After the International Women's Day, listen to Anne Hathaway's United Nations touching speech, promote the system of paid maternity leave, in order to liberate women from the "family must", but also to build a way for men to jointly care for the family.

On the brilliant March 8, when Anne Hathaway stood at the UN podium, she was the U.N. Goodwill Ambassador this year, and she spoke with a straight reference to the omission of maternity leave and to the United States, a country in which all developed countries have yet to establish a system of paid maternity leave.

She was impressed by the birth of his son last year, and in her speech, she points out that the current "maternity leave" (maternity leave) is no longer applicable, and that we should establish that both parents are free to apply. Paid maternity leave ", empowering women at the same time, we should also pay attention to the plight of men, paid maternity leave, must include female and male figure, to build a women and men have the right to join the family road. (Recommended reading: Gender Watch: Anne Hathaway does not do spicy mom!) Pregnant not fat a few kilograms how enjoyable )

Because feminism is about linking people, not creating opposites.

She starts with her own story, sharing her moving U.N. speeches, starting with redefining the role of the pro-post, and our emotional needs should answer for a better future.

The weight of the parental position

When I was a child, my father used to ask me, "Where is the north?" "Even though I had a poor sense of direction at first, I had an increasingly clear sense of direction under constant practice," he said. My father let me know how important the sense of direction, so I grew up, I believe that I can pilot their own life, is my father gave me such self-confidence.

Last March, I became a mother for the first time. When I hold the child's hand, I feel the indescribable but cosmic common feeling, I felt the soul tremble, feel that I have a more important goal in life.

I also remember that I began to think about whether I had the ability to retain my love for the career and cherish the important relationship as well. Like most parents, I began to think about how I could balance my work and the new role in my life-as a mother.

And at that moment, my mind flashed on the status of maternity leave in the United States at this stage, women have 12 weeks of unpaid maternity leave, while men do not have any maternity leave to please. (same field Gayon:Yahoo Executive Long maternity leave dispute: No model, we create one for ourselves )

The mothers who are punished by the economy! Gender issues reflected in existing maternity leave

The message behind this information is that, in my own experience, I have not been able to get out of bed for a week after birth, which reflects the fact that parents are expected to spend three months without pay and return to their former lives immediately.

I can't help thinking that 12 weeks of unpaid maternity leave would be a big burden for most families. According to the data, one out of every four women will return to the workforce after two weeks of birth, because of their huge economic needs and the need for them to devote themselves again to household expenses.

At the same time, even with 12 weeks of maternity leave, most women are still hard to fill because they are tired of the so-called "motherhood" (penalty), questioned about their lack of commitment in the workplace or being bypassed by promotion opportunities and career pay opportunities.

In my own growing family environment, my mother faced the choice of "working in the workplace" or "raising three children". Choosing the latter makes her an unpaid, overly underrated housewife because she cannot find a way to support his career and family. (Recommended to you:"Ask the first question" How does a woman balance everything?) )

My interaction with my father also made me feel a lot, because he was the main source of the family economy, and my brother and I spent time with him, we fought for his "remaining time", and I know that we have been very fortunate families.

I am therefore deeply interested in the importance of paid maternity leave, which will shake the existing gender structure and truly bring about equality and empowerment of women.

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Redefining the parental role: freeing women from bondage and freeing men from bondage

We need to redefine the roles of men and give them the means to take on a parenting career. In order to liberate the female bondage, we also want to liberate the male bondage. Women should shoulder the responsibility of housework, is a very solid gender stereotypes, not only deepen the discrimination against women, but also limit male participation and male and family members of interaction and links.

Knowing that this stereotype duplication will undermine the structure of the family and the growth of children, why do we continue to belittle our father's devotion while increasing the burden on our mother?

As far as I'm concerned, paid maternity leave is not just a place to leave, but also a freedom to redefine gender roles, and we can choose how to invest time and create a new, positive cycle of behavior.

Studies from Sweden show that if male employees have the right to take maternity leave, women's wages can grow by 6.7%, and 6.7% of growth means greater family economic freedom. Another UN data show that most fathers have expressed their desire to reduce their working hours and go into the family if they have more time to spend with their families. (Recommended reading: domineering Please two months maternity leave!) Mark Zoberg proved himself to be a face book executive long and also a father )

I would also like to ask everyone here, in our experience of growing up, do you think you have enough interaction with your father? Do you feel the presence of a father in the corner? And the fathers present, do you often coexist with your children?

If we want to reverse our disadvantage, we must help each other.

The future of paid maternity leave: we should not be punished for the emotional needs of the economy

So I want to make a loud call to companies and institutions around the world, and I want to invite us to move forward together and proudly promote the future of paid maternity leave. I also look forward to starting with the United Nations itself, and we can be a model to create a society where men and women are no longer being penalized by the desire to form a family.

Whether you want to have a child or not, we all have to live in a better society because of the redesign of the paid maternity leave system-our emotional needs are not to make us weak, but to make us truly a perfect person.

The current "Mother's maternity leave" (maternity leave), which is designed to be gender-sensitive, while seemingly well-intentioned, reinforces the impression that women have a single burden of housework and hinders women from returning to the workplace; It also blocks the opportunity for fathers to interact with their families, and we know that There is not only one kind of family composition in contemporary society, not only male and female.

What's more, in contemporary society, many families have two fathers, how should the present "Mother's maternity leave" system serve them? (Recommended to you: 2017 Workplace notes: A father who takes care of both the workplace and the family )

Build a way for anyone to join the family: Our emotions make us stronger

Today is the International Women's Day, I would like to thank all those who are committed to making the system more perfect, let us respect their pay, and, on the basis of it, remove the burden from the gender role and turn to the possession of opportunity.

Let's pay tribute to the sacrifices of our parents and build a way for fathers to join their families. The system of paid maternity leave will give parents more time to live with their children, and this will change the world they see in their eyes, so that they can visualize more possibilities for the future through observation.

I would also like to shout to the United States that we are the only countries in the developed and high income countries that still lack the perfect maternity leave system. In New York, California, Jersey, Rhode I., Washington and other continents, the design of paid maternity leave has been initiated.

Change is not only the responsibility of those who have urgent needs. We must ask ourselves, how is our tomorrow better than ours today? When we are willing to stand up, when we understand that even if there are many differences in sex, Love is Love, the world will be better.

Thank you.

"Translation PostScript" to take into account all the problems that men and women face together

Anne Hathaway United Nations speech, I was excited about the screen, thinking that women fans recently released a "ask" service, flashed the mind of various ideas.

Hearing Anne Hathaway, next became a mother at the moment, she felt her life has a new focus, she also asked, do they have the ability to pursue career and care in the family to achieve a better dynamic balance? She therefore raised herself from her predicament by proposing the solution of "paid maternity leave". (Recommended for reading: ideal maternity leave )

We keep thinking, how many women have asked themselves this? How many women think that "inability to take care of everything" is a result of insufficient capacity, not structural absence? The world regards family care as a female responsibility, and what we want to say is that family care should be parental responsibility, and that it should be a problem for both sexes.

The birth of the question is because we are convinced that the choice of women should be assisted by a better system. We should also swarm solutions to allow women to flee the vicious circle of blaming themselves. A full-time mother, a working mother, and our emotional needs should help us build a better world.

"Can a woman take care of everything?" she asked. "It is a question to the world, but we have no standard answer, but we are on our way to finding multiple solutions."

ask the world to hear your story and find the solution together.