Women are fascinated by the April theme of "aggressive feminism", inviting the "Men's Liberation" community to select books for women readers, together to see the social sex factory, how to shape and limit the appearance of men.

Feminism, not only #HeforShe, but also #SheforHe, why men need to understand feminism, not to save women, but to liberate themselves. The men's Liberation Society is a collection of four good books for women, recommended to you, and male friends around you.

The first book: TheSeal of Cain: Uncovering the brutal culture of the boy world

Male Emancipation Recommendation:

It has been published for more than 15 years, but it is still quite detailed. Systematically discuss how society rudely treats boys, castrate their inner softness, and eventually pushes men into angry cliffs, hurting people around them. Remind us: The Gender factory of the Society also shapes and limits the appearance of the man. (Recommended reading:"Jiang book" to Life card shut you! To accept the good or bad of life is to live.

Book Introduction:

After a 16-Year-old boy killed 5 family members, his grandmother said: "He is like other boys of the same age ... He was quiet and spent most of his time in his room. 」

After a 15-year-old student armed with a gun suicide, his terrified teacher recalls: "He's a loner, he's always moping, but he's no different from other kids of his age." 」

In Biblical stories, Cain killed his brother Abel because of jealousy, and the implication behind this Staring story is much more than that. The story of Cain reflects the emotional life of modern boys, who crave love and respect, and the tendency of boys to respond to shame and anger with anger and violence.

Who caused the boys to behave like this? is not that we treat boys and girls in a different attitude caused by. We always ask boys to be brave, to be independent, not to shed tears, but do you know what kind of price they will pay for the boys to set too high a standard?

Dan Kindlen and Dr. Michael Thompson are two prominent child psychologists who have studied boys ' psychological problems for more than 35 years and shared them with readers through the book Seal of Cain.

What they reveal is the kingdom of a sad boy who is sad, afraid, angry and silent. Statistics also reveal the warning signs that many boys are exposed to the risks of suicide, alcohol, drug addiction, violence and loneliness. Kindlen and Dr. Thompson are trying to find answers to a very basic question: what do boys need and can't get?

The second book:"Sex knot-demolition of patriarchal violation of construction"

Male Emancipation Recommendation:

This book is probably the most commonly recommended introductory feminist book. In the way of life, let us know what the patriarchal system is? Why do men have more vested interests? What pressures have men suffered? Although there are some proper nouns, but the language is not difficult to read. (Recommended reading: The existence of feminism, not to embarrass men )

Book Introduction:

Each of us lives in violation of the building of the patriarchal house, the body was thousands of tangled in the gender of the silk wisp traction, bondage. In other words, we live in a knot in the gender relationship, can not see their own situation, do not know how to solve the set. We may be aware that we are limited by the social system and the omnipresent cultural inheritance, but sigh two-bit and cannot change. If you are familiar with the situation and feel the same, then you have to make a good turn of the book.

The author Aaron Johnson (Allan Johnson), though a Caucasian middle-class heterosexual male, however, due to the baptism of the 60 's, the Enlightenment of feminism and the active practice in daily life, he had a profound reflection on his own gender, class and ethnic privileges, and integrated rich and extensive knowledge of social research. , in this book detailed lay out the patriarchal system and individual actors of the relationship between the shaping. Unlike other books that aim to elevate the gender consciousness of women, the book is written for men and women who live together in a patriarchal house.

The third book:The Sex/other world view

Male Emancipation Recommendation:

The author is a famous scholar of masculine trait research, and masculine trait research is one of the most relevant to male issues in gender studies. This book jumps out of the past and the center of Europe and the United States, brought into many examples of non-Western countries, but there are more theoretical terms, the suggestion can be read later.

Book Introduction:

How do we understand the concept of gender in a more and more divided modern world? What is the difference between male and female psychology? How did the male trait and the feminine trait develop? What impact does globalization have on gender issues? Rachel Eng Cole, one of the world's leading gender researchers, has provided a concise guide to our answers to these questions, more contemporary gender studies, gender theory and gender politics. (Recommended reading: feminism to the male liberation!) Farewell to hate women, fear of the same, feminine and cheap scold patriarchal violence ) '

The age of globalization has had a far-reaching impact on gender issues. The book is based on empirical research, the global view, across the spectrum of the humanities, both breadth and depth, very enlightening.

Fourth book:The Contemporary view of masculinity

Male Emancipation Recommendation:

Although it is American experience to crawl, the book is still worth referring to the differences in the internal routes of men's movements and their competing relationships with feminism. It is recommended for friends who want to learn more about male sports, and friends who are interested in the male-centered sex movement.

Book Introduction:

The first book that systematically identifies, analyzes and criticizes contemporary society's views on men or masculinity and studies the classics of male sports schools.

Is the "male movement" a feminist ally or a bad enemy? The rise of male movements, the voice of support for feminism, and the complaint that men are the real victims of sex discrimination. The author divides the male movement into 8 types--conservative, feminist, male, mythological, socialist, gay, black, and evangelical. From the perspective of philosophy, morality and social changes, the author deeply analyzes the ideas of various factions and explores how different viewpoints may bring about changes in men's life.