"A Girl" gathered Asia Girl, see their subversive crazy, read their atypical success of the road. Strange hundred strange girls in the world, out of tune, so a lattice. From "confession" to "quartet", Pine Longzi the actor's road.

If there is a restart Life button, I should not press down.

"The Quartet" is a true discipline

She is like a brook shallow flow of indifferent finished lines, the eyes without light and negative, her voice uneasy, what worry don't want to be uncovered. In the Quartet, Pine Longzi off the evil woman's robe and became mortal. Her mood so convergence, the story is sincere to the meat, do a loser to how elegant to live, we have seen in the true discipline.

Think of pine Longzi, difficult to forget "confession" in her learning children's tone, "open, play, laugh." "Tears in the eyes of the eye of the lake, laughter but crashed in the film echoed in the movie, gentle and calm female teachers, hate deceitful revenge mother."

Whether it is Sen Kou teachers to the sanctions, or the true age of the loser flying, Pine Longzi in the actor's posture, for many not to be targeted women out of breath.

A layer of torn and pure Love coat: The female and the wicked

Her acting is convincing. The best known time of pine Longzi begins with Takuya Kimura's "Love Generation", they became one of the strongest CP in history. to the "HERO", pine Longzi silently in Takuya Kimura behind, if they have no, like is a kind of speculation, not occupy, not publicity. (Extended reading:11 VCDs Classic review: Love, is the miracle of the Universe )

The head of Japan's maiden is everywhere, pine Longzi is not particularly good looking, the figure is particularly proud, but her drama can be said to be one of the deep, the father is Shang Kabuki actor, the mother is the broker, her play has a soul, from the roots deep in the Japanese traditional dance, piano, the third flavor line began. Since she started her own life, she has accumulated her role experience while winning the prize, and has won the Japanese Academy Award-winning actress for three consecutive years, song Longzi in an interview with the magazine:

Actors actually take money in front of others to lie in the business, so I hope I can be as honest as possible, so every time there is no margin, must go all out.


So she was a step-by-step, telling the lie beautifully, play beautifully, Zhong also said Pine Longzi intriguing, starred in "Confession", their tacit understanding is not to tell the actor any emotion, how to do, let Sen mouth in this staged her life, this drama is not loose Longzi, certainly not.

"Pine Longzi is the kind of actress who shows a different style every time the show is quite deep and profound." Several times when I was at the scene to see the song Longzi performance, I would feel a shudder of "fear." It's the same biological fear that has come to haunt us until now. --Zhong Also

Woman, step by step, write down her own script.

Whether an actor or her life path, Pine Longzi constantly out of the traditional family of performing arts. The rebellion she loves, after a long period of communication with the family, and the big own 16-year-old musician married, this person understand pine Longzi soul of music, married eight years, 39 years old she gave birth to the child said: "As a mother is wonderful, yesterday will not, today suddenly will be." 」

Songlong has talked about parenting on the show, and having children is hard but enjoyable for her, and she thinks the child is just another life lesson for her. Songlong's interpretation of women more in the drama, she was the strength of the Mesozoic era for Japanese women to leave unforgettable works. (Recommended reading:"Girlfriend" national wife new Yuan Knot clothing: All the best to calculate life )

As she starred in the musical "Jane Eyre", the interpretation of women who are not imprisoned by society. In "Victoria's wife-Cherry and dandelion", Pine Longzi won the five Japanese film award for the best actress, in the face of nothing husband, she performed the old age women's perseverance and tenacity of the soft. She sang more firmly for the "ice and Snow Romance", humming the desire of many Japanese women: "To glow, it has been decided." This is good, like yourself, so good, believe in yourself. Bathe in daylight, and move forward. 」

Pine Longzi Woman, in a drama in a warm glow, a long story. Pine Longzi not only play a good role, but also let the audience see, as a woman weaving the possibility of the script, you can be lovely, hateful, you can still live more greedy. (see: from the VCDs "disguised couple" to discuss "form marriage": Marriage certificate of the surface of peace )

"Girlfriend quotes" Songlong starred in VCDs quotes

"To find yourself is to find happiness." "Love Generation"

Those who have been crying for food are able to go on.


"If you are evil, then why should I remind you that you are just a child?" --"confession"

"Love is a living thing, I don't think it's sweet." The wife of Victoria-Cherry and dandelion

"Girlfriend talks" what is your favorite Songlong work?

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