"Witness" of human nature of evil, write desire staggered life structure, who are accomplices, are also choking innocent witnesses. If it is difficult to get lucky, expect to live more honestly.

"Witness" after the release, hit "I see not because of the national film, but it is a good film," the reputation of the 4000 box office mark. The media has done a lot of eye-sucking propaganda to promote-Ke jia 嬿 3P, Xu Yu Ning's nude back-bed drama ... However, the script is not as good as the title, the subject is sharp but less revenge of the Compatible, "eyewitness" nature is a rebellious movie, the audience heart uncomfortable out of the theater, reluctantly to accept the keeled over after the real life. (Recommended reading: "dark Please close your eyes," director of Koshen Annual interview: "There is no alternative, is the real life")

"Do you believe me?" 」

"I only believe in myself." 』

The end Wang Yizi (Zhungkaixun adorn) and Maggie (Xu Shanning adorn) of the dialogue, perhaps is the case the most true confession, what also don't believe, even oneself also believe oneself of each of us, are let the Times more Shen "Witness".

The good robin, in this world is not going to live

Movies such as the name of the "Who Killed cock Robin", Buckle Robin's lament narration, robin chest such as Shen Yang, a blood red dyed chest. The English nursery rhyme of the same name hums: "Who Killed the robin?" I, said the Sparrow, I have slain the robin, with my bow and arrows. Who saw him die? It was me, said the fly, and I saw him die, with my little eyes. Who's going to take his blood? It was me, said the fish, and I took his blood and used my little dish ... "That judgment, after all, sent away the Robins, all of them on the sidelines or indirectly to achieve his death."

Harper Lee "Kill a Mockingbird" in the original works of the girl's innocence to draw out the power of the evil, no matter who is the original criminals, as long as the breathing in the case traveled by the place, will become invisible to kill the hand.

"Witness" with the British history and Megan of the destiny, weaving a pile of Taiwan in the killing case. Some people have taken away the organs of the robins, some have become dumb witnesses, some people have contributed to the crime.

The world is not worthy of our gentleness. "Witness" every figure is like the shadow of the survival of the contemporary people, we even ourselves are difficult to treat, how soft to others? He is from the hot blood interns into a glib reporter, know how to negotiate with tea, can take the footsteps of Black-and-white into another class. She is the director of the old newspaper, but it is not the ideal to lure her, but the body and the desire to survive. (Recommended reading: from the "Love Me fetish" incident to see the current bullying: under the power structure, we are accomplices and victims )

They met, so an old story that should have been over the years, from the edge of alcohol from the edge of the bed to the clues, be full of hate to ignite the fire. They are not faster than who solved the case, but whose means more accurate, faster hit the heart of the people-if you like me, I should understand your weakness is what it.

We, also can choose to be what kind of adult?

"Are you going to be a hero for 15 minutes or will you keep following me?" 」

When judgment is no longer good or evil, but power, can we decide what kind of adult we want to be? The most frightening thing is that people often 脶 other people's abscess, but never look at their own evil root, the most cruel is that we face the evil of envy, we will one day grow into the hell of desire.

What is the truth? What is Justice? Most of the time, what we see is nothing but the fragments of truth. The diluted tragedy, the greed after being Sung, the news of the captured fragments, the image of the advertisement reconstructed and pieced together. We see the news is the color of the human collective choice, we saw the death and poverty is the top of the pyramid after the selection of the fall, we read the list of psychology is the banner of happiness to the empty readers to see. (Recommended reading:"Skyscraper" We are sick, the source of the disease is called desire)

In the fabric of this structure, no one can retreat from the whole body, because we are all involved in the unfortunate deception of this era. We are a vested interest in promoting the unrestricted expansion of capitalism, we are the urban dividend at the present, and we are the idle people who are unwilling to take the road of greater resistance.

Yet we all have a sigh of relief in the drowning conscience, that breath will vomit very long and deep, we often think is born and the last share of Hard-when I climbed to that position, and so I have the authority, and so I have enough power, I will punish the persecution of the good group of people.

So we climbed up desperately, finally holding the slightest courage, also in the mud was trampled dirty.

"The last page, the most terrible, do not open." 」

You ask, how much choice do we have left in our own right? It is hard for me to say that we should live more upright. I can only hope that we do not too soon to open the last page, we do not too soon to know the truth of the living, we should never see the truth of the system. Then perhaps, with a bit of foolish innocence, to a clumsy but trying life.

Though you growl, you thrash the wall of fate, but the whole world pretends not to hear. The film, in the tone of the loser's voice, creeps out: you know, even if you're good, you're going to have to fight for the structure and defend your life, you have the ability to reach out to the other hand. Only you have the ability to misappropriate your own evil and protect the rare conscience. (Recommended reading:"Independent film review" "Wrath": Goodness, is the only way to save their own exports )

If you have the courage or the light in your heart, don't leave the battlefield. I have been impressed, the film "Summer Palace" Yu Hong in the diary wrote: "War in my blood, peace I am unable to do." 」

If society colorful, how do you maintain transparency and transformation to survive? Or, choose a life that is not wanting to be better, is the place that your ambition can go furthest.

If you, how do you want to live?

People are the world's most creative, most destructive, the most blood, the most cold-blooded, the most duty-bound, the most no round-trip, life has a fate of the cases, there is a blood dripping fairy tale. Asked me what to take away from the theater, I have to ask what I left in the theater suspense, perhaps the hilt rattling, naked also like flowers bloom of human evil of China.