Handsome Girl, their dress through the gender border, from the man's hands to regain handsome interpretation of power, handsome not equal to masculine, feminine heroic spirit more unrestrained.

There are some actors who can not only play the role of being full of Reiki, they are inspiring stories themselves.

Allempe Kei is one of them.

Alan is not a gorgeous, Touce-style Hollywood actor. On the contrary, she always seemed unusually calm (even indifferent), independent, eccentric, intelligent and resolute.

From the "X-Men" Phantom Cat (Kitty Pryde), "Juno" in "the head of pregnancy", "the full start" of the Dreamer Ariane Jade (Ariadne), to the "seizure of Happiness," in Stacy, not so much that she will play the role alive, rather than to say, The skeleton of her life has the ability to hold these characters out of a stereo shape.

She is the girl who moves against the crowd, when Ellen passes you, you will be amazed: in this world can indeed like her to live a backbone.

The woman who was born around 1990 almost grew up along with Allempe, we look at the girl Juno in the "Hung pregnancy" in the stomach, calmly refused to good boys and friends of the excessive intervention, she calmly explore, for their own a new road, we are behind her thinking about intimacy, self and the meaning of life. That was the maiden's feminist enlightenment, I still remember the day with a little Juneau courage to go out of the cinema, a fresh feeling.

In the 2010 full launch, Allen played a dream architect who was petite but hand-built and folded and stretched out a maze of buildings, an expanse of ice, or a whole huge, sophisticated city. It was a rare female "architect" role in Hollywood, and to think about it, only Allen starred in the movie's visual Wonders.

The next thing, perhaps we all know, Alan's life in 2014 to meet a new twist, starring in the story of the lesbian film "Seizure of Happiness", and as the film producer, for her brewing a change of opportunity.

She says the "seizure of Happiness" film is part of her life journey, and while filming the movie, she realizes that "if you try to hide in a closet with a secret, it's not only that I'm tied up with my hands, but I feel very miserable." (Extended reading: bravery is not synonymous with comrades!) Allempe: We make ourselves a trend .

"Before I got out of the closet, I felt very guilty before the LGBT community. I thought to myself, "Alan, how can you make this film and not come out of the closet?" 』」

On the 2014 Western Valentine's Day, she came to the Human Rights Campaign Foundation's LGBT Youth Conference at the time of the seizure of happiness.

Allempe on the stage clenched his hand, under the spotlight lamp to support people brave pursuit of their own speech, until the speech after five minutes, she finally trembled to say:

I'm going to be here today because I'm gay. It's because I want to be able to make a difference and give someone a better, more hopeful time. I feel I have this obligation and social responsibility.

In his speech, Allen said that sometimes it was enough to kill her that something at first glance was not fatal, such as the media's comments about her wearing a sports trousers to the gym, "Why does the little lady insist on dressing like a slovenly man?" 」

It sounds trivial? In fact, "a woman on how to wear" criticism, ridicule and questioning, is a patriarchal society oppression of women's body and freedom of the specific miniature.

In an interview with Vogue magazine, she said:

"I used to feel the pressure to be more negative, and I always had a little devil in my heart who said to me," you have to wear skirts, otherwise people will think you are gay! "Sometimes the little devil is quiet, but sometimes I can't stop the noise," he said. 」

"I will continue to force myself to wear symbols that symbolize" feminine "and dress up as a standard image, but that's not me. 」

After the Ark, Allempe one of the most happy things, is to understand the meaning of fashion, she finally and fashion reconciliation, "Now when I dress, can feel a freedom, but also can enjoy the fun of dressing." I love wearing Saint Laurent suits to attend the event. I mean, fashion is a gift! (Extended reading:"Handsome Girl" chrysanthemum Chiki Heroic Spirit: Recapture fashion creativity )

Not only Saint Laurent, in the popular fashion of women's brands, but also increasingly common men inspired by the neutral single product.

Designer brands such as Kunju Kawakubo, Ann demeulemeester, Maison Martin Margiela continue to define "negative traits" (femininity) from the outline of the design that clings to the body's lines. (same field Gayon:"fashion through" there is a gender, called the Swindon )

Clothing as a expression of their own language, in the repeated "sexy, personal, dress" and other design practices negative characteristics of the popular fashion, we are happy to see the designers repeatedly experiment, challenge, break through both the gender framework and the concept of boundaries, to the imagination breakthrough, as " Negative "traits create a new manifestation of heterogeneous diversity that continues to provide new clothing for people to express their gender identity, and to put people on a path of survival.

Looking closely at Allempe Ji Yi's clothes, as if seeing a woman groping for a clearer self-image and identity, she admits it's not easy, "but it's worth exploring." "She said:

Let being yourself become a trend.


Let "do oneself" become a trend, this is Allempe Ji's efforts, you seem to hear her handsome whispered inquiries, only this time of life, you would like to come up with enough backbone to live yourself?