Gender watch the publicity on the night of the male friends, "we have a traitor" behind the culture of rape and patriarchal violence.

The night has always been a full event for students.

Taiwan's male friends will release the publicity photos of this year's male friends ' night. In the picture, a woman squatting in the ground held up her hands, a mosaic on her face, not clear her expression, surrounded by a group of men wearing small shorts around her, copy big hit, "The male night of the funny dance, we have a traitor." 」

Face book stickers continue to write, the scene of fresh hot people, "one day, after class, a person walking alone in the street." Suddenly, several people sprang up and surrounded her. Tried to break free, but was rudely pulled back, suppressing the ground. Human nature has gone, only the pure animal, the girl, call the day should not be called the Earth not spirit. That night, she lost herself. 」

Scold female betrayal, so male body beast, with sex as blackmail, as punishment, express body and words of double regulation training, the girl's lost became a group joke, became a comedy dance performance.

Behind the scenes of rape, you can't see the person who has fallen from the net of the structure and never got up again. Why is the world so often filled with jokes that are seen as "harmless", such as daily Malice, repeatedly in our lives? Violence is the real person who hurts.

In the past we have put forward in the article a common urge to the structural renovation of the feasible methods ( This article, this article), but also to write down your pain zone, let the victim write down the traumatic experience, for their own voice.

In this article, we want to discuss how the blurred line of jokes and desirability "rationalized" the culture of violence; it also explores the lack of feminine lust in the reproduction of the text, and how to shape a single intimate/sexual relationship, and finally, we advocate a more positive form of gender re-education-the cycle of escaping the single person responsible for the blame, Really promote a more gender friendly social structure, let us from the helpless structure accomplice, become the revolutionary elements of the turnover structure.

The line between jokes and consensual, the violent appearance of patriarchy

That night, the club's web page flooded with protests.

The boyfriend will apologize for the fire, the first apology, they said "we do not malicious", this is just a joke; the second apology, they explained the context, indicating that the origin of hope in the "imitation of the form of a film, Reproduce the rape crime plot "when the selling point, did not realize to the female body oppression, as well as the harm as the joke ideology, since Chen Hui deep review."

"We understand the anger of all walks of life, the sexual violence, bullying and other profound psychological and physical harm as a means of publicity, is a very wrong move." We are a lucky and ignorant group of people, when we see this publicity photo does not associate with the pain behind him. But for those who have come into contact with the propaganda and copywriting and the survivors of sexual violence, it may yet be an indelible pain. 」

Do not shake, rape is not a desirable measure. Why is it regarded as a means of propaganda when the unauthorized sexual violence is extended to the female body in the picture and copy? What kind of ideology is it to publicize? And then we ask why, in schools and societies where the female population is half or even more, what are the selling points of such propaganda? What's the sale? Who are you selling it to?

Male strong remand female body, and the female body "no resistance" as fast, this is the patriarchal violence intervention, often can easily "no malicious" shirking.

Rape is not a flat noun, not a yearly increase in data data, but the specific behavior of the body to rip open, is to disregard the personal will of violence, the joke and the consensus between the clear line, the body is mine, to and not, you have to ask me to count, you should not easily speculate my will, you can not pressure my body, you can not stand for my behalf I speak.

In addition, such a campus night propaganda copy, let people see how easy the ideological replication of rape. From the "skirt don't wear too short" badgered, to blame women's night shop to pick up the corpse culture, then to "she said is not actually to" the desire to assume that the daily sexual violence is so in the public disregard, slowly consolidate the formation.

It will be said that this is only a text, but if we do not protest, is to condone the lack of structure, despise the real fall of the people. (same field Gayon: sex Observation: I was sexually abused, they say "you shouldn't seduce the teacher")

The loss of female subject and the establishment of masculine friendship

We should also further point out that this is not just rape, this is also the Gang Rape, which is the oppression of the individual groups. This kind of rape scene reappearance, from the picture to the copywriter, all is the male angle of view. Women are subjected to forced and subservient objects, women call, no response, women powerless to face the beast around her, her face and voice are lost. Men, through the collective dominated and oppression of female bodies, operate fear, but also strengthen the male alliance and masculine culture.

Outside the screen, people are also uncomfortable, but also the first time to post a message below the text. Exclusively male faces, the "beg A piece", "This terrier strong too good", "yesterday just saw a similar film", through A film in the stem, demeaning female main position, establish a solid masculine friendship, strengthen patriarchal society male domination position.

Women in the picture repeatedly forced, women's lust and body autonomy in the picture is also eventually lost.

So that some people ask whether this is actually a BDSM practice or a lot of P's consensual display, we can not agree, because only see the male lust of the horizontal cheerful, no female body position and sexual expression. Is the position of the female must be crouching? Are women bound to be lost? (Recommended to you:"the picture" BDSM Imagination vs Reality )

Male friends will refer to the inspiration from a film, and we are not difficult to find, more than 90% of a one-sided to men, from the scene to the default for the male sex demand services, women are often trying to break free from the object, to meet the male conquest of joy. So, how many people, after browsing A movie repeatedly, think that the daily sex should be the same, should serve the male?

When we criticize, should we be the male friend of the strong blame? Or are we able to see that they are really wrong, but the source of the fault comes from the structure, we are all under the structure of the lamb and the crime; At the same time, we do not want to go through the "protection of women" in the name of the "purity" of female body, "single" female lust, consolidation of the inside. The logic of male earning women is to see the omission of gender education in a more forward way, and we need a perfect gender education to make up for the gap of the present structure. (same field Gayon: Let the Lust lead the Guide!) My girlfriend likes to watch a movie

After the boyfriend apologized: Jump off the Profit and loss logic, the possibility of women's stance

So, I look forward to more than the apology statement of the male friend.

Sexual violence is not a joke, rape is not a means of propaganda, and the right to "harm" women's social structure is a bigger problem. We are not responsible for pornography, we are not to protect the female body, we want to fight is a single gender perspective and interpretation, we want to accommodating is accustomed to the culture of rape, we want to advocate the social collective gender education-that the single sex, with sex as a disciplinary means to consolidate the patriarchal status of the perennial arrogance.

In 1994, shouting "I want to orgasm, not sexual harassment," The Josephine Ho, it refers to the society's fear of women's sexual autonomy, also refers to the discussion of sexual harassment and rape, often single the perception of women, "the perpetrator became a big wolf, the victim is a small sheep, I would like to say that women can do evil wolf, is regarded as a sheep, They have teeth, too. "Women have their lust for autonomy, not just the little sheep in the sex relationship, but the one who gets into it."

Resistance at the same time, we should also actively flip the stereotype that men have the right to hurt women, and that women are always the default victims, otherwise they only deepen the stereotyped gender interaction of the culture of rape. For example, in addition to the statement of apology, can we ask the picture of the reasons women agree to shoot? Is she suffering in a masculine atmosphere, or is she actually trying to declare her passions through such a showcase?

Also its subjectivity, we advocate "jump out of the profit and loss of the logic", to remove the female passive/victim of the erotic position, in the 90 years, Josephine Ho said very accurate, "even if I really enjoy, can not go against my will, and I feel bad, can only be defined by myself." "This is not to justify the culture of rape, but rather to promote women's sexual rights." Women shout I want my orgasm, my body, my libido, my orgasm, and it's up to me to decide.

Shouting I want to own orgasm, is to jump off a single male perspective, but also in order to regain the sexual autonomy of women and the right to interpret.

We also need to ask further, what is the better sex education possible? How can you see the shape and possibility of multiple passions while protesting?

I am looking forward to the positive flip and active revolution of a slice industry. When men reproduce intimacy and sexual relationships through a piece of rough sex, we question whether the scene and picture of a is too single. A film as the first vector of lust, which accommodates more erotic imagination, male, female, multivariate, flip a single "Enter" and "entered" relationship, not only to serve the single sex.

I also look forward to the complexity that society should give to women. With regard to feminine lust, we talked less about it in the past and the patriarchal society was afraid of women's lust and autonomy and fled the control range. So many women secretly read romance, explore their passions, relax their desires, in the masculine sexual imagination, another negative path, we for their own lust, to film their own appreciation of a film, to create their own erotic history. (same field Gayon: Three film female director: for the woman's "sex" life, not leather )

The so-called I want to orgasm, does not give you the right to make me happy, I love to see the rape scene, does not mean I look forward to being raped by you.

After the boyfriend apologized, I finally expected a better sex education to be possible. It is a positive process, there are different gender in the appearance of too accustomed to the gender structure and violence of the reactionary, to regain their right to interpret, for their own passion, to open up more of the possibilities. (Recommended reading: Romance History of the past and present: The History of Goethe-Roman history and the revival of Lust )