"Relationship Diary" is the next step in the single diary , there is no ideal love, only belong to their intimate relationship. There is a love, I love you, do not ask, do not wait.

When I love you, I feel the ground is moving.


There is a C preference of the wine called Ernest Hemingway, wine to drink bitter and strong, C before only drink fruit rich sweet wine, she loved a person, no longer afraid of suffering, but also particularly like hardship, Hemingway is their flirt wine, but also their parting wine. It is said that Ernest Hemingway is a tough man in literature, a prodigal son in love, and a Mr. Bitter wine of C.

Hemingway's resolute, full of revolutionary foresight, he left deep marks in the times, but also in the girl's body. Ernest Hemingway was a man who did not want to stay, but he loved a girl, and the boat that floated in the wind and waves had a beach to go ashore. (You will like: the marriage of the madman!) Seeing the true meaning of soul mate from the love of Shanghai Mingwei

He wrote the word: "If you had the privilege of living in Paris when you were young, then wherever you go in your life, she will be with you, for Paris is a flowing feast." "This sentence is heavy, written in Paris with the first wife met, even if Hemingway has gone through four of marriages, she will always be with him."

In Paris, Hemingway fell in love with Haidley's restrained softness, with his strong and resolute, he thought, Paris is the right time, we can love, they at the best time to kiss, hug, crease the sheets.

Haidley loved him when the man was penniless. They organized the family, their story is the most sophisticated kind of-acquaintance, love, marriage, divorce. The slightly drunk C side listens, the eye has the sea, she says I like Hemingway's Haidley: I love you when you have nothing, you love me is after I have built all good to leave.

C like Haidley, they have been invincible, only shattered. I looked at the shaking glass in C's hands, and I was told that some of the bars prefer glass made of fortified glasses, not easy to break, lasting new, but once it breaks, it will break into a near-scattered sand, the sun was destroyed, really like a crashed star, you will not remember it is still a whole piece of the sky intact appearance , it was reborn in another gesture. (same field Gayon: a relationship with Slag man: If you want to love, you must for yourself )

Haidley is also such a woman, she had accompanied Hemingway and mistress Pauline for a while, she was like love herself to like Pauline. Pauline is a good companion of Hemingway's career, she is Hemingway's Red rose, accompanied him through a lot of high social communication field, gorgeous blooming.

"Yes, she also Ehemingwai, she is very similar to me." "Haidley thinks he is mediocre, and Pauline can give her husband what she can't give--adventure, surprise, ambition." This hobby deformity, learn to love a person like Me love you. Once Haidley looked at a sea of time, Ernest Hemingway and Pauline shouted, Hyde you come down to play, Haidley far look at them, to the other end of the straight away. She did not want to jump, she did not have the ability to jump, the three-person dance, Haidley has always been the footsteps of the one.

You are the wit of the world, and I am not your beauty.

I thought the story to this, C should be vigorous to cry, but she smiled bizarre. "To the Haidley! "After the last mouthful of Ernest Hemingway, more insane to laugh."

C said: "You know, the people who love hardship, are asking for trouble." But they do not feel a pity. 」

When we poor happy that a period of time not to go back, Haidley became Ernest Hemingway's sigh poem, the habit of Mr. Bitter wine into a C of paranoia, if she continues to love him, can only live into his woman, turned, she can live back to herself.

Haidley and C have been broken for love, but without this strong impact, they may not fall into the Milky Way, do not know, they deserve to see more stars. The more bitter the young love, the old time, can be used to wine.

There is a relationship is: I use regret to love you, I really love you, more people will be I wasted to verify that I really love you. Among the women Hemingway loved, Haidley was the most humble and most memorable. (same field Gayon: single diary: Riding a donkey to find a horse, wasting love )

What I haven't told C is that from the feast in Paris to the late-night bar in the city, it's hard to love only one person in a lifetime, but Ernest Hemingway thought of Haidley before he committed suicide, and wrote it in the near death:

"I wish I could just die when I love her alone," she said. 」

When I love you, I feel the ground is shaking, when I do not love you, you have already become my core.

To the Haidley in the city.