Women who are obsessed with the " Gender Watch " notes, with their motivational and environmental implications, will be sharing their gender-related current affairs observations from short stories. Supernatural woman 75 years old, she was expelled from the United Nations is she a beautiful creature or a feminist hero? Or should a feminist hero not be sexy? Let's take a look at her long history and decide. (Recommended to you: The next supernatural woman Superman!) Interview Chen Shingi: "You have a story, so you are Beautiful")

October 21, 2016, the United Nations to grant to the supernatural woman Superman, announced that the supernatural Superwoman will become the women's Department 2017 honorary ambassador. After Emmahuasen, the supernatural woman will empower women and sexual violence, the practice of gender equality of the sustainable Development Goals, news, drew a broad discussion. (Recommended review: Emmahuasen's Shocking United Nations speech: "Not only to fight for women's rights, but both sexes can be free!" ")

The crowd puzzled, wearing the red vest revealing cleavage, revealing large thigh ratio, dress cool and highly sexual supernatural female Superman image, really the United Nations want to pass the feminist future imagine?

A signed petition sent by more than 45,000 people to the women's department it says, "Supernatural woman Superman has changed, from the original strong and independent" warrior "image, flattened into the sexy role of nudity," Women's department touch Nose on December 16 announced the departure of Supernatural Superwoman, the Ambassador plan to suspend.

is the supernatural superwoman a feminist idol or a distorted product of the patriarchal system? Let us first look at the history of the Supernatural woman Superman.

40 's, The Mystery of the life of the Supernatural woman Superman

Supernatural Woman Superman is 75 years old. No one will deny that she is the most famous fictional heroine in the world.

She was born in 1941 in the masculine DC universe, called "Nova Milia Diana" (Diane Prince), from a woman's utopian Amazon, she came to the United States to fight for justice, love, peace, gender equality with a strong warrior image.

Supernatural Superwoman in the "Star Comics" and "Mystery Comics" debut, wearing weapons including the ability to reveal the truth of the "mantra Rope" (Lasso of Truth) and can withstand lightning and bulletproof "magic bracelet." At that time, when World War II, comics reflect the real world, supernatural female Superman joined Batman, Green Lantern, Sha and other People's Justice League, to jointly combat the axis of the army and the super villain, it is noteworthy that supernatural woman Superman was the title of "secretary" was stressed.

William Moulton Marston, creator of Supernatural power, is an educational advisor to psychologists, feminists and DC. He observed that the DC comics were full of masculine atmosphere, so he put forward the concept of female comic book hero. Inspired by contemporary American feminism, he incorporates the vigorous feminist appeal, such as Amiline (Emmeline Pankhurst) 's feminist politics and the family planning of Mrs. Sanger (Magaret Sanger).

Supernatural Superwoman does bring a little bit of contemporary feminism to the hot, 1943, Supernatural Superwoman in the comics campaign for president, although the time and space background is still set in the distant "1000 Future", for the 40 years of the masculine comics, still have a key significance. (after all, half a century after the United States, still do not see a female president figure.) (Recommended reading: Gender Watch: How far is the Hillary Collington woman president?) )

She called on women to break loose with her, shouting women to pay for equal work, refusing Steve to call her Angel and proposing to her, she said, "I don't want to get married before social justice." And if I marry you, I'll have to pretend I'm weaker than you, honey, I don't want to do that. 」

For the 40 years of the United States, the supernatural woman is a feminist wing, in turn to save the military masculine image of Steve, said at that time women can not/dare not say the patriarchal ugly, bold to imagine a woman and men as strong, and even more powerful female utopia. (Recommended to you: feminism is always asking for privileges?) When feminism becomes a negative label ...

The 70 's, from the beauty of the threat to the sexy creature Supernatural woman Superman

Supernatural Superwoman fought all the way to the age of 70.

In 1974, DC launched a real-life movie featuring Supernatural woman Superman, Cathy Lee Crosby, who weakened the supernatural power of Superwoman, turned her into a similar James Bond, not popular with the audience.

1975, to supernatural women as the theme of the TV series "The New, Original Wonder Woman" In the advent of ABC television, the same time set in the Second World War, Yu Lin Dar Carter starred in the Supernatural woman Superman a shot and red, the second quarter and the third quarter is homeopathy set the time background to 70 Age, highly restored clothing, dark brown curly hair with white blonde hoop, red tights to build blue Star flag hot pants, big red riding boots and gold bracelet, the screen before the supernatural female Superman sexy and good fighting, the image rooted hearts.

She became a sexy creature of the United States from the 40 's feminist threat, and Linda said she was unhappy that the boy's bedroom was almost all over her poster, "I don't want to be the sexy creature of all American men, I just want to be my husband's sexy baby." I don't like my pictures in a strange man's bedroom, they think about what the poster does. 」

Tight-fitting, star-Spangled Banner, wide range of cleavage and thigh nudity, supernatural superwoman do not want to be sexy as a weapon, but who can not deny her strong and powerful sexy performances.

The 70 's, the supernatural woman Superman and the second wave of feminist representative reading: "Lady" (Ms.) magazine walked together. The magazine, founded by feminist General Stannon (Gloria Steinem) and Matthews (Dorothy Pitman Hughes), has twice opened the cover for women's power, shouting "Women don't need men, like fish don't need a fishing rod." "(Recommended reading: when" Lady "meets" Cosmopolitan Dan")

Supernatural woman Superman's image from this will be complex, the label is also double-sided, people are wondering, sexy and supernatural woman Superman, why care for equal pay? She comes from the masculine camp, one side clothing caters to the male gaze, side blows the patriarchal evil realm, who is she on behalf of who to speak for?

The power of the vanished Supernatural woman Superman

Doubts all the way, the supernatural female Superman gradually lost the initial strength, her feminist discourse is not new, and she is still sexy, in the younger generation of children's impression, she is more like a beautiful doll, people can't hear her mouth shout what is.

A book by Jill Lepore in 2014, "The Secret History of Supernatural woman Superman ", said that the image of supernatural woman is complex and double-sided. Creator William's personal preference, repeated the story of the supernatural superwoman, his high love for chains and bundles, revealed.

"So you see, supernatural superwoman is trapped again!" She was chained to a chain, tied, handcuffed, shackled, locked in a cage, bundled into a glass box and thrown into the sea by ropes ... "jill Lepore left a comment," I'm not sure I can say that supernatural women embrace women's rights, but I keep seeing ubiquitous fetishes. " 」

Supernatural woman Superman's "feminist Supernatural power" disappeared year in, she no longer choke hot, no longer subversive, can no longer challenge the nerves of patriarchal society. At this time, the new supernatural woman Superman in Batman to Superman: In the dawn of justice, she is Gai Jadot, who has served in the Israeli army for two years, has auditioned for Pound girl, and spent five minutes convincing the director to cast her as the supernatural superwoman, the mother of two children.

Spill Jadot's rigid-flexible and economic, let a person to imagine the contemporary significance of Supernatural woman Superman. The choice of angle release, there have been netizens attack spill Jadot stature slender, not like supernatural woman Superman's fullness curve. "This is a new generation of superwoman, and all people can spend money on breast augmentation," she responds skillfully. In addition, the supernatural woman Superman is the Amazon, according to history, in order to archery and combat convenience, she cut off her side of the chest, so if I am completely finally original, the problem may be many. 」

Her renovation of the supernatural female Superman's feminist impression, indicating the emergence of supernatural woman Superman, not for the hero to talk about a hot love. "The interpretation of her independence is very important, supernatural female Superman is not" whose girlfriend, she does not rely on men, but does not mean that she does not want to love, she has a strong heart of love. "(same field recommendation: Gender observation: Feminism, gentle is to oneself gentle )

The so-called feminism, not necessarily with the masculine head-on, not necessarily be abreast-style equality, more likely to see the long-term exclusion of the negative force, out of the negative path. Can beauty and sexiness be a weapon? The new generation of Superwoman, is doing this experiment.

Supernatural woman 75 years old, with the continuous renovation of feminist discourse, she also continued to deformation, a new life positioning. (Recommended reading: chivalrous woman's internal force!) Interview with simply wish: "Feminist efforts to let feminism Die")

So you say, is the supernatural woman Superman is the idol of feminism, or the distorted product of patriarchal system? Is it possible to continue to fight for feminism in the future if the supernatural woman, who has been forced by the U.N. We are looking forward to it.