The 41-year-old Hollywood actress Cameron the "infertility" claim has aroused extensive discussion, many people appreciate her loyalty to do herself, say the voice of women, but also out of negative comments and she violated the "female production obligation" value. Fertility is a wonderful thing, it represents the arrival of a real life, we agree with all the Great Mother , also agree with the pursuit of the "no", women should learn enough intelligence and mature, to choose and take on the life they want to have. "Life" and "not born" should not be placed in the standard of women's obligations, but rather than women's free will to their bodies and life. (Recommended reading: marriage, not a woman's life must be selected )

Cameron Michelle, a 41-year-old unmarried woman with a successful career, was asked about her views on love and the family , and her answer was:" I chose not to take responsibility for my own life, which made it easier for me to live in life. It takes 18 years and nights to raise a child, and no child can really make a lot of things easier, but it doesn't mean it's a simple decision .

To have lives besides your own this are responsible for-i ' t didn. That's did make things easier for me. A Baby-that ' s all day, every day for years. Not have a baby might really make things easier, but this doesn ' t make it a easy decision. "

"Women like me who have no children are not happy with the fact that we don't want to have children, which is so bad for everyone and becomes our problem." 」

Women like me. Women who don ' t have children, don ' t want to, and don ' t, and then why that ' s a problem for the other people when it ' s anything but a Problem for us.

always dare to say the Cameron this time also not taboo to say that most people disagree with the argument, she wanted to tell her to say "you will regret" the person: "I choose not to have children!" I still think it's a good decision even when I'm married to my husband and live with him. When the two of us meet and decide to be together, life begins, not waiting for a child to realize. Our life has finally begun. "I am satisfied with this decision, so we both live fuller and more vividly." "(Recommended reading: only have love, is the best play of life Lu Jiayi )

Marriage and infertility are not a celebrity fashion, it is also not a popular product of the Times, the birth of children does not depend on the value of the traditional or new era, but the women's autonomy in their own bodies , we must really understand their own heart and body needs, in the ability to practice the value of their own life, under the premise, There is enough intelligence to take charge of another life's departure. (You would like to: Love Your Life )

"There are a lot of reasons why I choose not to have children, and I am very aware of that and have been carefully considered." Some of the reasons are about finance, involving my career, and many of my lifestyle. I looked at myself a long time and learned: I just don't want kids, I'm just not interested in it. And it's a matter of course for people to have children, because it's so ingrained in people's minds that it's strange to think that I have different ideas. "(You would like to: as a woman, we do not need to prove anything to the world )

My reasons-choosing to have children are varied, many, and very clearly and carefully. Some of those reasons are financial, Some pertain to me career, and many relate to my lifestyle. But The main reason I ' m not having kids? I took a good, hard look at the myself over a long period of the time and realized:i just don ' t want them. I ' m just not interested. And that blows people's minds-and the fact that it blows people ' s minds in turn blows.

Cameron why don't you want to be a mother? Maybe she wants a way to be able to live her life, and she's just choosing to make herself feel happy .

not having children , may be related to career, money, and your life form, an adult should have enough maturity to take all of their own choices, a person with life heat will not be unable to experience a complete life because there is no child, Cameron believes that the freedom of one's body and will is enough to load the world's perceived "imperfect", seeing her autonomy and passion for life through fertility, we all affirm that Cameron is a woman who understands his needs and expresses her courage, regardless of the question of "whether or not to have a child".

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