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We have always paid considerable attention to gender issues , and we believe that gender should not be rigid, and that there should be no only male and female dualism, but there is room for mobility. Neutral, do not have to distinguish me is a male female, together to see the quite charismatic Swedish model Erika Linder's film, you will see the gender boundary loose moment, is how full of strength and beauty. (Recommended reading: neutral, beyond the sex of the United States )

Today, we are increasingly embracing gender diversity. With the adoption of Germany's third act, the blank sex column, allowing newborns to choose their own sex, Australian passports regardless of whether the change or not can be free to choose the third option, we are aware that gender should not be rigid, not only two-way cut into men and women, boys and girls. Sex is like a river, with a flowing space, gentle and powerful.

Diversity is beautiful, there is ambiguity, embrace diversity.

When it comes to neutrality, we cannot fail to mention the Swedish 23-year-old model Erika Linder, who has moved gracefully between the roles of men and women, tearing off male and female labels, showing the neutral force, in fact, we can be more than just a gender.

Look at Erika Linder for the Swedish brand Crocker image ads, you will see when the gender loose, when the diversity emerges that moment, is so shocking and beautiful.

This film, named "Whatever" by Swedish brand Crokcer, has hit the male and female barriers in the fashion industry. Looking at the blurred boundary between men and women, Erika Linder is a kind of enjoyment, and it breaks the rigid dividing line between men and women in front of us, and stimulates our imagination of gender. (Recommended reading: the distinction between sexes, natural?) )

Whether it's a boy's costume or a girl's costume, Erika Linder are pretty stunning.

Before filming the film, Erika Linder had no limits on his model career, and never limited himself to taking pictures of men's or women's clothing, challenging gender stereotypes. Erika Linder does not choose a side station in the gender role, he chooses to embrace himself.

"Whatever" film undoubtedly pushed the gender issue to another realm, the behind-the-scenes tidbits are equally attractive!

androgynous hermaphrodite, not only is the distant adjective, but the beautiful now carries on the style. Erika Linder with the same charm of both men's and women's temperament as we have proved such a possibility. (Neutral beauty: Transgender models, pursuing the sex you want )

Not just Erika Linder, where the rigid restrictions on gender are softening, the diversity of sex is about to hatch, waiting for the pupa to break out. finally give everyone Erika Linder also participate in the filming of the music video unconditionally, I will love you unconditionally!

Neutral, beyond the sex of the United States

Embracing the third sex of Germany, began on November 1, 2013, the "third sex" bill has been officially on the road. Germany issued a blank "third sex" birth certificate, so that the child in the future to determine their own sex, parents must not intervene. Germany is also Europe's first country to issue a third birth certificate. (same field Gayon: alternative Education, make German children different)

At the same time in Australia, the concept of a third is implemented in passports and all personal document applications. Whether or not you undergo a transsexual surgery or hormonal therapy, everyone can choose a third type of sex for themselves. In the passport, the third concept of implementation, in the "f" and "m" choice, open "x" options, respect for each person's choice of sex.

Another model Andrej Pejic, who also has a neutral charm, is a man with a neutral temperament who also has a shine in the fashion world! Fashion King Jean Paul Gautier no denying that 2011 of menswear design "James blond" is inspired by his thoughts. And he and Erika Linder secretly affection is also quite good! (Two people together very pleasing to the eye AH)

Finally, it must be said thatWomany's website member registration , the gender has a neutral option, because we have always felt neutral very attractive! Also welcome to embrace the neutral charm you join together.