People say she is "the most powerful actress on the surface," people because of her changeable accent, people watch her leisurely play in each role of life story, she is Melissa Streep. In her interview with The voice of feminism: The Age of no fear , she said she was not a feminist, but she used the actress 's body for us to suffer from the female, the countless struggles of women, whether on screen or in society, Melissa Streep told us, We need more female characters !

Some actors have turned themselves into doomed legends, and Melissa Streep is a classic example.

In the moment, she is the modern Mrs. Dalloway, pondering the stubbornness and pride of women; "The demon in Prada" she acted as a try of the work of the devil, carrying a woman at the high level so much cold; "Delicious relationship" she piled up a smiley face disguised as a kitchen god Julia child, cooking the delicious relationship of life; "Iron Wife" Watch her play the life of Mrs. Thatcher, a stubborn, headstrong and 颟 mandatory; in the heart of August, she was a smoking and drinking mother, at the heart of the storm, you never doubted her 19 Oscar nomination ability.

Melissa Streep did not say that she is a feminist, but her angular role of interpretation, the warmth of the number of women difficult to solve the mind, the guardian of how many women faint wish. We asked ourselves, "Can I cling to love Shang no one?" Can I be fearless in criticizing the noise? "Can I choose my favorite industry without being responsible for it?" "In her role, we slowly find practical answers.

In a visit to the next new film, "The Voice of feminism: The Age of Fear", Streep was asked whether she recognized herself as a feminist, and Melissa Streep replied:

"I'm not so much a feminist as a human-rights person," he said. I support equality, and I have always been convinced that equality should be a part of human rights. 」

When people are anxious to define whether she is a feminist or are too busy to fret about her pretensions to feminism, Melissa Streep has long been lightweight. She supports equality practice, she protested unfair treatment, she advocated multiple voices, feminism and human rights, why should there be a noun dispute? Looking back at the nearly 40 years of Streep/or St, we can, like Meryl Streep, immerse ourselves in the practice and struggle of feminism, without necessarily having to wear the crown of a feminist. (Recommended to you: three-wave women's movement: academic circle, social movement and feminine lust in popular culture )

Carrying the fearless forward: "Do not fight who take you seriously?" 」

"Do not choose to bow or give up because others are opinionated, ridiculed and ignored." "" Don ' t give up or give into the face of patronising ridicule, amused disdain or being ignored. "

In the Voice of feminism: The Age of No fear, she played the leader of the British women's Political and Social Union (WSPU) Emmeline Pankhurst, resisting sexism in the British system, winning votes for women and women's suffrage, and revealing the history of feminist struggles in the early 20th century. In the turbulent reactionary era, the uneven volume of the gender of the cold, do not fight who take you seriously? In the 21st century, we strive for equal pay, break the glass ceiling of women's careers, and struggle with the same equality in times of war.

"When people find that the world is dominated by men, it is wrong for them to have a sense of understanding." When people look around and find that leadership decisions are always less feminine, they have to be conscious that this is wrong. Because women care about the value of different, do not see better, but must be different. Women's participation in the world will be more yuan. (Recommended reading: When a woman is on stage, please respect her home Rule )

As you remember, this year, when Oscar actress Patricia Arquette on the podium for equal pay, "now is the time for us to wage equality for ourselves, and more for women's equal rights," said Meryl Streep's first clap of applause. in the drama and the play, the Streep is always not afraid to stand, carrying the fearless forward. (Extended reading:Patricia Arquette let Aunt Mei stand and applaud the winning speech!) )

Hollywood Age Discrimination: "The story of every character, also my Story"

We take it for granted that Melissa Streep's play all the way.

But in fact, the first movie to make her popular, the Vietnam Deer Hunter, despite all the others, she did not like the role she played Linda. Linda Beautiful demure image, as well as passively waiting for the Vietnam War boyfriend home image, tightly buckle at that time the stereotype of girls, Melissa Streep but in hindsight frankly, girls should not only a "cute" look.

When she was young, people, like playing costume games, applied the adjective "girl" to her character. Lovely, youthful, positive and bright; when she was 40, she received three "witch" invitations in a year, people performativity the connection between the old woman and the Witch, the Witch hid in the dark corner to curse, the old woman is also. The role of the young and beautiful is more lovely, and the old character is more and more shocking on the screen. The Hollywood Ecology of "age discrimination" so, Melissa Streep with excellent acting, lined up the life story of each character, the role from stereotypes, began to flesh and blood. (same field Gayon: women's body is not only because of "youth" but the United States )

"Acting is not to force yourself into different people. Instead, look for common ground in different ways, and then find yourself there. 」

Melissa Streep reactionary posture is resolute soft, she don't go to the streets do not shout slogans, she let herself again and again into the role of women inside. Women's figure occupies Congress and the kitchen, women's feelings diffuse the workplace and the battlefield, we are the Iron Lady, is also wearing Prada demon; we are crazy and so boyfriend back home girl Linda, is also open the door on their own kitchen God Julia child.

So we always feel that the role of the Streep is lively, because a certain part of the Melissa Streep are living in her role, they are all her own real fragments. Have the most bloody struggle, the most soft and strong heart, the most do not change the original intention of the idea, the film curtain call, the role survived, and then go home with the viewer.

This is a woman, fragile and resolute sometimes, our posture and identity position is flowing, we have youth and will be old, we can do the subject of action, determine their own appearance. After watching the Streep movie, you can't help but feel at ease, and we look forward to more female characters on the screen. (Recommended reading: Anne Hathaway, Julian Moore, Kelly Mo Reagan!) Four female stars against Hollywood sex counterattack )

Pointing to the weary red carpet ecology: "Girls are not bound to be cute"

"I've been asked why you chose to play a tough female role and why?" A man will never be asked a similar question. Why? Because this is obviously a ridiculous question. Why can't women be tough? 」

The obvious feminine stereotypes in the film industry are vulnerable to protection from the red carpet that always deviates from the core, "which dress do you wear?" How long did it take you to dress up? "has been tiresome. Not Melissa Streep chose a tough, but girls and women are more than just a look. (Recommended thinking: from the girl next door to the goddess who can't be defeated!) The path of Beyoncé evolution of feminism )

"The world has changed and so have men. Most men today say they like my role, Miranda in the Prada demon . People who make movies know that the most difficult challenge in this business is to make the male audience identify with the heroine and see her as her own incarnation. 」

You have a clear impression that when you turn on the TV, you always see a disproportionate role in sex, you learned from a very young age to identify with the male character, Romeo, Hamlet or Peter Pan, the heroic image of Mankengmangu, you have a huge gap in imagining the way women grow, as if returning home is your only "right" choice. And these years, the female role with more and more out of the model of the posture appeared, people have the choice, can love Miranda more than Linda, men also have to identify with the female role of the multiple path.

Melissa Streep in her graduation speech at Barnard's Women's College, Columbia University, "This generation of girls do not have to be cute or repressed their views" to rebel or wild, although go, we are free, lovely, we know that we have more appearance waiting to glow. "

"This is your time, and you may feel that everything is" normal ". But injustice is never "normal", and all we have to do is change and resist, and continue to evoke more change. "(same field Gayon: graduate speech: When the power is bigger, please remember your 22-year-old eyes )

We looked back at the wonderful female roles she had played in those years, thank you, Melissa Streep with drama from girls to women of the road of defection, Bloom as flowers, when the spirit of feminism into the body of the flesh of a part of the soul, put down the aura of the feminist, Streep to women's rights and interests of the pay is not self-evident.

Why the stiff split you and me, Melissa Streep early life to tell us, you define it, your feminism.