"Psychic Girl" deduction is a young mind is also life experience, the girl in the Palace Temple in the waste of youth, see do contemplation weak, miserable green years but still longing for love.

From student Shong to HBO's first Chinese TV series: "Psychic Girls"

"Psychic Girl", adapted from the choreographer Chen in 2013, the student Shong works "oracleof", for the public as the first cooperation with HBO Asia's international TV series, HBO on July 19, 2016 to shoot. Starred by Guo Shuyao, Cai Fanxi, Sheixiangya, Zheng, and Chen Muiyi. The "Psychic Girl" will be on the public view at 9 points on the evening of April 2, 2017, while HBO Asia is being screened in 23 regions of Asia at 10 o ' night.

What kind of subject can stand out in hundreds students ' Shong works? In addition to the subject of novel, but also have to withstand the content and emboldened, and "psychic girl" is such a work, at first was shocked by the subject matter, and then deeply moved by the essence.

From seemingly ordinary girl daily, combined with a unique temple culture, "Psychic Girl" deduction is a young mind is also a life experience. In the play Medium girl-small true, life all in Palace temple spend, see the fame and fortune Hundred states, know alienation. But little true girl feelings, still embrace first love this small matter, she also longs for love, until accidentally met turn students-small music, the throb of that heartbeat gradually clamor. (Recommended reading: leaning on the "massage" taste of Life Hundred states: Each invisible face is a microcosm of love )

Director Chen and Yu said that he chose the temple as a theme, in addition to the countryside legend, the expression of ghosts and spirits of Taiwan's traditional culture, he would like to highlight is around the temple and derived from the group relationship, "You are always around the people are important, the link between people and how you treat a person, is the temple of the main theme." 」

The directors tried to convey the original intention, successfully impress the audience, the theme to the world, let the world see Taiwan. (Recommended reading:"documentary" See Taiwan: Not Ghost is worth guarding Treasure Island )

The relationship between the people, "Psychic Girl" prototype, from the public view students Shong "Oracleof", by the Taiwan Arts Institute of Chen directed, short film won numerous domestic and foreign awards, 2014 more selected Taipei film Festival. The oracleof of the story is also adapted from a girl--Liu Baijun's real life.

Taiwan's first female baseball referee, Liu Baijun: On the baseball field, I can turn back to a child

Taiwan's First national baseball game in the law enforcement of female presiding Liu Baijun, at the same time, also known as the author of the spirit of Sofia, she has psychic ability, in the Palace temple for the believers to resolve the doubts, see the life hundred states, tasted alienation, in the Palace temple lost Youth, she was found on the court back.

Liu Baijun is keen on baseball, from a childhood family around the television, the screen broadcast baseball game picture, everyone gathered in unison for Taiwan refueling! To her, this is the happiness that baseball brings. From then on, growing up, she did not give up baseball. (Recommended reading:after the WBC, hope is still: the World Baseball Classic game Taiwan's touching moment )

"Oracleof" stills, from the official face book

Despite wanting to join the baseball team at school, the reason for "You are a Girl" was rejected, unable to achieve the desire to play a ball in a regular baseball uniform, unwilling to wait for the field to be a fan, baseball-related affairs she tried to get in touch with the volunteers from the field, with the baseball camp, and then dreamed of becoming a referee, These tiny but determined efforts come from her cherished belief in baseball.

Later, Liu Baijun to participate in the C-class baseball referee Workshop, the society to her cast a gender shock bomb. The staff looked up and down and asked, "Woman?" To be a recorder! She confused, until the course began to understand, "few women play baseball referees." "She tried to become the dream of herself, but this road is always a lot of gossip, someone constantly persuade:" No girls in the station referee, to be a recorder! But she still stood there, longing, and insisting that Taiwan would finally have a woman presiding over a baseball game.

When the society constantly poured cold water on her, but can not extinguish that filled with blood, she used their own efforts to get over the tough sex discrimination, when others think she is not, she will spend double, three times times the strength to do perfect, for their own, for women to compete for a deep Yun emboldened! (Recommended reading: Seven grade students to grade five students a letter: We challenge society, because Taiwan is worth better )

Liu Baijun most often miss in the heart of the sentence: "Angry as good as the best!" "is undoubtedly the portrayal of her life.

Psychic Girl: Throw Youth in Temple, until you hit a

From real life back to the main TV drama, "Psychic Girl" tells the story of the structure is very simple, a girl can pass the spirit of youth throw in the Temple of the story. The lens pulls far, from the life axis view, "The Psychic Maiden" is also the ministry mixed each color desire life miniature.

Director Chen: "I think Palace temple it is a collection of all the desires of the place, every wish has its twists and turns of the story, then you put the temple with a girl together, it has a great spark." 」

A 16-Year-old girl, is the wild youth but the shackles in her innate responsibility, you see life is not so, always some involuntarily place.

Snake of the palace temple inside, everyone with the desire to run in this, the popular Idol singer Alice, the school's most unpopular instructors, and even black-and-white two-way Congress, everyone's problems behind the different life process. Some in the temple to find life experience, some but lost the lost.

When the psychic girl--The little real life and Gongmiola pull, she in no youth can speak of the miserable green years still want to experience the appearance of love, a chance to turn over the wall of the encounter, hit the optimist transfer students-Lok, and such a bump also let small really heart set off the ripples of heartbeat. (Recommended reading: single diary: I Met you in my lifetime, I spent all my luck )

Director Chen: "A good story is the most important thing is" people ", in the final analysis we are still doing a girl's story, she met the troubles of love, family friendship ego troubles, but she, just really want to talk about a love. 」

The desire for love, the responsibility of being born, the entanglement of affection, and the overflowing of the desires of the temple. "Psychic Girl" tells of all "people", in the growth process will encounter the struggle and confusion, in addition to talk about youth, more is your miniature life.

The Girl Blank Youth Annals to the life axis of twists and turns to realize, those who have loved, experienced the youth, after and then achievements at this moment of your own.

From the TV drama to see Liu Baijun real life indomitable, in addition to the girl and Temple of the tangle of growth history, more collar society to see beyond the gender limit, chasing the ideal female perspective: in the face of dreams, if the heartfelt desire to become.

Looking at the world, we also hope that there are more than a single story, so that each multiple-oriented, different from the male perspective of the narrative, bringing about the fermentation of ideas, open more gender possibilities, so that individuals in the process of practicing themselves, can go more open freedom.