He is a landmark of Taiwan's queer literature, from novels and commentaries to the History of Comrades ' Annals, and to the Guidaver of Taiwanese literature.

First of all, I note that Ji Wei 脕 with a yellow G shock. Huge, Liang, hidden in a straight-textured suit jacket with loose first clasp under the shirt, child coordinates. Interview on the third floor, the skylight just, Guidaver face is very bright, he lay aside bright red schoolbag, take off the color, very waist sit down, there is such a point professor True colors.

How to read the new book "Gay History: The Invention of Taiwan"? Such a can do a brick hit the book, Dian in the palm is very heavy, that is a piece of Taiwan comrades: multi-line, complex, chicken and rabbit with Cage master.

He said he did not write 20 years, but he continued to comb the whole 10 years, open the page, he to research posture, in the good conduct of the literary world to play, like the painter Pollock, tear open a single scene in the shed, backhand flung gorgeous color, inviting ambiguous, the desire of complex, attempt in Chinese characters in the book, Gay History of literature is Taiwan's invention, It is a history that has not been taught in textbooks.

Interview Ji Wei, most of the time, his left hand to draw a circle, right hand painting side, we run in many dialog boxes, like open several apps synchronized. He was sat and quirky, and I knew that the word naughty was not only for children, but that he had come all the way to find fault, to write the book as, Professor.

The history of the Comrade's invention: the evil son and the reverse female, the old terrier of Taiwan

I asked about the word "invention" from the title, and he said it was deliberately placed so small that you noticed. "I did it on purpose to deal with the adjective" Taiwan "separately. Taiwan or gender, are very common adjectives, you listen to female presidents, female photographers, gay identity is ah, this is gay scholars, gay writers, sometimes people are very resistant. "(Recommended you look:" the righteous Love!) Interview Gushinyi: "We finally, did not become that dead comrade")

I am in favor of impatience, also think, can not get rid of impatience at the same time, also to face up to this identity. So I left the title. The main and the secondary, Comrade history of literature-the invention of Taiwan. And wait a minute, I am in Taiwan to talk about their own literature, can not be justly ah? 」

He solemnly combed the whole gay literature and Taiwanese history, "You see, when it comes to comrades, everyone said that the son and the reverse female, this is Taiwan's old terrier, Taiwan with literature to write gay history." Homosexuality is a priority in the United States; Singapore says government control; Thailand focuses on nightlife; Japan may be the tomb-telling ...

Familiar, Guidaver said that many years of marginalization of Taiwan, there is a root of the self-confidence, what all feel is foreign first, foreign good, and gay literature is not imitation, Taiwan comrade history and gay literature mutually beneficial symbiosis, the homosexual literature written history, is Taiwan's unique context and processing methods.

Guidaver is a smile, "in Taiwan, you want to find comrades, to the text to drill, ah, of course, there are newspapers, but the newspapers are writing Qingsha, gay in the literature, love, desire, first puppy." 」

"Evil son" in that sentence, "you a dirty I lick for you clean, a poison I use Tears for you wash off." "If you can't get rid of the gay curse print, the word invention is so imagined." Close the eyes, in the evil son and inverse female outside, the vast, unclassified, sprites, hidden, gay narration flying like a firefly, Guidaver grabbed down.

I would say, comrade, comrade, the writing of the history of gay literature is also very cool. (Extended reading: comrades, let us filthy!) Interview poet Robing: "Love does not lonely to why talk?" ")

Bai Xian's "predecessors": comrades do not need to live like a good head picture

What did he experience before he became a Bai Xian-yong, did anyone ever think about it? Guidaver love to pick eyebrow pout mouth. "He always turned over the newspaper in high school, when the newspaper was full of gay news, first the reader, the author." 」

"Evil son" is not turned out, Ji da wei Root-seeking reasoning, overthrow the "Taiwan gay literature began from the 1960 's" Yong Xian and other people, "the unique respect of linear history, so afraid of too good, back textbooks ah, he advocated the 50 generation, ambiguous germination, all not yet stereotypes.

He casually drift to talk about the century Sherlock Holmes, you see Sherlock Holmes and Watson, the first one or two seasons more wonderful, that did not say the ambiguous beauty, then vigorously sell Meng, I did not see it.

The right is very good, but the world to have sinister foul claws. Books in the book, Guidaver all the attitude of a clear refusal to simplify, "a lot of people talk about gay literature, including academics, are soberly protagonist Lust, the best still if a row of the role, sitting on the end, I can not stand, take the protagonist for the gay community endorsement AH." 」

Say a Guidaver-style joke.

"If there is a comrade work, comrade is a supporting role, everyone said oh this is not gay literature, if the author is heterosexual, said that this is not counted, if it is a negative role, it is not counted, it is very funny." 」

Let's just say that people are too anxious about their comrades, for or against them, to pull some kind of representative into the water. "But very strange," Guidaver gushing like Jianghai, "think of your face book Big Head, you will not put the student card kind of big head picture, you deliberately make blurred, with a filter, Wenqing kind of, right?" 」

He paused for a moment, "Well, why do Taiwanese want comrades in gay literature to be big shots and stand at attention?" 」

Guidaver spoke very softly, but the sentence was like a hot handprint, fanned in the regular sample of gay anthropology, "I often think, how can our appreciation of literature be so conservative?" "So the history of gay literature: The Invention of Taiwan," in the formal history of the story of the tease and tease clues, let the reader carefully to find.

The complexity of history: I want to praise weeding and not clear

"Probably literature is related to Taiwan's exams, and everyone is accustomed to a standard answer." "He made his own conclusion," but, Kuso, the experimental stuff still has. Face book Ah, BBS on Ah, I also said that they are the masterpiece of literature. 」

See, liquid modernity, flow out of the examination network structure of the slip through, twisting body, swim to the Quartet, as no tradition, no standard, difficult to fix the gay modernity, poetry, performance, parade, swim to the fog of utopia, the confused, gay literature of the future prospects, "comrades will exist, literature I do not know." "Ji Wei's voice echoes from the fog. (You would like: the narrative of lesbian life!) An interview with "outing" Lambech x Chen Weixian: I am easy to feel love )

Guidaver Many of the jokes behind, in fact, are very rigorous. He questioned the traditional also resist the elite, he refused to simplify also desire complex, people are very three-dimensional, people have, history is not what you do not want, all give up to throw out, not only "great people things" are qualified to enter the halls of history. We need to see the public in order to reflect the complexity of life.

He thought of an analogy, "I would like to praise weeding, I do not know is actually good." "He cocked his head and then pursed his mouth," You do not know that the other is good or bad, like do not know whether he has sexually transmitted diseases, we have been living in the state of weeding, we will not be Shang, all pearls, that too detached from life experience. 」

That kind of fake, he don't.

Gender mainstreaming and gay mainstream, those healthy sunshine positive image, "we must admit, comrade is a hybrid, gay literature is also a hybrid, inside a bunch of vulgar male vulgar female ah, a lot of people just want to love play waste ah." 」

No one knows the truth of history, but mixed together, not clear, more close to historical facts. Guidaver, despite the challenge of ambition, is still missing, "I know I still have a lot to do, for example, I know I am still very Han center." This book is also very central to Taipei, Taiwan's literature is also very Taipei center, the description of life is also more in Taipei. There's always a place I can't handle, and I'll admit it, it's the truth. 」

He is like the director who does not follow the cards, shouting cut to the classic routines, he said, and so on, we are accustomed to the act, need to be discussed, and then staggered, difficult and happy play.

Writing, I was first to brush the sense of being, now I feel not willing to

Talk about comrade tired, we will talk about writing. "Why write, it's kind of disgusting, it used to be looking for self, now is self practice." 」

More than 20 years old, Ji-Wei wrote, in the dense lines of reading their own. Write repeatedly dig, build self-confidence, wait and see insufficient, feel oneself. His writing was to establish intimacy with himself, and "writing made me see many of my dark places, and I was able to face my own dark side." 」

He laughed, "through writing I want to prove one thing, I am a worthy of survival." Maybe it's a sense of being a painter. 」

Write now, in the sense of how much a bit of feedback means. Holding the "History of gay Literature: Taiwan's Invention", it is full of his disobedience. Why do we not know the history of comrades when we were young? What comrade's history has been pushed beyond the mainstream history? Now he knows, going around, inventing, touring, coming from Taiwan to Hong Kong.

"How to sell the book, at most tens of thousands of, but comrade history was suppressed, the school does not teach gay lust, I am not willing, I must go to speak, the protection of the Union force me AH." "He showed a contented look," Of course, I know I was a little lucky to write the history of gay literature, my mind is true, and the writing is also honest, I am happy to have such a luxury can believe I write things. If it's dishonest, it's not fun. (Do you think that women's literature can write straight?) Chenxue, Chiuxin, Zhang Yixian, women's literature landscape

Be dishonest, have no meaning. The child did not want to understand things think through, understand, he swimming swimming in the word sea, solid write down, so authentic feeling deep and disgusting, I do not live goose bumps.

The horror school of the past, today's marriage affirmative battle

Guidaver days are busy, as a political professor, think of their own big foreign language, met simply wish teacher, the five-facial features thereupon Sheng. Enlightenment his not only is "postmodern woman" rebellious fervent, and in that woman's age and campus, simply wish Santhio defying the tiger's emotional momentum.

"At that time Taiwan's big foreign language, is very scary." Monster professor and students said, nothing to do not on the female teacher's class Oh, will impotence will wear, to use Fu Shilai clean bath. Do not go to the back door of the female teacher research room, very cloudy, bad for the body. 」

Sounds like ancient legends, Ji Wei smiling up his eyes, "Xiao Hong Teacher, before her class at the basic concert, she said the kinetic energy of women, also said comrade, that era, few people dare to openly speak comrade, and her gas field Pentium AH." 」

Probably he took the same eagerly from the foreign language to the Taiwanese, and then to stepping into the political campus, did not want to ignore the unspoken rules of Professor identity. He told the students, "I can't afford you to take my score as a punishment or a moral reprimand, to think that the classroom is boring, to do something else, to sit in the classroom and chat, and talk in line." Do not ask me to play truant not to buckle a bit, do not tell me, also do not petitioners with me, do not say that the person next to me seriously, how to get the same points with me? 」

Don't call him teacher, good abuse, call David or David is good.

On campus, another battlefield quietly opened. Marriage equality in the past few years shouted loudly, he watched before, "the marriage affirmative action is a single appeal, is to talk about marriage." But sickness and death are problems, a lot of people even bullying can not survive, but also want to get married Ah. There are also many people who are single, and it seems to me that it is not the most urgent thing to talk about marriage. 」

And for a while, the guards and the traditional faction to reach the campus, obstruction of gender-friendly courses, marriage equality suddenly became a big platform for all-out war, the former horror of the campus, will not be revived today? Guidaver is very aware of his fight and garrison position is education, "when the teacher to intervene and fight." He downplayed it, and said it with a harsh word.

"There is no need for comrades to be so wronged, is it?" 」

How do you write Ji-wai? How to read "Gay history: The Invention of Taiwan"? I quietly Chong a pot of tea, and then turn the pages, see swing in the calm and eager between, wandering in the rebellious and gentle, across the past and the future of the multi-line history, Ji-wei blurred and clear, a person, can also be noisy.

I think I will remember him always gorgeous color, yellow, red, Yan put, magnificent, like a flower never will not wither, in the low color of the world wanton bloom.