This year Oscar, let a woman fan you from the finalists actress, to the affirmation of female force film role, together to see the Hollywood heroine of the new era face.

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Remember the 2016 Oscar with nearly "all white" finalists and the list of winners, caused the public opinion a lambasting? At the 89th Annual Academy Awards, we finally saw more African-American actors. And in this black and white shortlist, we finally waited for her, the first African-American actress to win the Emmy Award, Vera Oladaivis (Viola Davis).

This is not the first time Davis has been nominated for the Oscars, in fact, she was a regular at the Oscars: as early as 2009, she won the Oscar award for Best Supporting Actress in "Lure", and in 2012, the "Sisters" were shortlisted for the best actress Oscar.

This year, she once again won the Oscar nomination for "Fences" at three degrees. Critics agree that if the Oscar doesn't give her the prize, it's a nasty crime. Why do they say that? After hearing her Superman story, you might as well agree. (same field Gayon: Davis, Emasdon, Ryan Goslin!) Golden Globe Award moving speech: Everyone who tries to live is mending the world .

Deeds one: In the movie "Temptation" in less than eight minutes, won the Oscar nomination

Before entering the big screen, Davis is a professional and hard Foundation stage actor, and has repeatedly won prizes. But Hollywood is a different world. At the start, Davis always wanted to be someone other than himself, but the audition failed repeatedly.

"Because when I try to be someone else, I'm denying myself." Later I learned that when you entered the room, the only thing you need to do is to be yourself. 」

She was finally able to get a film show, but she always played a very small role, even in a movie with a voice. But she didn't give up and she had to do her best in just a few minutes. Every minute on the stage, is the actor's life, whether it is to appear or to offer sound, each performance moment, must strive to be worthy of the audience, but also worthy of their own heart.

In 2008, she and Melissa Streep, Ameadams, Philip Hoffman in the film "Temptation", and won the Oscar award for Best Supporting Actress nomination. In the film she played a black mother, when the son was involved in the Catholic School of struggle and sexual suspicion, she refused to believe the story, with her son stand together, show the mother's softest body and the most solid love.

In the clips of two Hollywood acting stars, Melissa Streep and Philip Hoffmann, her starring role was clipped to within eight minutes. However, with the Streep of the game, she tears in the burst of the flow of the explosion of performance, technical pressure actress and a number of Hollywood stars, break out, write down the history of the film in the history of a very small number of eight minutes to perform the Oscar finalists actress.

Story two: Only two African-American actresses nominated for Oscar and supporting actress in history

In 2011, she starred in the film "Sister", which was adapted from the novel by Catherine Stokite. The following year, she was nominated for the best actress Oscar for the film. The nomination was not only a milestone for her personally, but she was the second African-American actress to receive an Oscar nomination for Best actress and supporting actress from an Oscar's more than 80-year history. First, it is today's household name of the Hu bi-gober.

In the background of the 60 years of the rise of the American Civil Rights movement, Davis played a calm black maid who brought up 17 white children of his own, and his children were killed because of their black identity. Skitt with young white employers, she launched a calm and powerful black civil rights movement and embarked on a journey to revive her feminist consciousness.

Davis performance, once again beat the same name of the heroine's Emasdon, when she tearful in the film to the death of the son died of the past, the picture is vividly visible, leap now, people quickly know who is the soul of the play.

At the moment of the Oscars, the critics agreed that the winner must be Davis, even the same Streep, so when Kolinfalo announced the winners, the embarrassment of Streep was instantly revealed. However, as a friend of Davis is full of grace, the first time to get up and applaud Aunt Mei. (same field Gayon: live our fearless age!) Melissa Streep: "A woman can be soft or tough")

Deeds three: Flip the racist racism in Hollywood, I act

Davis, who passed the Oscars with the crown, cannot be said to have lost. In an interview, she said, "even though I nominated Oscar, I still have a rare chance to show my face on the big screen, and I often just have a supporting role in the film." "It's like being invited to a grand and wonderful party, but only as a wallflower." I want to be the protagonist and I want to play the part that will get me out of the comfort zone! 」

So she decided not to just wait for the chance to come to the door, in fact, Hollywood's female-led film, although gradually increased, but is willing to enable African-American actress to do the protagonist, is very few, often limited to the 60 's civil rights movement during the time of the people, rather than the contemporary female role But the reason why Davis became an actress was because she wanted her role to be a good interpreter of our real life.

"I want to put the truth on the screen, and I want the real women to see themselves on the screen," she said. It is difficult to make the truth public, especially for those African-Americans with masks. 」

So she decided to set up a production company to take the initiative and perform a real role in acting. She also observed that in addition to African-American women, the films of older actresses or other non-white actresses often faced awkward conditions such as insufficient funding and limited overseas distribution. "I love those movies, I believe many viewers are, but the film side still has concerns." I think it is necessary to try my best to get some right to speak and hold my career. 」

She was unwilling to be left on the edge of the stars, hoping to inspire those marginalized women. "For women who don't want to be stuck in a rut, I want to inspire them in the same way," she said. 」

Wei Oladaivis, people say she is a hard foundation actress, I said she is a hard bottom woman han. She described her role in the "fence" at the time of the Golden Globe Award, just as well as her own portrayal of the response to life and struggle for herself, which is the figure of every woman.

In the future, we hope that Oscar's shortlist will have more women of different ethnic origin than black and white. In order to meet the advent of that day, in addition to continuing to focus on and criticize the different fields of structural discrimination, but also to open their own to different cultures, races, gender and sexual orientation stereotypes and rigid imagination, to maintain the world's curiosity and imagination.

Even if there is only a minute of opportunity, even if the stars are shining around, even if racial discrimination is still there, we can still choose to live like Davis, firmly grasp their careers, take the initiative! Environment does not give, we can always create their own, this is a new generation of heroic courage and unrestrained.