The view of the news, share the heavy world with you, in the fast Information age, we prepare you a full knowledge of the message, in the field of training we are broad-minded, accurate reading. "Option B", a new book by Shirley Sandberg, gives you strength for yourself in times of adversity.

Written in "Lean in", Sheryl Sandberg (Shirley Sandberg) gracefully turned to look at the pain of her husband's death, soon to be published with psychologist Adam Grant (Adam). Grant "Option B", she crawled through the pain and wrote about how a lone widow would face a person's rebirth.

As a SurveyMonkey executive, but also Facebook's operating long, snow soft efforts to move forward, the contemporary woman impressed by the hearts of people, she shouted Lean in the slogan also led women to come forward. She has always been a world leader, especially in women, looking at the firmness of snow and pride, they believe-I can.

Until 2015, the soft snow did not disclose their vulnerability to the public, her husband died in the year, the snow soft shen immersed in deep pain: "Dave's death profoundly changed me." I understand the depth of sadness and the cruelty of losing. But I also understand that when life lets you fall into the sea of sadness, you can struggle and let your head surface and breathe again. I understand that in the face of emptiness or any challenge, you can choose happiness and meaning. (Recommended reading: written in love after the death of the Great Victoria, snow: Thank you for being my partner, so I can come forward bravely )

Until she started thinking, why can't I have a B option in my life?

"Option B", no one can live the life of choice forever

Shirley was the first to talk about "option B" in Time magazine, saying that it was a story of a rebirth after death, and as a family member who was left behind, she continued to make a "step back" choice in the face of frustration with life. Shirley said the book is to face up to this melancholy era, to help the grieving people find ways to coexist with the world.

She no longer with the past progressive women's posture talk about progress, but, snow in the peak of life, she wants to know, how do I take a step back and concessions?

"Life is not always A plan, and more often, we have to make the B option," said Shirley. She is dedicated to the world's most troubled women-how do we maintain resilience and regain happiness in the face of adversity?

A lot of people think, why does the snow soft say these? She is the Victory group in life, she has no unemployment worries, she can even have all-weather psychological treatment, walking on the road of wound recovery, snow soft than the average person lucky many.

She was too clear about her strengths, so she opened the wound and let the world see--a girl who lost her husband, how to reconstruct her identity and shape of life. Xue-Rou wrote the pain over and over again, as if to imprint the pain to recover slowly, she went to speak, write, and constantly confessed to her weakness, with the help of psychologist Adam Grant, to sort out her new possibilities.

"The most terrible adversity in life is that you think adversity is your personal." "This book invites all the losers of life to face up to sadness, even to find an opportunity to live in the perfect place:" David's death in many ways has changed me deeply, I learned how deep sorrow, how cruel the loss. But I also learned that when life drags you to Shui, you can definitely move down the bottom, break out of the water, and breathe again. (Extended reading: A letter from Shirley Sandberg to the new world: Don't let anyone limit you )

A single mother's date is a righteous

Xue-Rou began to rebuild her mode of life, she went to dance, travel, play 30 years without playing the piano, and even mother-in-law also encouraged the snow to go out to date. In the initial attempt to date, snow received a lot of frustration, netizens focused on the female leader's dynamic, a message: "You are a garbage whore", "You are a good man used elegant lady." These anger is unbearable, the snow in their eyes should be spoony forever waiting for the dead David.

"I hope," said the snow-soft This book can help people stop judging people who are dating after losing their partner, especially when they are critical of women, because women are always being scolded more often, you don't know, statistically men start dating more frequently and more, but women are more badly scolded. This is obviously very unfair. 」

" I want to help people remember that dating is a part of looking forward, it's the B option for those who want to go on a date," he said. If I could, I would only date Dave, but I had to make that choice (b option). "

The book also talks about the nearly 10 million single moms in the United States, with one-third of women in poverty, she questioned the Silicon Valley's ambitions, from paternity leave, public policy, pay parity to thinking about the assistance that a single mother must get: How does the environment accept a single mother who cannot be supported? To transform a single woman into a more adaptable workplace space from Facebook policies.

Maximum optimization for option B: link with story and provide support

Xue-Rou Sandberg walked forward in life, she knew she had lost David, no longer have a option, in B this answer, the snow soft constantly to look at their own pain, adapt to their own loneliness, she will still be reluctant to cry, but she did not assert that she can no longer be happy.

In the life of the B option, snow soft exercise their happy and sad muscles, so that they can enjoy the failure to fly, but also to embrace the resounding success. Shirley don't talk about KPIs not on the annual goal, inviting contemporary humans to see their sadness and emotions, to acknowledge the pain, and to believe that they still deserve to have the desire to live and be loved. In her actions, we have seen the digital digital internet age, the gathering of fragments of emotion so precious, back to the sadness elasticity, and its due to the living space. (Same field Gayon: "Song for You" when you can embrace sadness, sadness will have power )

"We are not born strong, but such emotional muscles can be built." We can build this network through ourselves, our loved ones, our children, and that's why I want to be a website, an online community that helps people rebuild resilience in times of adversity. There are many ways you can participate in this community, read adversity stories, and write your stories. You can accept expert help, understand how to walk through the most difficult life circumstances, you can join our face publishing group, with sadness string dialogue and links, let us see each other. 」

"No one's life is perfect, we all live in option B, let's create a group that accepts the B option and lets the B option maximize its optimization." 」

I tell you, the A option has been in my life no use, let us solemnly start the B option, the departure of a new life.

Xue Rou Sandberg