Vision resent, sharing with you, in the rapidly changing information age, we are preparing for you a very full, short message, in the field of vision, that we have a broad, precise reading.Take a look at the sexual harassment cloud of Cathy, the Casey-Everick.

At the

Oscar ceremony, Casey Eferrek won the 89th film, and was presented by a room that was not present in the last year, and was presented by Briasen, who was congratulated, but was not applauded.In the film, she portrayed victims of sexual assault. Faced with a sexual harassment suspect, Eifferek, shouldn't she lay down his personal or professional achievements and praise her personal professional achievements?

Since the ceremony, Twitter enthusiastically discusses the "Casey Eferriek value" and the "black history of charges of sexual harassment" has also been floated on

A female colleague complaint: he only wore his underwear to pet my back.

In 2010, Casey Ivlek directed the "I'm still here >" by the producer and photography directing the case, which ended with reconciliation between the two sides.

Record description: "Averlek entered the room while she was asleep, and when she woke up, Averlek lay in her underwear and T-shirt beside her and put her arm around her, pent her back, and the breath of Averick ..."

" At the time of the project, the plaintiff had been repeatedly attacked by her because she was a woman, and the plaintiff was forced to face a gender discrimination in the workplace.At one point, Averick instructed one member to take off his pants, and even if the plaintiff objected, he repeatedly mentioned that women were like cows, and even told the plaintiff that "You should be pregnant at your age."He also tried to suggest that the plaintiff had a child with a male staff member."

It is not worth the prize at the Casey Eferrek, "said the women's rights group, who won the award." The person who has sexual harassment should have lost his job, not celebrate it in the light of the glory of the United States.""

Casey Iferek: Any form of abuse is abhornment.

I think any form of mistreatment, no matter who happens to anyone, is a matter of abhorror, " Casey said.I believe that everyone deserves respect on any occasion, and I will always use these values to practice my life, and that is why I cannot do it."

As early as the Oscar nominations, many film critics questioned:

Casey Affleck Deserves Best Actor but Will Off Screen Accusations Tank His Chances?
Could Sexual Assault Allegations Kill Casey Afflek ’ s ‘ Manchester by the Sea ’ Oscar Chances?
“ “ ‘ Manchester by the Sea ’ Star Could Lose Oscar Over Sexchange Harassment History ”
Casey Affelck ’ s Oscar bid could be dogged by sexual harassment allegations

Casey Eferrek would have been an Oscar for sexual harassment in the past?

They seem to be a little sad to ask.

Although there is still evidence of legal charges, Everlek continues to appeal to libel and extortion.So what we're asking is not that he's a real crime?Instead, the association of "sexual harassment" with "art" is considered in the noise of "art and private".

Art and Public: What we need is not a two-step one

Do we need to look at his ethics on the achievements of a creator/film director/professional actor?(due to sexual harassment, causing others to do harm to others, and therefore not private ethics)

Perhaps the feminist is not making a fuss about Casey Eferrek, but rather that they have seen too many sexual harassment or sexual assault victims being forced to be silent.

Woody Allen was accused of sexual assault: " When I was seven years old, Woody Allen led my hand to take me to the second floor and a dim, like a closet, like a closet.He let me lay down and play my brother's train model, and then he sexually assaulted me."The two sides lost their way," he said in an interview. " My life and my career have never been affected."

Betorucci took the opportunity to rape the lead actress Maria Schneider in one of the scenes at the final tango in Paris, where Maria Schneider, a woman who had been raped, was filmed in the state of Maria's "unnotified sexual assault"."This has left my future life in the shadow of humiliation and rape," the leading actress said in an interview.(Sibling: Gender: Sexual assault from the South Korean furnace > to the Southern Tteaching School )

Bertholucci said, " I didn't regret my decision at the time, but I had a feeling of guilt."

Art is great?How do we evaluate the fact that a heavyweight director in the history of a movie is a "sexual assault push"?

the offence is not forgiven or not, it is not forgiven or not, whether it is to be forgiven or not. Rather, it is to repeatedly understand the harm of sexual harassment and sexual assault on individuals and raise the community's identity to treat sexual violence as a public issue.The weight of sexual harassment and sexual assault is not only a headline in the media's "Sexual Harassment scandal that will stop Casey's Nobel Prize." There are a number of nets behind the scenes that have failed to catch the victims.At the same time as he was given bright applause and power, the number of women who had experienced sexual violence also faced vicious social disrespect.(Extended reading: Gender Reflection in the Auxiliently Sexual assault: Before the victims of sexual assault, the pain was slightly hurt )

Art is important, and the pain of victims of sexual violence is also.