Emmahuasen sexy breasts, was questioned "without feminism". Let's see that people are talking Emmahuasen at the same time, for Mina Henici's breasts are classified as another "less noble" erotic showcase?

"What do people say about you?" 」

"They said that because I was a feminist, I shouldn't have bared my breasts." 』

This is Emmahuasen (Emma Watson) and Danstevens (Dan Stevens) on the program.

Emmahuasen filming "Glitz World" magazine cover, a seat Burberry knitted jacket bare breasts of photos provoke, many people questioned her to defend gender equality caliber, just said women's rights and interests, but also undressed, let woman's body and paternity linked. (Recommended reading: Gender Watch: Who says Emmahuasen's breasts are a disgrace to feminism?) )

Emmahuasen is very puzzled, participated in the program was interviewed, she issued a statement:

Emmahuasen: What does feminism have to do with my breasts?

"It gives me an understanding of the misconceptions and misconceptions about feminism that gives women the right to choose, not to fight other women's clubs," he said. Feminism is about freedom, emancipation and equality. I don't understand, what does this have to do with my breasts? 」

"Feminism is about giving women choice. Feminism is isn't a stick with which to beat other women with. It ' s about freedom. It ' s about liberation. It ' s about equality. It's not--I really don ' t know what my t*ts have to does with it. "

Emmahuasen incident, let us think again: Can you be a topless feminist?

"Emmahuasen's body has not been exploited by patriarchy, she is a woman who has complete control over her body, and on the contrary, Emmahuasen is actively using and empowering her body," said Sam Smethers, chairman of the feminist organization Fawcett Society. 」

Dr.mackay, a feminist, questioned: "Rather than talking about whether women stars can bare their bodies, why don't we spend more effort discussing how economics and policy empower women?" She also reflected on the phenomenon: "The correction of feminist vocabulary is so important for that group of people?" They don't care about the women who are dominated by power in Hollywood, they just try to tell women: you shouldn't do anything. "(Extended reading: girl, you needn't say sorry to the world )

Feminism can be sexy to empower

Gloria Jastan, a feminist scholar who spoke to Emmahuasen, smiled at media interviews and responded to the media by asking: "Can feminism be sexy?" 」

"Feminism can wear any fucking clothes, as long as she wants." "" Feminists can wear anything they f****** want, "

She continued: "I think Emmahuasen explains that women can be whatever they want to be, and that women should be very safe if they walk down the street naked." 」

Feminism can be a voice for women's rights, but also can embrace her body, Emmahuasen feminism, is the women from the single standard of society, and let women live as their own expectations. No one can ask a feminist Emmahuasen not to be sexy, just as no one can ask a woman president who talks about policy to talk about fashion, just as no one can determine the shape of your life.

Emmahuasen said: "I do not want to let others decide who I am, I can not please everyone." 」

The little freshness and the emancipation of the wicked Woman

We often feel safe in the two Yuan confrontation, playing the book bug Hermione Emmahuasen can not undress, play the Princess Emmahuasen can not be evil female, as the U.N. women's Goodwill Ambassador Emmahuasen cannot bare lust. However, when the girls who are standing on the same side of the erotic spectrum fade out of clothing, the society gives no less blame.

Emmahuasen News, we also saw another piece of chest news--Nikki Mina. On Unici Mina's left breast greet, netizens commented on the fashion of Nikki Mina, inviting her to get dressed.

While Nikki Mina showed her breasts, she was attacked by the press. At the same time, we suspect that the "social forgiveness of nudity" standards are also related to the image of the female star "fresh or not." Emmahuasen out of the chest, many people say that it is art, she has the right to decide for her body; Nikki Mina showed her breasts, and they said she was a superficial peacock, a prodigal sex, a materialization of herself.

Can a woman free her breasts? Can feminists liberate their breasts? Can non-females free their breasts?

Three seemingly different issues, perhaps the answer is the same.

The liberation of Emmahuasen in the name of art, liberation in the name of feminism, was praised by the debate in the media. Mina, Kinkadasha's emancipation, is still "defined" in "pandering to men's erotic performances," but then again, what is the difference between these two kinds of nudity?

Feminism is not a model, but a different passion and individual, Ueno in the "Japanese women's dislike" mentioned men's division of Women's rule: "The double standard of sex divides women into two groups: the Virgin and the slut, or wife mother and prostitute." "The double standard of this sex is also reflected in how our society views women."

Liberation is not noble and sacred, feminism is not a label of the class. After a strong counterattack with the Emmahuasen of the bad passions, the woman fans leave a problem to be found:

Are the bad passions of "non-feminism" and "non-canon" the freedom to be admired for the fading of clothing?

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