Women obsessed with gender watch show you "Don't want to be a man" story, Reuben like makeup, like singing, his dream is to become YouTuber, our world should welcome more boys to break the template.

Reuben (Reuben de Maid) is a 12-year-old boy from Wells, he and his peers are somewhat different from the little boy, do not like to play in the football field of childhood dirty, do not love to bully girls, after finishing their homework, his favorite thing to do is not to eat mother baked cookies, but to open computer tracking YouTuber, carefully use make-up to carve their own facial features, to cultivate their own beauty makeup tatsu people.

April 21, Reuben stood on the "Allen" singing Broadway classic "and I Am telling you I'm not going", his voice is high-pitched, the voice of tenderness, "Allen" with "the world's most gifted and extraordinary children" crowned him. Reuben Love singing, Love beauty makeup, since he sensible, his dream is can always sing, and good sisters become beauty makeup YouTuber.

"When I was eight years old, I started to be interested in makeup, and I would take my cell phone for a couple of hours and learn how to do it from a blogger's teaching." 」

I like makeup, I like acting, I'm a boy.

"How I like this child of Wales, his character, his voice, his uniqueness, his everything." --Alan Dizeni

Alan Dizeni and Reuben chatted about his childhood bullying, who had been bullied by other students because of his make-up: "When I was in the drama club, someone kicked me." Then I tried to unload my makeup, but obviously, it didn't work. 」

"So I decided to stand up and fight. "This negative temperament domineering explicit boy said, he unbearable, he can not accept his love by bullying, so he decided to take the initiative to tell her mother, Reuben transferred away from the environment, also got up on the screen, want to share his story with everyone." Alan Dizeni very much praised Reuben's approach, she said: "You can stand up for yourself is very good." "Also generous send fashion back board, cosmetics, lamps, etc. as a gift." (Recommended reading: Gender Watch: Alan Dizeni: "No one is qualified to criticize your choice of love")

He most like to use the action KTV record his own singing figure, he likes to paint his brow and eye shadow to make the bright eyes look more profound, he also and neighbors sister mingle, he also like to go to school and students grow, you ask Reuben what is not the same? Let's see, those kids who look like Reuben.

Reuben is one of the tens of thousands of Americans who have been violently affected by the negative temperament, and he is only a special case of "lucky to be seen," but can we say that the children of the sex-controlled bullying are lucky to survive? Or, this is the most embarrassing misfortune of the times.

Alien boys who don't agree.

Reuben had his dream-to have his own makeup brand. This dream and the so-called "ordinary little boy" is not the same, has not been taught by society, cartoon and diffuse Wei also had no time to discipline him to become a knight, he has decided to go out of the world to the castle.

The discrimination against a boy who is known as a "negative temperament" is more than Reuben's two-month-old school-kicking. There are countless tales of abandonment, the death of Ye Yongji in 2000 and the shooting of 2016 gay night in Orlando. From small S to Green peak of the same male ridicule to Trump to revoke the executive order of LGBT rights. "Feminine characteristics of the male" can not go to the hall of the kitchen, neither by the real society to love, nor be accepted by the family, often in the deep cabinet suffocation. (Extended reading:"View of the news," Chuan Pu restart the global abortion ban, 20 million women accept unsafe abortion surgery )

People with the order of the patrilineal take out devotion dozen dog sticks, "punish" those who break the bad mechanism of chaos source-uneasy with sex, reactionary two yuan opposite, destroy the gender order. Kristiva in "The Power of terror" put a sad narrative into theory, why the fear of women fear negative fear of childbirth? There is a natural and principled sense of humble feeling towards mother/motherhood, and brotherhood must be established through hostility to the matrix.

So the "Edge and no identity" subject by culture, the group to rally centripetal force means is almost brutal attack "alien", expulsion of dissent is a purification ceremony, return to the security of their own subjects.

"The construction of the subject is nothing but the process of establishing the relationship between the subject and the object slowly and painfully." -Liu Jihui "The base of cultural subjects"

As a boy, I don't want to be a knight.

These boys, is there any chance of not being a knight? Of course, fashion walking avantgarde, transgender or neutral temperament model, we advocate the magazine or film "Different men", they have a girl's breath, even like a woman. We are inspirational to the story of "degeneration" and "negative", as if "we can get a better life", to sublimate and put into meaning for those suffering people, and to imply that if you dare to bump into your own gender framework, you are a brave and valuable person.

"Men can't just be" wanted ", they need to be" needed ". We believe we must be heroes, just because we don't see other roles. --Noah. Brandon (Noah Brand)

But this real world may not allow boys to do this. Men, for example, learn to endure pain earlier than women--and parents are not easy to pick up when a baby cries, because families teach boys in this way that "crying doesn't change anything"; male students learn to use physical violence in team activities of adolescent violence Society expects men to do more well-paid jobs than to do what they want to do.

The "brave and valuable man" responds to the universal male not by abandoning your gender discipline, but by facing the bloody world and standing up. Like a man, he received the task, he must believe that he is very strong, he must take the mantle of father to protect the whole family. Even as most men grow up, they may be told not to show weakness and to build friendships and images in a "Man's Way", so it's harder for boys to get the "I deserve to be loved" feeling from social communication. (Recommended you see:"manly" and "the length of the wind" has nothing to do!) A gender discussion invitation to men

The boys were trained to be knights and to find princesses. Now we want to liberate not only those who are "unable to suppress negative characteristics" of boys, but also those who "do not know that they can have a negative quality" of the boy. I think this is not only a #HeForShe generation, but also a #SheForHe generation.

#SheForHe: Let the Sons of the future live better.

In the past we read stories that broke the stereotype of "like a girl," and now we have to get boys out of the ivory tower of "like a boy." A few days ago, a photographer's mother took "#ABoyCanToo" to record the children's multiple figures. A series of photographs and records of young boys ' breaking the rules ' embrace of interest in photos: Boys dancing ballet, boys like pink, boys like dolls ...

"I never thought my son danced or wore pink clothes to be associated with their gender identity." As parents, we care more about nurturing children to respect themselves, their peers, their families and the people they meet in their lives. --#ABoyCanToo photographer Magui

We have too many children because "Niang" is excluded, or because "the woman" is not loved, they have been from the "normal life" of the safety net fell down, someone died, survivors can only be abandoned posture to live. We must build up the sex education of the children from the family, school and society, and rebuild the adult's gender education, and behind each falling child, there are adults who are watching. Families develop more mobile discussion spaces, schools optimize two of dollars from the education system the opposite gender values, society must extend more hands to see the child's situation and involvement. (You'd like to: talk to kids about sex education: Taiwanese parents, you don't have to be so jittery )

One day, he wanted to be a hero as a hero, want to be a princess as a princess, no longer kidnap his life script, such a fairy tale is not more beautiful? Let us dance like a human, not sex; Let us love life as a human being, not about who I love.