Women are obsessed with the new unit, seeing that she/they are free to cross gender boundaries in fashion. Swindon, some say she is an elf, some say she is a hermaphrodite symbol, her existence, embodies the beauty beyond the sex.

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There is a kind of person, if the gender frame falls on her, always feel uncomfortable.

This is Swindon, she is pale and ethereal, fashionable but true, intelligent, her gender temperament is always flowing rather than solid. She was always crossing the border and attending the Faculty of Social and Political science at Cambridge University, and as a descendant of nobility she joined the Communist Party of England and the Communist Party of Scotland. Then, Edward into the drama, in 1991, he won the movie Queen of Venice.

When her artistic achievements in the film were affirmed, she Swindon into the mainstream film world. There she was deeply rooted in the grim Archangel Gabriel, or the snow-like goddess image. It is often said that she is more like a fairy than human. But that does not mean that she is asexual, nor does she have a lack of gender concern.

In July 2013, she risked being arrested by Russian authorities, standing in front of the Kremlin Palace in Moscow holding a rainbow flag to take pictures. Russia, which is full of malice and even murder, has just passed a decree prohibiting the spread of LGBT information, and the State has the right to impose large fines on fines or imprisonment. Swindon's move at this point in time formed a strong support for the Russian gay community and a protest against the Russian authorities. Her boldness caused a great stir and resounding on the Internet. (Extended reading: male and female, the neutral charm of Desmond )

She had mentioned in the interview:

I think the gender difference depends on what the viewer thinks. The focus is not on the party being looked at, but on how the viewer perceives the person's gender.

Tiffany Swindon

I generally believe gender is in the eye of the beholder. It's less important than being held, than the person looking very. )

Swindon has said that her gender identity is blurred, and she prefers to think that sex is built by the power of the viewer. Swindon's story is reminiscent of John Berg, the author of the famous British art critic, the "way of watching". In fact, she has a profound friendship with John.

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Swindon rejected gender stereotypes, saying she was not sure she was a woman and had experienced a period of self-identification as a boy. "david Bowie is my aesthetic Arctic Star", inspired by David Bowie, a British musician, 180 centimeters of her, a short blonde comb, plain face, to challenge the stereotype of men and women, this is her most comfortable appearance, she and David Bowie The existence of a common expression of the two-dollar gender definition of the shortage. (Extended reading: possessing his handsome and her beauty-neutral model Erika Linder)

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Just as she was dressed to travel through gender temperament, the intimacy of the relationship was not limited by the social framework. She and her 20-year-old cohabiting man, Scottish painter John Burney (John Bryne), gave birth to a one-to-one male and female twins, but they never married. After the two separated, and a small 18-year-old artist Zandrokop (Sandro Kopp) together, three people have maintained a very friendly relationship, the Swindon has said that she was very lucky, "such a relationship can continue, really must thank my life of these two remarkable men!" 」。

Her free and profound thoughts, eccentric but elegant appearance, beyond the gender framework of the unique temperament, so that she became the fashion industry muse and legends. In fact, her relationship with fashion is more akin to companionship.

Asked if she loved fashion, she said: "I'm not really sure I love fashion." Frankly speaking, my relationship with fashion is completely grounded in my relationships and friendships with a variety of different people who happen to use fashion as an artistic expression, and if not, I don't think I'm going to go into the fashion show ... I'm not trying to follow the trend, but I'm still willing to embrace the beginner's heart. 」

She is often the red carpet focus, the reporter asked, "On the red carpet, you often get more than the electronic copy body attention, this makes you feel frustrated?" "She is witty but also sincerely replied," Not at all, of course, this is part of the circus performance. Instead of being stared at, I'd rather people look at my shoes, which is a distraction. It is also a way to feel their companionship with my good friends (such as Marcosanini, Heiderhackman, or Carl Lagerfeld), together with the red carpet. 」

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The media asked her if she thought she was a freak, "of course, if you say there is no abnormal place, it is too hypocritical." She was generous in embracing herself with the queer. And fashion with her strange to be righteous, be understood also be accompanied.

Look at her dress, feel the ambiguity and creativity of fashion, she is the real world of Orlando, open the gender boundaries free shuttle. (Extended reading:"Handsome Girl" chrysanthemum Chiki Heroic Spirit: Recapture fashion creativity )

Her fashion is not a "gender reversal" of traditional thinking, but a "gender-standard" view of herself. Androgyny, who had said that the world was too stuffy in her understanding of "androgyny", appreciated the interpretation of Claude Cahun, the French artist of the 1920, for "Hermaphrodite" (androgyny): "claude Cahun's androgynous posture (androgyny) shows no boundaries, and that's what interests me. 」

Claude Cahun

With clothing to change their identity, loose two yuan opposition to the gender system, fashion at this time is the friend of the company, is in the herd society to retain the individual magic. If there is a gender, called the Swindon, there is also a fashion, called the Swindon.

Look at the sex cross in Swindon in fashion:

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