This month, women fans and Taaze talk about evil women . You think the evil girl is always the worst? Let's see how the wicked women talk about their life in the Patriarchal affair! Since ancient times, evil women have been listed as the frontier, the women who do not keep sancongside will be put aside, the woman who does not keep the family moral is included in the crime against de evil . The opposite of a wicked woman stands a saint, as if a dirty echo is pure. What is a bad girl? we're going to knock over the opposition of a mug witch demon. (same field Gayon:#FreeTheNipple, all over the United States, long live a family, lust! 2015 gender counterattack for better times lead the way)

Evil Woman's evil, from not toeing , define their own morals, evil women's evil, is beyond and breakthrough, not afraid to find order in disorder, evil Woman's evil, from become their own ultimate good.

The French woman writer Sha Gang said: "Happiness, is my only moral." "Happiness should be good, means are different, if the patriarchal society since the hundred years to tell us that this is evil, then the total evil." Share with you 10 of ancient and modern, reality inside and out of the evil woman.

Flaws make me perfect: Lady Gaga

"No matter what clothes I wear, what makeup I paint, my essence will always be me." 」
Whether i ' m wearing lots of makeup or no makeup, I ' m always the same person inside.

We call her the goddess of cards, she calls herself a fan of Little monsters, because no one knows what it takes to be so desperate and eccentric. Lady Gaga because of temperament and dress "not the same" from childhood bullying, students shouted her slut, strange coffee. Now, Lady Gaga has given the "monster" a new meaning. "I am deeply in love with flaws. "She always says," The flaw is the way she was born to live with the world.

Lady Gaga is a worldly evil woman, dressed in a bloody beef suit against policy, she bared her pubic hair to shoot magazines and shoes high up on her stool, telling women around the world that you could stand tall as long as you dared; she faded all her thick eyeliner eyeshadow and said, with a real face, I never served the spotlight. (Recommended reading:"Be true to yourself, you are born perfect!") "lady Gaga's Woman story )

I love you, nothing to do with you: Zhang ailing

"I love you, is it none of your business?" The Thousand strange monsters also cannot blame you to go. 」

(Photo source: micro-language green)

We always know Zhang ailing's high cold, she is love the world of the Hundred States. Otherwise, she will not even a string of people, a burst of rain, leaking sound, are penny-pinching. Many people say, do not live as a woman such as Eileen Chang, even if the talent overflowing, but for a man down the world.

But I think Zhang ailing's good, that is, she has no regrets. The evil woman is not afraid of the desire to burn body, the evil female is knowing the red dust sinister still to devote, the evil female is to skim the heart thoroughly loves once. In history, we finally first met a woman writer, no one will call her lady socialite, Zhang ailing three words, is her label. (Extended reading: Reading Zhang Ailing's life book list: My Love, it has nothing to do with you )

To be a mother in pain: Wild native beauty Carisolv

"It's a husband's duty to listen to his wife complaining." 」

"Crayon small new" in the wild original beauty carisolv very like home inside do housework while thousand Chung Yi, broom as a microphone, living room is stage. She will never be "perfect mother", she likes to take advantage of her husband not to soak in the hot springs to enjoy, to her husband and children a bargain, but they buy expensive coats and not to use the weight loss products, she is the reality of the handsome man full of sexual fantasies.

The wild carisolv, with its two children, who are so easily out of control, is always able to get into his own daydream; If you say that housewives are not evil women, then you should look at a new crayon, who said that mom must be perfect? Beauty Carisolv is such a woman, the mind will cheat, occasionally hate their children, want to slack off when lazy, side when the child to become a mother.

I'd rather be a hooker: Madonna

"I don't want a man's one, because it's already in my head, and that one doesn't have to be between the legs." 」

A lot of people said she was a pioneer of emancipation of women, she made waves and unruly, said: "I am strong, I have a strong determination to achieve the ideal, and I fully know what I want." If it makes me look like a hooker, so be it. " "Dare to expose" has been her performance form. She loosened her buttons and asked the woman to face up to her passions. Such a sexy creature, so that more women at her knees under her skirt.

Some people also say that Madonna, clever use of the patriarchal gaze rules, reversed to their advantage. Some people call her "the standard-bearer of the human sex revolution", some people say she is "immoral woman". In any case, she is a cunning and lovely woman, as she trod on the American cultural industry, with a woman's dirty lust to climb up.

Human nature together to kill each other: Sen Kou Yau

"Even if the laws of the world can protect you, I will not forgive you." 」

The film "Confession" song Longzi played a revenge for the daughter of the teacher, she carefully planned a precise plan to kill, a layer of cut off the fragility of human nature. The whole film, the son of a cool calm and calm like a perfect lie, her voice so gentle, expression so calm, but her revenge than who all refuse: "If you are evil, then I why remind you just a child." 」

The end of the final, Sen mouth do not have to "get out of", nor from the ritual of forgiveness to liberate. How clean she was, and utterly and thoroughly defended the dead child in the name of love. (Recommended reading: read "Black Water": Unfortunately, they are not the Viper you expect )

A generation of drinkers: Li Qingzhao

"Jiuyi poetry who, tears melting residual powder flower dian heavy." 」

Talk to the evil woman, do not neglect the minority of ancient history of the female poet-Li Qingzhao. Li Qingzhao from childhood with her father from social occasions, naturally cultivate the ability to understand the overall situation. She was a good bet and had a gambling preference for the horse-drawing sutra. She also drank alcohol, wrote 58 words, 28 of which mentioned wine.

Li Qingzhao bold in the Love of Love, in the literary world is also arrogant, has been "theory of CI" to the Northern Song Dynasty popular poet criticized round. We should not only know Li Qingzhao's "search, desolate," in that era, a woman lakes more difficult, she does not rigidly adhere to the sancongside, filial piety, writing style shows a strong sense of self-awareness, talent and dewatering uninhibited. Before we read Li Qingzhao, let's drink a pot of wine first.

Walk the World naked: ono

"Please don't stop me from becoming my own way, feeling my energy or shutting up." 」

Know Ono, Fade she is John Lennon wife's identity, Ono has been an important experimental and pioneer artist on the international stage. She likes to create doubt in art, break down people's habitual thinking, and think about the world again. Yonkiko for art "slicing" to the people cut open her clothes, show naked. She said, "Cut me off and give the pieces of my clothes to the one you love." 」

Ono has been walking in the name of peace, and this year she is 82 years old, still trying to create art and hold exhibitions. In the eyes of many Japanese, she is bold, for her, she just become herself. (Recommended to you: thought is my sexy belt!) Annual Influence Women Almanac: Little Williams, Petti Smith, Ono )

Writing Life with Lust: Ju-ha

"I am an author, and in this way, the talent that transcends the role of woman is different." 」

French literature except Simompova, fortunately we have Ju-ha. She signed a legal abortion, she talked about forgetting years of love, outlining women's desires. Ju Hass is alive to the old, pheromones have never stopped the world of women. To "Lover" to write their maiden autobiography, a trace of peel off the heart of a woman climax. The homosexual lover who admires her madly in her old age, near the possessive love to the last moment.

Ju ha Silk film, everyone said difficult to understand, she disdained to respond to the film is for their own filming, do not serve the public. The old age of the Ju ha fan shen Alcohol, and even alcoholism, still does not affect the status of literature, the life of the decadent to shape her into a legendary female writer--a woman who has never lived in the manic depression of love.

Who did the witch make? Wang Yu

"I am a witch, why make social anxiety?" 」

Wang Yu because of a song burst red, when the Netizen message anger choke her stature, she replied: "I do not levy boyfriend." You don't have to "pick" me, I'm not an object. I do not warm your bed, so you like my body and I have no relationship. 」。 Wang Yu's body and image arouse concern. She said that she was out of her mind and that she had to be a very magnanimous woman in her society.

She criticizes the preconceived patriarchal slaughter, shows her body and desire: "A woman can be worshipped to some extent, be favored, but as long as the wrath of a certain line, you will instantly from the goddess into a banshee." "A woman can only be the existence of desire?" Wang Yu felt that the world said the kind of beautiful, attention is too cruel, she should concentrate on her gaze. (same field Gayon: Cherish the untimely thorn!) Interview Wang Yu: I finally don't have to please you.

What's the sin of a slut: Yang

"I am the slut who evokes the hearts of everyone, inviting everyone to join me as a free, happy, magnanimous slut." 」

Yang, author of The Hundred-kiss Paris, Tedxnccu in his own book, Why does a woman's lust make society so anxious? When many people defended her as art rather than lust, Yang said: "I feel embarrassed, as if I were to kiss these people with a little lust, my work would be dirty, and then I would be dirty." But how could there be no lust? 」

Yang in this year registered marriage, the social assumption of "demon woman" seemingly "was", she responded to who said the life is not married is inferior? She's still a slut after marriage. Yang married, she was not who incorporated, is still the original she. Some people think she is a girl's passion, some people say she is slutty, we know, she just do their best to hug and kiss honestly. (Recommended reading: An interview with "Kiss Paris" Yang: The real counterattack, is the world with absolute tolerance )

So, maybe you have more women in your head, maybe you don't want to be a bad girl, or you don't feel liberated. Just, I hope we all from the "evil" guilt and guilt to come out. Purity is not who's mission, you don't need to be a "ideal woman." If you are strange, cherish your uniqueness, and if you are, indulge in the failure to enjoy happiness, and if you are evil, let us rejoice.

The lecture of the Wicked Woman is now in hot reflection

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