchal value of the lineage more difficult to break? These problems require more dialogue, more systematic discussion, and listening to the voices of different women.

A good stage, media exposition and public expectation

Looking at small Xian tired face, and red eyes, as a woman, I really feel the pain of infertility, while the brain also emerges another situation: in the media before talking about infertility, women whether there is space to show a relaxed and unrestrained? If so, can our society accept it? This society is not expecting her to choke, tears, expect her to say "I will continue to work hard," and then touch her head, Winson said "continue to refuel" after turning around.

Or perhaps, when the media spotlight falls on Xiao Xian, the social script has been stuffed into her hands, where her performance cannot overflow the social expectations of female infertility. When we are wondering if she intends to fry the news, why should she burst into infertility? Xiao Xian is slightly sorry to whisper, "I think, as soon as finished, the future we do not have to ask this question is good" so painful self disclosure, for just don't want to be disturbed small request. Our social incompetence gives enough support, she can not find escape route, had to face right, clean up. (same field Gayon: Sexy Sweet doll Cameron's infertility confession )

Or perhaps, today is the man jumped out to talk about their infertility, society will have what kind of reaction? We'll compliment him on his bravery? Or laugh at him for being "weak"? Well, wait a minute, why do we rarely see the reports of men jumping out and admitting they're infertile? Clearly, the health Ministry in 2015 statistics, has been explained that the male infertility rate has surpassed the female AH. When the media asked the young couple when the child, we always look at Shang, she also naturally took the microphone, as if the baby is her one thing. We also have to ask ourselves whether we have helped to set up a skewed sex arena and ask her to go up.

On the stage, Xiao Xian finally said, "There is no way to bear regret, but there are many things in life, not only this thing, or can be brave." Yes, we also want to say to little Sandy, and to all women, we understand that the birth of life to the female life experience of creativity, can reproduce is happy, can not or do not want to bear, but also happy, you work hard or not, you can be brave, but also for their own and not brave, anyway, we hope that every woman can for their own, Be kind to your body and heart.