"GirlBoss" adapted from the founder of the Nasty Gal real life, peak fell to the bottom, to fall she also fell gorgeous calmly, for life, she said: bet on their own body it.

"GirlBoss": Do yourself, I do not live in the small box in the society!

"Growing up means dreams fade, adulthood, work and idleness, and society wants to cram everyone into a system, but guess what, society!" I don't want to be stuffed in your little box! 」

"GirlBoss" in the beginning of the album, the heroine on the camera to say that she is only willing to do their own deep confession! Originally adapted from the original Netflix album, the entire play 13 collection from Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso Real Life, a street, no life goals girl, in the EBay auction site to build their own brand, flip the story of their lives.

Sounds like a prototype of many entrepreneurial stories, but Sophia Amoruso to admire is not her experience in the success of life, but she fell, also fall gorgeous calmly, failure let her board life another grand show, after 30 years old divorced, lost hands-on brand, she said: "Each failure , hiding the opportunity behind. "After 30 years old, dead and reborn, her youth is founded in Nasty Gal, but life is still long, the second half of the GirlBoss is another brilliant legend of her."

Nasty Gal founder: Don't care about others, only you can be your own idol

Sophia Amoruso was born in a poor family, childhood suffering from depression and attention deficit, because the mental state so that she had to self-study at home, there is no student period of youth play, her childhood in constant work to earn money and reality struggle through, her parents divorced, she was poor in the garbage heap rummaging for food.

Life to her, it seems that can not find a place to put their own, working part-time daily is too boring, life should be some devote a lifetime to the dream of achievement, that dream, she is still looking for, God forgot her, she desperately to jump to the fate of the wave, I am here, I am trying to find the meaning of their existence! The world lost her, she crossed the ridge of life to climb the peak, shouting to the world: "Believe me, I will find the things I love, but I do not know, but it is waiting for me in the future!" (Recommended reading: a love letter to Taiwanese girls: I miss being who you are)

Bet on yourself. Bet on yourself.

Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso

You have to believe that you are born with a gift, and you have to give it all your life to practice it.

Trapped in the bottom of life, Sophia Amoruso than anyone else to believe in themselves, although the front is still confused, she believes that the life of the stumbling process, will lead her to find the dream, and she bet that with the dream of their own can have an unparalleled life. (Recommended reading:"Do Your own courage": let your wayward become toughness )

The opportunity of life is carried out in that old jacket, at the age of 22, Sophia accidentally found on EBay auction second-hand clothes, can through the clothing to double the texture, the price also doubled, so she began in the old clothes recycling shop or network to find the ancient trafficking, this is her nasty Gal embryonic.

With the auction site's business more and more stable, her precise vision created a unique taste of the site, from a few pieces of sales to the need for a warehouse inventory of the business, but a few years, Sophia Amoruso operating brand nasty Gal became the market value of tens of millions of dollars of companies. (Recommended reading: life please flatter yourself!) James Franco's graduation speech: "When you really like, you will be willing to do anything")

Auction site, she auction is not clothes, is a dream, people pay her eyes, made her, this is a bet with life, she bet on herself, a indomitable to create their own brand, the first half of life to win elegant beauty.

Just enjoy the peak of the foot of the Magnificent, the Valley of life is suddenly overwhelming, the 30-year-old nasty Gal due to poor business and declared bankruptcy, at the same time Sophia Amoruso only recently experienced the divorce of the low ebb, lost throwing youth for two things, the cause and the disappearance of Love, Let her miserable fall, fell her wailing life fluctuations, 30 years old after life, she put herself to zero, everything again.

Create empowering women's platform, empty your life and reap more

The miss all the fun stuff along the way as you begin with the finish line in mind. When you start thinking about the finish line, you lose all the interesting things along the road.
--nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso

Leaving behind the achievements of the past, Sophia no longer nostalgia for the past, from the plight of female entrepreneurship and inspiration inside, she created a media platform, GirlBoss. She hopes to create a platform for empowering creative women, allowing girls from around the world to connect, exchange majors, inspire ideas, and explore topics of career, financial management, gender relations, and so on.

The middle age falls, let her fall on another stage of life, perhaps some staggered but also on the scene, belong to the second half of Sophia life. In addition to the creation of a female media platform, she began to try to write, "GirlBoss" recorded her twists and turns but precious life journey, in her, what is the spirit of GirlBoss? I want to see her on the way to the indomitable, do not shake the social framework, the courage to do their own life, this is the best endorsement of GirlBoss. (Recommended reading:"Liu Tong" to be a person willing to find light in the dark )

"GirlBoss" is not only the autobiography, but also in the social media to form a wave of hastag, became a gesture of their own movement: regardless of gender, you have to do their own life, live atypical, belong to your life.

Instead of wasting your energy on someone else's life, spend time with yourself. Only you can be your own idol.

Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso

Charlie Chaplin a sentence is so described, near to see life is a tragedy, far view, it became a lifetime comedy.

You see Sophia Amoruso, every poor, in the tragedy of the low life, she stands, challenges such as riddled with holes in the road, she tripped up and then tenacious climb up, with close-up lens, this is really a miserable youth tragedy; pull away, her rise and success, her perseverance and unique, Take her through every hurdle of life, even if the fall, also in their own way domineering exit, pat stained hair dust, not nostalgia not humble, the second half of the show, she smiled head set foot, to fail, she also want to let this tragedy become from the bottom of the leaping, crying and laughing life comedy. (Recommended reading: Frustration is a gorgeous fall!) Life is an adventure without you.

Don ' t apologize for whom you are. It's okay to being a outsider, and to want thing that maybe unpopular. No need to feel sorry for being yourself, it doesn't matter to be an outsider and to pursue non-mainstream matters.
--nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso

Sometimes when a nasty Gal is also very good, in the face of growth, we always imitate others in the colorful society, trying to outline their appearance on the curtain of high-rise buildings, the world is too wide, anxious to find a location, will accidentally lost their unique. What does a bad girl do, an outsider? To live your life as one's own, may be thwarted but true, better than living the rules, monotonous daily, distant and unreal, as if you had never lived. (Recommended reading: write farewell to the youth of their own: to do their best to live is the only obligation )

You live once! Don't put yourself into the small box of society, living with others is no ordinary life, do a girlboss, put the youth bet on their body, I believe your unique is your life to strive to practice the direction!