This article micro-ray, the woman is the main writer "Escape from the Town of Life" in the chilling human nature of the evil, liberal under the appearance of everyone wearing, seemingly pluralistic but full of discrimination hole sores.

"If Obadhai Ma Xian The third president, I will definitely vote for him." "The white girlfriend's father said, grinning and seemingly amiable, and he shouted at Chris while he was calling him my man." Ah, they are white middle-class families, not discrimination Trump, but progressive, discrimination hidden deeper and more ingenious one.

When Chris pulls his girlfriend's hand, into the white family, dad familiar with the home fixed travel, is the culture of all the souvenirs have to buy back, you look like you are black but chasing my daughter, pluralism has its necessity, Chris did not dare to ask, how your family souvenirs like a cultural specimen?

White people staring at him, pinch his arm, as if he is treasures Nonesuch, he walked into a more frightening than the obvious discrimination in the town, where never do not talk about discrimination, oh no, discrimination is non-existent, impossible, right? They smiling up their eyes and asked him with a smile. (Recommended reading:"Sorry, I only date with the Whites" is racism in Australia serious?) )

"Escape from the town" to 4.5 million U.S. dollars in production costs, theaters on the first day of the box office to break through tens of millions of dollars. Director Jordan. Peel's attempt to be vigorous, severely trampled on the Times soft rib, bombing the sharp criticism of racism. You think Trump's discrimination is terrible? No, you haven't seen the real horror yet.

There's a real horror that's exposing everything just acting

There is a real horror, calm without waves, dark waves, such as your subconscious deepest dark, there is a real horror, is the choice of people to ignore, wear a progressive coat, political correctness is a grand show, see who acted like.

There is a real horror, is bold to expose everything is just acting, and dirty things thrown into the basement, the eyes are not clear, only you die, I can continue to live.

When did things start to go wrong?

Like mom with a smile, knocking on the rim, asking about the night Chris ' mother disappeared, with no love in her eyes; for example, the Black gardener, who had come straight to him at night, looked as if he were tearing him apart, and then, at the White party, doll, the Black gentleman who appeared, took his fear as a joke, "you said I was there to make you feel safe?" Oh, no kidding. Chris took a picture of him, and the gentleman was out of his body, yelling at him, rolling out, getting out of Here, get out! (recommended reading:"key Minorities" era revelation: as a minority, but also to engage in change discrimination )

Maybe what he didn't say was, get out of there while you still have the ability to leave.

Maybe he should go, he felt like a deer in the hunt, he shuddered, this is not the 21st century, we have not gone through the abolition of the Negro slaves, to the progressive era of freedom?

Dear 21st century, hidden in the name of the progressive evil, everyone claims to love Tiger Woods and Obama, everyone laughed at you, all say love you, who is stupid to the obvious segregation policy (OK Trump). (Recommended reading: Workplace notes: A Trump, will not let the World perish )

Dear 21st century, racism quietly restored, all born and equal, simply ignore the structure, we all rely on the ability, we see each other is very flat, black physique strong, Aboriginal people will sing, women are born considerate.

Dear 21st century, The real horror is taking place, and the family of the white middle class is honestly reflecting our ugliest appearance.

New terror full invasion: Good people can do the worst

This is a movie where you are always in suspense.

Scary, because the movie is close to reality. The Guardian's comments were cleverly written, "Escape from the Town of Life", a film that boldly named the horror of free racism in the United States. 」

They seem to be good people, maybe your neighbors, your parents, educated intellectuals who can do the scariest things without hesitation.

Scary, too, because this is "invasive" new horror, the prevalence of psychological counseling, the progress of surgery, we put consciousness and body to entrust experts (they are the good people, educated intellectuals), we moderately "handle" ourselves, but will not, that is another, control you to devour you to take your place in the possibility of you?

Fear, and more because this film mocks progress, to tease the body and mind, point out the contemporary "pluralistic" discussion gradually the danger of the choroid, is, in fact, we are not unfamiliar, there are many examples of progress as the name, the practice of incorporation, incorporation is the threat of excision, the eyes of the net of contemporary practice is ongoing, you and I are accomplices (Recommended reading: Human nature of the evil of China!) "Witness": "The last page of the most terrible, do not open")

Scary, so this is a movie out of the cinema, see the Skylight, you are a cautionary tale of the film.

Finally, let me sell a thing, there is a real horror, you have to go to the cinema to know.