Gender observation talk about the globalization of women, female remains is an economic phenomenon, but also the gender phenomenon, why the world only accommodating leftover, but to avoid talking about the remaining male problem?

The word does not know since when the beginning, suddenly caught up, the obvious "left" word derogatory and gender refers to, call a person's heart a tight.

Many people are annoyed, why the world ridiculed the leftover, the golden Bachelor? Why do men increase in age, while women depreciate in the marriage market? Why is it that the structural transformation of the economy is pointing at the nose of the urban women with high academic qualifications and high incomes?

When it comes to leftover women, the Wall Street Journal has a wonderful story--"leftover" economics , which falls into an interesting English title, Sex and the city. From the point of urban economy, women have flocked to the city to pursue their ideals and dissect the phenomenon of "leftover female" through economic perspective, citing the theoretical basis of labor economics and loosening the individual pressure of "leftover woman". (Recommended to you: leftover?) Just too honest to lie to myself .

Yes, we should further say that "leftover" is not only the phenomenon of globalization, is a data-supported economic phenomenon, but also the active choice of the Times.

Leftover women is a phenomenon of globalization: the fission of female role and intimate relationship

Asia's Lonely Hearts, Asia's lonely heart, said in 2011 that the Economist published a special issue, noting that Asian countries are generally facing a rapid decline in marriage rates.

"The Economist" crawls the fission of the female identity, also proposed "The Happy single" concept, advocated many women's sad feeling is imagined, the leftover woman is the independent left down, lives is more freehand brushwork. It also points out three key reasons to reduce the willingness of women to enter marriage,

As a result, women's employment and education levels have increased, housewives are no longer a dream choice, marriage is no longer the only way to move the class, women have other freedoms, and they have the ability to contribute to class mobility through their career in the workplace.

Both, the workplace of the two-sided blade springboard, the pursuit of the workplace for women tend to delay the marriage age, if the workplace to take important positions, after entering marriage, must balance the workplace and family potential expectations, but also let women deeply resist.

Finally, the straw that crushes camels is the cultural pressure in Asia. Even though women have full-time jobs and are expected to shoulder the full amount of domestic work, the pressure is particularly severe in Asia. Japanese women, for example, work 40 hours a week and still do 30 hours of housework, while their spouses pay 3 hours of housework per week. (same field Gayon: sex observation: Monthly wife, housework work so tired why don't have money to take?) )

In many parts of Asia, the age of marriage increases, and many people no longer have the intention to marry. The Economist points out that in Asia, women over the age of 35 are almost 20% unmarried in all countries, Taiwan 20%, Tokyo 21%, Bangkok 20%, Singapore 27%, and many people are independent for life.

In the context of globalization, we should reflect on the implied meaning of the term "leftover female": It also indicates that "the marriage is not happy," the "formal ending". The globalization phenomenon of "leftover female" is actually the best embodiment that people are imagining intimate relationship and defining family relationship.

Leftover female is an economic phenomenon: the mating market of supply and demand change

Female is also an economic phenomenon.

Lena Edlund in the article "Sex and the city," according to data data, in Europe and the Americas, the rural adult population is more men than women, and cities are more women than men, so he made assumptions,

"Women come to the city with more than just better jobs (the labour market) and better marriage opportunities (marriage markets)." 」

The Wall Street Journal went on to suggest that Chinese cities have a 1.05 sex ratio for marriageable couples, more men than women, people Ninze discussion of the "leftover" phenomenon is not the imbalance between the sexes, but the structure in the marriage market tilt-women have a large number of men to pick, she still chose not to marry single, so pointed to women, Put a "leftover woman" label on her.

The film "The Remnant is king" stills

Think about it, isn't it strange? If we put the marriage market and the labor market together, women through education and into the workplace upward mobility, in the labour market opportunities and income have greatly increased, so in the marriage market hold a more equal bargaining chip, can put forward more 贴己 requirements, no longer only grabs, traditional marriage in the relationship between men as " The causes of caregivers are gradually failing and the marriage market is becoming more and more equal.

This era, the city's remaining male and female are springing up, we can also ask again, in the current marriage market, who is the demand side, who is the supplier? Who on Earth is more anxious?

From the point of view of economics, the reason why women with higher educational level are deterred from marriage is that marriage is based on a rough contract system, which is based on "gender" rather than "ability", and obtains the professional income. Specialization is beneficial to the family shape, but Bingyi "male outside, female Lord inside" Division of labor, can no longer meet the diverse pursuit of women. (Recommended to you:"women obsessed with new services," a woman can take care of everything?) )

Second, although the "employment relationship" to examine the marriage contract has become the current trend (look at the monthly salary of the wife more fiery red), we also find that the extra time that women spend on housework is difficult to get the marginal rewards they deserve, and that there is not a penny left in the household, making housework a chore that lacks a sense of accomplishment.

The rigid marriage market, which was dominated by men in the past, remains to be subverted, and women no longer buy "marriage match" (assortive mating), and no longer need to go through " Marriage "upward mobility, a new dynamic balance is quietly coming, the family's role in gender distribution, but also because both sides have increased the possibility of joining the workplace, there will be new permutations and combinations."

A female is a gender phenomenon: I'm just willing to leave.

"Leftover women" is certainly a gender phenomenon.

The world has left male and female, but the remaining women are publicized, was urged to be condemned, as if into marriage and composition of the family is the original fate of women. Women are deliberately stigma, thin female life; women are the word of intimidation, the female in the intimate relationship of concessions, in the marriage market compromise; women are the traditional gender norms of the reincarnated, single woman incredibly become a national crisis, the defective baby is the responsibility of women late marriage. (same field recommendation: Disagree with ke p"unmarried female crisis theory" three reasons )

Women's social and economic advancement, the potential worry is that no matter how many women have "value" in the workplace, society is still looking forward to her "reproductive output value" and "domestic work" return, the modern fable of increasing the country's economy still exploits women.

In the hands of the "Chinese Women: gender discrimination and distribution of wealth unequal power game" , a book, the phenomenon of women are consciously operated by the state, so that the woman "actively" yearning for marriage, and thus in the purchase of property and the allocation of assets to make " Negative "with, into marriage, instead of single when there is economic advantage, all the way to transfer, real estate are registered in the husband's name, but the marital relationship is not equal, go back to the past gender inequality."

And of course, the globalization and economic restructuring of the intertwined, the other may also be the initiative of the leftover. There are such a group of determined and then move the remaining girls, refused to join the current marriage system, unwilling to condescend to not like the "left men", and therefore willingly left down.

Single unmarried, it is an objective fact phenomenon, it is time to remove layers of overlapping stigma and volume label, talk enough about the leftover, perhaps in the future, we should talk more about the situation of single men, perhaps they are not talking about, lonely very much.