The 74th annual Golden Globe Award winning list is warmly released! These day and night actors stand on the stage, giving thanks to the world, to the needs of the bright corners of the group! Let's review the five winning speeches: Vera Oladaivis, Emasdon , Ryan Goslin , Isabel Rain, Tomchy Deston. (Recommended reading: Lifelong achievement!) Melissa Streep's Golden Globes speech: To be a person who can speak, should be audible to others .

2017 74th Annual Golden Globe Award list released! In addition to the "Happy to Love You" shine, this year, there are a lot of actors to jump on the stage with a dark horse, let us look at this year's moving speeches, tribute to the actors, for a good story to drink!

Best Supporting Actress: Vera Oladaivis "Fences"

Vera Oladaivis, people say she's a hard base actress, she is the first black woman to win the Emmy Award, this time she won the Golden Globes with the "fence" the best Supporting Actress, she deduced the highest honor Tony Award of Broadway adaptation of the stage, and again thought that the purpose of art services beyond their own career record of the actor.

"I have been nominated five times and I have succeeded this time." Hollywood rarely makes theatrical films, more popular business movies that make money than art or sincerity. My character, for the family sacrificed a lot, including her dream. When life faces turning and mutation, she responds to life and struggles for herself, this is the figure of every woman, her act arouses people's sympathy. "(same field Gayon: After the end of the Emmy Awards four human rights highlights:" The right to say no is actually very precious ")

Music and comedy movie Actress: Emasdon "Love You More"

Emasdon thanked her father and brother on stage for her dream of supporting her since she was 13 years old. Emasdon's Dream Road and the "Le to Love You" similar, from the stage drama and impromptu comedy show began the actress, in countless unsuccessful audition, she step by step out of her dream.

"This dream-house movie, hope and creativity are the two most important things in the world, and that's what this movie is all about." To all the creative people, we may face the wall in front of the dream, anywhere, anyone in the "Give up", I hope that we can recover from this film awakening, do not give up the power, we continue to move forward together. (Recommended reading: to the Foolish Dreamer!) Happy to Love you more: you participate in my past, I have this moment now.

Best Actor in music or Comedy: Ryan Goslin "Love You More"

Ryan Goslin as an atypical actor, in the past he was favored by independent spiritual film actors, his play never limited, from pure love movies to violent aesthetics, Ryan Goslin constantly surpass themselves. In the "Happy to Love You" in this movie he practiced three months of piano, each dance and music, are their own parents. With "Codex Love" Take Off, Rennes Goslin again and again renovate their image in front of the audience.

"When I was in the movie performing singing, dancing and playing the piano and making my unprecedented film experience, my wife was raising our daughter, pregnant with our second child, and trying to help his brother fight cancer." If my wife doesn't take it all, I can't have the movie, it's her, let me stand here today. Thank you, my sweet heart. "(Recommended to you: single diary:" Happy to Love You More "love is I am happy to see your success )

Drama actress: Isabelle Rain, her game of danger

Isabel Rain since the 70 's/or St since the Stemona well-known film works, her introverted and exquisite acting good at the contrast between the great role. She is 63 years old in "her dangerous game" played a violent woman, faced with a variety of relations after the trauma, she neatly interpreted the middle-class intellectuals lonely female image, deconstruction control and power desire.

"Thanks to Hollywood, thanks to director Paul for supporting me, thank you for inviting me to perform, thank you for your support from the beginning, thank you, let me Be me." The woman I played was so strong that you thought she was going to crumble, but she didn't, this woman's life is true, not like the novel is always happy, but this is life-never unpredictable. 」

Best TV Movie or miniseries Actor: Tomchy Deston, "Night Manager"

Tomchy Deston is not just someone's ex-boyfriend! Before he played the name of Loki, he had established a wealth of experience in films, TV dramas, and theatrical dramas, and, to a lesser extent, Tomchy Deston to try to develop the breadth of his career as a language speaker.

When he first won the Golden Globes, he shared his own time in South Sudan when he saw international humanitarian reflection on Africa's aid to war zones: "There are a lot of people who are committed to mending this imperfect world and I am proud of being able to offer them a little comfort and a little entertainment." I think this award is for people who are trying to do the best outside. "(same field Gayon: gender observation: Teles and Tomchy Deston love, never apologize for the woman )

Five Golden Globes award-winning speeches, shared with you to explore the depth of life! Thanks to the film art so that the living people can hope for a more complete life, thank good film practitioners with good stories to mend our broken heart.