"Girlfriend", a parallel time and space in particular to understand you, the girl's lovely hateful, feminine misery gorgeous, girlfriend naughty Sometimes, wayward sometimes, to the word friends, her true colors.

Woolf (Virginia Woolf) opened the debate and psalm of modernism and Feminism in the 20th century, and descendants gave Woolf many love letters. With "Orlando" heroic Spirit Gentle salute her, to "every moment" of depression meticulous memory of her. Sissou put forward the feminine writing lets the woman in the literature have the reassuring position, Woolf the Subversion order to discard the writing gender; there's no such thing as a queer failure. Before aesthetics, Woolf depicts a beautiful new world without its essence and no gender, and she has asked what exists in the contemporary world when feminism is unknown. (Extended reading: who is the "true" feminist?) )

She is such a rebellious woman, posterity to Woolf many love letters, she left a suicide note "No one in the world can be as happy as the two of us." "Discard life drowned."

Woolf wrote to her husband, "If anyone in the world can save me, that person will be you." "It is only a pity that a man's ego is only redeemed by himself." Intimacy is great, so small before individual consciousness.

The death of Woolf is a hug before the three waves of feminism can be combed, before her long Jiton of mental illness. The works "waves" like the epitaph of the notice: "I want to jump like you rush, I will never give up, and never yield, oh, death!" 」

Shakespeare's sisters: If the world gives women the same chance

Woolf to death, and through the death of literature into the feminist, she was like the death of the elm, with the resolute and weak branches. The Woolf of the Victoria Times wanted to be mad because she wanted to be detached, not to be a model and not to find herself.

Woolf, who had been sexually abused by his half-brother since childhood, her spiritual world was torn apart, her love of her sister was lacking in security, and she and her sister had read a lot in Gordon Square and the Brooklyn group, and a small public place had become a bridge for her to embrace the world.

With regard to fate, no one knows better than Shakespeare's sisters, Woolf wrote in his room that if Shakespeare had a sister who was as adventurous and imaginative as he was, he was eager to know the world. So, what about her fate? In the story, the girl because of sex can not go to school, and even if she ran for success, she was pregnant with a gentleman's child and failed to commit suicide. (Recommended you:"Women's Room" photography exhibition: Into the room, into the truth of women )

"If we face the truth, just because it is true that there is no arm for us to lean on, that our relationship is in relation to the real world, not just the relationship with men and women, that the opportunity will come, that Shakespeare's dead poet sister will regain what she has repeatedly lost. She will learn from the lives of those who oblivion, like her dead brother, born again in the world. --"Your room"

If the world gives women the same chance, the ghosts of darkness will be very different.

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Economic independence: A woman has to be rich with her own room

Woolf is the awakening of contemporary feminism, before Shirley Sandberg's "Lean in", she first opened the women to see the world outside. Britain began in 1870, married British women were allowed to keep their income, women as the world's second sex, facing the extremely hostile, Woolf wrote:

"A stable income can make a huge change in people's mood." There is no power in the world to take away my 500 pounds. Food, houses and clothes will always belong to me. Not only does it need to be laborious, but resentment and pain no longer exist. I have no need to be hostile to a man, he can't hurt me. I don't need to please a man, he can't give me anything. 」

In the field of knowledge and economy, women have been regarded as outsiders, she further in the novel to explore the role of women in marriage, housework and childbirth, the sentence "Women to write, must be rich with their own room." "Loud history, also become Bettiffouridain, Simompova and other people's women's movement all the way mark."

Woolf is willing to complete his own spiritual independence from the economic independence. She wrote in "Mrs. Dalloway" The Caged wife--the husband with power and Mrs. Dalloway, the mistress, the daily practice of the family and the unprecedented loneliness in which the middle-class woman was both a mother and a wife, and could never be herself. (Extended reading: very equal pay not afraid to be a prostitute!) Natalie Portman: A woman, not just someone else's wife and mother.

With temperament: I love you and you have nothing to do

Woolf's erotic projection of women also made later feminist discussions broader. "Mrs. Dalloway" to the old lover's Desire, "Orlando" of the gender changes. Woolf the image of the Valentine's poet Vivienne to the book "Orlando", Orlando like Woolf's pursuit, he/she resembles a man as feminine and heroic, although the physiological sex in 400 years of loneliness, his/her psychological identity is still resilient.

The character jumps off from the "gender standard" and watches himself, and he/she fission his or her identity and acts as a man and woman. Woolf like a confession of their raging lust generally written down, through the words to dress up masculine and feminine characteristics, loosening the two-yuan opposition patriarchal system. (Extended reading:"Xu Yu" that let me be my own cool table )

"Orlando" Beautiful and lonely, in the past he/she was dubbed the literary hybrid, because not male and female, vocabulary more difficult to distinguish male female, unable to settle down in the world, thus, Woolf let Orlando longer than she live longer, for her to remember the world's gender mobility.

"A person's true length of life is always something to be argued about." Because this timing is a difficult thing, there is no more rapid disruption to it than with any artistic contact. --"Orlando"

Like a text instead of Woolf died, as a feminist, she went beyond the long road, as a literary creator, she gave countless women independent room. As a Woolf, there are many windows of cool reading life open.

"Girlfriend Quotes"

"If a person eats badly, there is no way to think, love, and sleep well." 」

"Only when you forget your gender, you write the article that is authentic." 」

"Other people's opinion is you my prison, other people's idea is you my cage." 」

"There is nothing noble about being a partner of others, being equal to others, and influencing the world to achieve a higher purpose." A man can make himself himself, more important than anything else. 」