Women are obsessed with gender observation, reading the news model murders, netizens talk about "boudoir honey murder" fear where? Why do our societies charge women criminals/suspects more than they are legally sanctioned?

Chen's female model was sexually abused to kill the news report, the fierce suspicion Chengyu female model Liang for the whole case, are disruptive media with the following title with wind direction:

"Killing the process of small mold wake up viper woman with a flashlight hit the head, beam xx row" hunting list "to kill the rest of her female model, malicious killed boudoir four hour snake female and hunting new objects, Liang xx outfit pathetic want to skim? Chengyu bites "She planned", the father died not full 50 days beam xx murderous. 」

However, a short two days, the case overturned, was originally considered as the mastermind, Chen surname female die was suspected in the scene to watch the female mold beam xx, due to insufficient evidence was released. A netizen on the network cries, wants to Liang the graffiti wall to recover the bad comment.

Choufso, the snake Girl, became a scapegoat overnight.

A cold-blooded misunderstanding: the mass portrayal of a snake woman

So what does the media call the death notebook? So what is the evidence that the report swears? After verification, the crime time Liang did not leave the house, she explained that mobile phone positioning on the site because the day the phone was taken away by the perpetrator. The news, the crown sin her heart is uneasy, anxious to recover their own in the network left bad comments. (Extended reading: A book that cannot be quit: Endless face book dynamic for whom? )

This, of course, is also related to the media's message about the cold-blooded expression of the police statement Liang:

The Apple Daily reported that the police revealed that when the body was found Chen Ju, Liang Sihui also exclaimed, slightly cry, "How can This", the next second she immediately crouched trembling body suspected in tears, but not long before she got up, stressed that they did not participate in the crime.

"Free Times": At that time, escorted to the scene of the homicide police officers are now in retrospect can not help but shivers: "Her performance is too fake, too cold!" 」

"Sanli News": 22-year-old Small mold Liang Sihui and sexual assault wanted Chengyu, devoid of human nature framing rape kill boudoir, a boyfriend sexual assault killed, like "Death Notebook" general, cold-blooded degree appalling.

Wrong news One by one off, those issues are hot when the wind blows together with evidence of whipping suspects from the Internet, Liang released, people are also a bit sorry to talk about the presumption of innocence principle: sorry, jealous boudoir honey cause murder is a misunderstanding; sorry, killing the sisters devoid of human nature is only our momentary anger; You're not the Viper we imagined.

Everyone said how misunderstood a ah, and blame the media that the public opinion that resentment of incitement, people will be so angry? Now, what we want to do is not blame who is the accomplice of the structure, but an outlaw where does the anger come from?

A vicious woman's collective hunt.

See comments on the Liang comments, inking in "with the friends of the infighting," and read the small market women how to care about the black history, but also a variety of review Sicheng Hui daily life clues, using phonetic symbols, the current popular is the sister self-portraits, bad breakup scandal .... She's the one who could have killed her girlfriends.

"Her behavior and dress are consistent with the stereotype of" snake women, "Ping Lu said in an interview with Blackwater. In this regard, in the minds of people to decide the case, people are concerned about is no longer the meaning of the case, but how bad the snake woman, or die. 」

People fear vipers, these women have some common characteristics, in appearance is commonly known as the beauty of trouble, they may be beautiful. The so-called evil women, Viper women, is relatively "good woman" exists, they do not allow the traditional patriarchal society, the Society for bold style, break the secular norms of women do a general term.

Viper women to the existing gender order is a major provocation, people are afraid of the Viper women to empower themselves, fear of her loosening the existing power structure. So the snake-like poison of a relationship, as long as it threatens the patriarchal system of the existing levels, is disgusting. For example: The wife of the Orthodox family is relative to the younger, the good woman is opposite the sexual desire explicit female, the model student is relatively too young.

In this world, almost no one will defend a Viper woman. As long as they transcend male power, they are beyond the goodness of the all-round group of beauty. Therefore, female criminals, subjected to the strength of public opinion fire more violent. People imagine that women should be pure in support of family and social structure, a woman who makes a "bad deed" that does not meet expectations will make the person familiar with the system feel that power is shaken, and that the male Oedipus complex's motivation to maintain his dominance and its hatred of women (misogyny) Inseparable (Recommended reading:"sick" of all the people, there are signs of disgust )

Women criminals are the weak of the judicial system, but also the weakness of the human world

In the world's official crime statistics, men's crime rate is much higher than the female crime rate. Between 1975 and 2004, the proportion of male criminals in Taiwan was much higher than that of female offenders, whether in the overall crime or juvenile delinquency, while the 85%~90% were male and 10%~15% female.

There were no studies of female crimes in the early years of history, because women did not have the freedom to sin in traditional ideologies, and if women committed crimes they would be considered "non-women". (Source: The rise and development of Western Feminist criminology ) Lombroso, the father of criminology in the 1899, specializes in criminology. Female crime "as a separate study, open academia to explore the biology and psychology of gender crime, this kind of research on women with subjective discrimination, most of them think that female criminals lack of" feminine characteristics.

After the Second World War, Gillisiu, a Japanese criminal, raised the disparity between men and women, in addition to physiological conditions, he focused on "the different fate of men and women":"Women's original Life mission is to have children and raise, men are to maintain family life, and to safeguard the rights of life of the people struggle. Therefore, women have a special character of patience and devotion, while men are characterized by the requirement of activity. 」

Since the 20th century 70 's, contemporary feminism has noticed that people's attention to female criminals focuses only on psychology and physiology, and they try to analyze women criminals from the perspective of socialization process or social structure. They found that women were less likely to be criminals because women did not have the right to be involved in economic and political activities, and they accepted the socialization of gender roles, from family education, school education to social education, and more women's well-behaved and restrained women's behavior.

In addition to the discussion of deviant behavior and gender, the feminist perspective also looks to women being unfairly treated throughout the criminal justice system. Women's misconduct is subject to greater restraint, both in the administration of justice and in social commentary. For example, the police tend to arrest girls who engage in sexual activity but ignore men who do the same, and women are more likely to be placed in places of detention before trial, at three times times the average time of men.

A lady and a bad woman: A woman's crime is a betrayal of the holy Order.

Many feminists believe that the justice system has a masculine spirit of chivalry/heroic salvation, and sometimes evidence suggests that the criminal justice system does treat women more tolerant, but sometimes more harshly. Female criminals to the male-dominated criminal justice system Hall, if the show is weak, irrational, emotional, wrong can change the "female characteristics", will be more tolerant treatment, the punishment is lighter.

But once the female offender has "no lady", "Bad Wife", "Bad Woman", bad mother "characteristics, the criminal justice system will be more severe punishment (Erez, 1992), because these women do not conform to the social role of women's expectations, it is not" knight "or" hero "to save. Lady "or" beauty ". (Source: Sound Slow – Taiwan's feminist criminology is deserted)

Why, then? Because when women are involved in these crimes, society feels a deeper sense of betrayal, because women "should not" commit such crimes.

Several famous cases of female criminals in the news shook the Society at that time:

A 1914 American midwife, Julia Fazecas, formed a group of women who killed their families, killing nearly 300 people in ten years. Her motto, "What's he doing?" "After posterity, many documents to" the most poisonous Woman Heart "," abnormal killer "call her.

A nurse, Beverley Allitt, was accused of killing 4 children and injuring several children in May 1993. "The media often praised them as angels and appeared in the headlines of various newspapers," the British daily newspaper wrote. But when women commit such a brutal crime, everything becomes more vicious and dysfunctional, distorting the femininity. 」

These women are often doubly spurned because their social identity is inextricably linked to motherhood, a unspoken rule we have never acknowledged: "We want women to be kinder than men, and we want women to always be good wives and mothers everywhere." 」

Dear woman, do you have to be kinder than a man?

So in Taiwan this model was sexually abused murder homicide, "Liang female" and the friendship of the boudoir to become the focus of blood, Liang woman if help the fierce suspicion, is betrayed women and women's Trust, betray the women together to encourage comfort, resistance system of weal and woe. (Recommend you: cute and charming villain!) Be a free woman: "I love you, it's none of your business."

This kind of friendship transfer seems to appear only in women, we will not because of the brothers and said that he destroyed the friendship, but will say that the woman turned against the women are more serious love. The above people expect women to be more kind-hearted, so the negative behavior of negative, people in addition to vigorously review, but also with the facts unrelated to the crime of "emotion" on the charges: nurses should not kill children, sisters should not kill sisters ... And so on, are the special requirements of women's characteristics.

At this point, in fact, no matter whether Liang is convicted, we can see that "female identity" in a criminal, itself is a kind of crime of no offence. We all should remember, this time the entire netizen is how together in the network show Liang crime suspicion, together to operate the media wind direction. People are angry about the suspicion, not only because she is a woman, but how much, because she is a woman's identity, watching the male sexual assault on women, and she in the name of women, destroyed sister's way.

Looking back at the time, the snake Woman's name, and irrelevant facts of the crime of clues, seems to be too much for a suspect. I always think of the Kasiai Frek report, the reader is very angry to remind me of the principle of the presumption of innocence, this moment, the model was sexually abused homicide, why do people in the first time believe she was guilty?

In this world, women criminals are at a step, innocent women are not it?

Dear women, the system not only requires you to be virtuous and let you have endless emotional labor, they expect you are emotional animal lenient, but also hope that you will always be better than men to understand forgiveness, women, you still have to regress for how long, in order to exonerate the world of women's emotional norms?

Songlong in "confession" push a dish to murder, "Maid Temptation" to castrate the patriarchal, Li Ying Love in the "kind of gold" beautiful and vicious, the viewer wants to escape the maternal emotional stereotypes, the evil woman in the virtual world of the female revenge, in fact, in this world is both hard and dangerous life.