"Relationship Diary", there is no ideal love, only belong to their intimate relationship. Einstein and his lover's theory of relativity, the vast expanse of the universe, that year they love without others.

"How do I live before I meet you, little things you are all to me." Without you, I lack self-confidence, lost work enthusiasm, no life enthusiasm, you know? Life Without You is not enough to be called life. 」

Einstein to the first wife Mileva love letter, Genius originally also lonely, the vast stars have knowledge, knowledge, love, there is time, deep feeling are limited, the theory of relativity is too cruel fable, in the future waiting for them.

When Einstein was 18 years old, young and complacent, Mileva was the only female classmate in the small class, with the professional physics, talent, they first met, Einstein to Mileva questions, she gently untie, soft genius pampered.

Two people of common interest, wisdom, with the same in a foreign land Zurich, their love in the academic debate sprout, they cling to each other, but also at random to solve a physical formula. (Recommended reading:"Relationship diary" Ernest Hemingway and Haidley: How I wish to die when I love her only one person )

When they can't meet, they write to each other in pain and sweetness. Mileva lame, and older than Einstein, causing Einstein's mother to dislike. Einstein love rebellious, physics has formula, love but no rules, he put pen to her affectionate vindicate, "How lucky I look for you in the crowd, you and I similar, strong and independent." I feel lonely with anyone but you. 」

The vast expanse of the universe, not to love you, I always fall alone.

Einstein also had a life of the ordinary years, no one optimistic about the "former genius" period, only Mileva willing to understand him. Two years after graduating, he had a few schools, and finally in the old friend, reluctantly into the patent Office, this period, Mileva gave birth to a baby, was quietly sent away. (Recommended reading:"Relationship diary" First love and Bole!) Simompova's love contract with Saudi Arabia )

Einstein and Mileva were married in 1903, Einstein's most frustrated years, Mileva didn't think of him, perhaps she knew that he loved the boy will eventually become successful, the first few years after marriage, Einstein's thesis published the most productive period, of which three papers, decided to the fate of the world in the future. Einstein said, this is "our theory".

One part of Einstein's genius was Mileva's love of achievement.

Then, Einstein more and more on the road of genius, he went to love a lot of people, and Mileva guarding the House of children, he did not go home, he is no longer willing to talk to her, he looked at her eyes without passion, and she could not go back to do her longing for the physical research.

She felt that she loved very lowly, she was lost in the past, lost the timeline to continue forward. Einstein finally wrote to her, begged her to divorce, the letter is only the negotiations, the original universe, in any case, he will not be left alone. (Recommended reading: Single Diary: The original We always love ourselves )

Does not love is absolutely cruel, the love is also the relativity theory, he suddenly walked forward, and she lived forever in that year Zurich, the sickness and death, does not want to leave. If you can choose, she will live in that year forever, they love without others.