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3/26 Hong Kong held the special election, and she won the special election in 1186 votes, she became the first female chief executive in Hong Kong's history, political unrest facing Hong Kong, and a series of social problems: including rapid population ageing, declining social mobility and slowing economic growth, And the world's biggest gap between the rich and the social contradictions in one of the places. Thanks to her opponents, team, media and youth, she has opened a new beginning with the following election manifesto:

"I see my shortcomings and I understand that I have to make a move." 」

"Hong Kong, our common home, today has a rather serious tear and accumulated a lot of stagnation." My first priority is to mend the tear and untie the knot and unite you all forward. 」

"For me, unity is to be built in real, step-by-step," he said. I will use concrete work and solid achievements to thank those who support me, and to win the support of those who have not supported me. I am convinced that action is more powerful than speech. 」

"I particularly want to play the power of youth. Young people are full of vigor, more importantly, young people tend to walk in the forefront of society, drive, promote our overall progress. In this election, I am deeply aware of the strong appeal of young people to Hong Kong. Whether I was in the area, attending seminars, demonstrating, or receiving phone calls, emails and Facebook messages, most of the time I was most outspoken were younger friends. Many of the contents of my platform are actually inspired by the young people. "(See full text:" The full text of the election speech: "United forward after the elections )

The distance between the Hong Kong people and the lam

Many people follow the "female chief executive" in the next step, in July, when Lin will take office, the media have counted up the performance of the loaf, she in the politics of "nanny" in the name of the line, people say she "good" (good at resolving conflicts). The familiar work partner shouted her Carrie, has the style to be tough, indomitable strong woman means.

Lin, the two sides, the establishment of PAI Committee cheer, the democratic Election Committee appears quite frustrated, some people can't help tears. It is difficult for her to gain support from the Democrats, and 27% of the polls show whether public support will be the next major issue. As the "one country, two systems" is far from the will of the people of Hong Kong, and the people hate the Chinese authorities for the suppression of true universal suffrage, only 1194 of the more than 7 million people in Hong Kong are elected by the highest executive head of the vote, is it really the ideal of the people of Hong Kong? Waiting for her future practice. (same field Gayon: Hong Kong accounted for the end of two months?) Democracy, never exits )

As the sole supporter of the Chinese political Council, she was called "Mr Leung 2.0", who promised to open up the knot of the people of Hong Kong, but many Hong Kong people do not want to "maintain the status quo. The memory of the people of Hong Kong is particularly painful when the government released 87 tear gas, and the public appealed to her to stop taking a boat with Liang. Instead of GINGSI, she sat down all the way to the head of the family, and the next of kin was defending "humiliation", and the Hong Kong people looked forward to it, only to understand that "don't put democracy on someone".

Will Mr Lam be "Mr Leung's 2.0" remains to be seen, but before taking office in July, people have counted her performance and the past, as well as women leaders. "

The strong woman and the first gentleman

As the first "female chief executive" in Hong Kong, the gender of Mr Lam has attracted much attention.

After she was elected, she explained at the commercial stage that Mr Lam was very resistant to someone calling him "the first gentleman", saying that Lin Chupo was "the chief executive's spouse" better. The future may not join hands with her husband to participate in political occasions, so that families are affected: "trillion bo is a good low-key and low-key scholar, I have over the years the higher the rise of the position, he is adhering to the principle of low-key." 」

"I must thank my husband and my two sons," said Mr Lam, who declared her candidacy openly: in the last few months, the three of them have had to change from a mindset that they expect to spend more time with me, and they all have to try to persuade me out of the possibility of my physical support and change to the biggest motivation behind my candidacy. Since they are all low-key people, I implore media friends to respect their private space in the coming days. 」

As a leading woman, whether to "take care of the family" is a new issue that the media will ponder.

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In addition, the Hong Kong Special preferred committee Gingbao also several times for the "good Woman of the image of":", the woman is not simple!" She no matter how high the position, in the appropriate time to accompany the child side, embodies the responsibility for the family and a mother's heart. Now, the situation in Hong Kong is so complicated that she still comes out running for the chief executive. She did not come out for anything, that is, to use a "Hong Kong Heart" to love Hong Kong, to take Hong Kong as their own home, to lead Hong Kong out of a path of development. "(Same Gayon: The disappearance of the Tongluowan Bookstore in Hong Kong: Taiwan election, please give the panicked Hong Kong people hope )

"I'm going to ask him every decision I make, and I'm just a little woman," said Mr Lam. 」

It's hard to distinguish between true and false, but we may be more sour in our hearts as women. She was so passionate and so sore that she let her weakness stand in the media, under the Libra of the big woman and the little woman, and tied his feet with a special hand. We are even more concerned that women who have families must be "a kind of" in order to find a way to identify themselves in the local industry.

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Do women have to have a "little woman" side?

The society likes to see the president carrying wife photograph family image photograph, hint Zi, society expects female not imitate man, communication and talk must be rigid and soft and Ji. Women in the traditional masculine field of politics, to accumulate achievements, but also to break the stereotype.

In particular, the words "sorry husband, you have to continue to sacrifice for the people of Hong Kong," said.

Hint: Woman is sorry, woman "Buhan" is owed.

In the past, she did not insist on her image strong, she likes to wear cheongsam, in front of the lens shed tears, in recent years, female politicians dare to express their feminine temperament. Now she is more focused on her "little Woman" identity.

When feminism inspires women out of their families, and seeks leadership positions and power, is it particularly critical of women to show the "Yin and yang" trait and wrist?

Remember when people called Mrs Lam "Leung Chun-ying 2.0", "she replied:" I and Mr. Liang very different, he is a man, I am a woman. " But she never mentioned the policy of women's rights.

She may have the favor of the Chinese government, the establishment and the family, but more women who do not have the support of the family and the structure, also in the workplace and family seesaw turbulence, but also in the identity of the strong women and the young woman hesitates; the vast majority of Hong Kong people who are not seen by the Chinese political council are still losing and losing their roots in the promise of "maintaining the status quo". (Recommended reading: 64 meaning in the eyes of Hong Kong teachers: building is not dependent on one person, on a group of people )

Whether it is a question of doubtful or feminist questions about the people of Hong Kong, she has a long way to run.