Ariel interpretation of the "mysterious family" sexual assault victims, she asked people not to ignore sex education. Gender Watch show you how we're going to be with more Ye Yongji in the world to fly with Fang Siqi.

"Mystery Family" is a social realism film, adapted from the Fujian Miemen case. The case occurred in 2014, the victim 0 red on the way home encounter with the village man Lee 0 Fu followed sexual assault, Lee 0 Fu was sentenced to 2 years 04 months. On the seventh day of his release, the prisoner rushed into the victim's home, killing the victim's husband and two children, and raping and killing 0 red.

The process of the case is extremely brutal, the mutilation of the body and the means of rape and killing powerful. The bloody shocking case of Fujian miemen The Society, the families that could not be protected, the victims who were repeatedly humiliated, leaving deep wounds in people's hearts.

However, "mysterious family" changed its role structure, by Ariel played the protagonist Miao was sexually abused, she cobwebs after surviving the family secret-an unfortunate, a little disregard, planted a chain of death fuse

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Ariel: Children still in the dark, sex education can not wait

She ran away in fear in the reed field, and she was sexually abused in the muddy rain. When you live, you just keep fighting nightmares and reality. A sexually abused girl, in addition to the face of her own wounds, but also face the distrust of their families, the law sneered at PTSD [1], the girl with mental disabilities testimony is invalid, there is an endless system of abandonment. The girl's side happened to the Miemen, but the most painful is what, will she repeatedly in the heart to kill herself. (Recommended reading: The survival of victims of sexual violence, only to live in another kind of death )

Ariel playing, finger seam card full of reed ground mud, she said: "The nails in the sand will eventually slowly wash away, but the real sexual assault victims, the injury is a lifetime can not wash off." She has been a solid victim investigation, the victims around the experience of friends, many of them occurred in childhood, unknown ignorant of that age, they remember to cross the Earth, came to hell; they crossed the pure childhood, one night was seen as dirty.

Speaking of these "Fang Siqi" [Note 2] Ariel said very painful, in the Chinese regional education in the family, campus, society so inadequate: "A lot of little girls are ignorant, do not know how to protect themselves." We must have children to know their own body, to understand the sovereignty of their own bodies, privacy, in order to know how to respect themselves. 」

Her attitude towards sex education is positive: "I do not think it is taboo to teach, I hope that we can strengthen the next generation of sex education, but also hope that male friends should respect female friends, like to cherish themselves, and women themselves to be vigilant." 」

No more desperation, starting with sex education.

Her despair may be forever, Ariel handwriting carved a body of pain. The salvation of a sexually abused victim is not the forgetting of suffering, but the acceptance of suffering and suffering to continue to live. Facing countless sad facts, we are grief, not forgiveness, but what we really should do is not the blood and the tooth, there is a step, everyone can go to promote-sex education.

Sex education not only refers to the standard standard of the class, not only the condom how to bring, the rough teaching of abortion films, but also the difference in health education between men what kind of characteristics, how gentle girls. Sex education is not just a school's responsibility, it is a family, a government, a society, and every individual who has the opportunity to instill a gender ideology with a growing child.

Sex education is very much in the direction of development, because we have done too little--to teach children the friendly intimacy of interaction, to reduce the interaction of power or disgust; talk to the child about the body and let him know that masturbation or lust is not shameful; let him know that as long as he is mature, he has the supreme right to decide whether he wants to have sex or not. ......。

Sex education is not a "choice", but a "demand". Sex education in practice is "sexual equality and democracy", let the individual return to their own hands, whether he is a male or female, regardless of who he loves, regardless of his poor and rich, regardless of his social class.

The emancipation of this gender and identity politics is intended to bring the silenced population farther afield. The silenced communities on campus, the dead Ye Yongji, the suffering Fang Siqi, should not suffer any longer because social capital is not strong enough and their gender identity cannot be audible.

The status of sex education in Taiwan: adults need to do homework more than children

At the beginning of May, the Taipei Bureau of Education communicated with parents on the weight of their children's development in a consultative sex education textbook. The parents ' group has put forward five major demands:

To request the parent seat of the Municipal committee on the EOC to increase to more than One-third.
Second, the "Golden Race", "Gender spectrum" and other controversial textbooks out of textbooks.
With the consent of the parents ' Council, the establishment of sex-friendly toilets can be increased.
Four, sex level textbooks need to go online bulletin, by the parents together.
The content of sex level is not included in students ' evaluation and test results.

The parent group further pointed out that the national high school textbooks should not provide Taiwan Gay hotline service, because the link web site talking about sexual experience, such as "18 prohibited" content, sexual intercourse is not sex level education.

The director of the Taipei Bureau of Education promised: "The inappropriate textbooks will be expelled from the campus, and the inappropriate textbooks are now fully removed." 」

We grieve to face such a resolution. Some parents keep protecting their children, but they stop the high school students who already have a good sense of judgment and a knowledge system from getting to know any sex issues. Sex is sex education. The 1999 World Science Conference noted that sexual rights are universal human rights and are based on the fundamental freedoms, dignity and equality of all humankind, and that people must be respected in the following choices:

We don't want to see a world where children are too easily hurt. Children need to know whether sexual intercourse is desirable or not, and they must be able to think about what kind of sexual relationship they want to have; the child needs to know about the gay counseling hotline, and he must know that he is not alone when his parents abandon him. Sex education needs gender spectrum and Kinsey scale, without bursting to cut people mercilessly into two halves of two yuan. (The same field Gayon:"film Straight hit" Sexual liberation of the Fan sister: "Gender equality, service is all human")

What can sex education do? Shared responsibility of the family community

The most basic thing everyone can do is to actively participate in the system, the sex knot author Allan Johnson describes the Patriarchal society: "We lie in a bed, does not mean that the bed is made by us, if we have a better choice, we do not even want to sleep in this bed." 」

If there is a chance, we can change this bed. Start with doubts about the absorption of information, use the Community and daily dialogue to touch different views, the courage to declare their heterogeneity, dare to voice in silence. In addition to questioning the event, you are willing to constantly work with yourself to understand your gender and the pain or happiness that the world of survival can play in your gender. If we can, we do not even take the path of the least resistance, not to enjoy the status quo of course, not afraid to give up power.

Again, a more positive step in the system is to transform the society, from the family, you can think through the practice and the child's sexual education interactive way. For example: Lesbian partner Turtles and JoJo in their children's growth stage with a hand-book collection of honesty to teach children how to be born in the world .... (same field Gayon:"See Comrade" Big Turtle x JoJo: Two people If love, can form a home )

The most important thing is that we cannot be alone, and a change of mindset requires the state to communicate with the public power, so that different ideologies can be exchanged in the public domain. April 11, the Dutch government of the House of Commons resolution, the future if the school does not teach the plural sex, in the course of the introduction of gay education, schools will be fined fines or administrative sanctions. To educate the people by law and to spread their conscience by public power is also a necessary way to go.

Gender education is not to inculcate these children with standard answers, but to open a door for them to understand themselves, but this is not a child's homework, but also the subject of adults. Even an adult who opposes sexual education emancipation must be open-minded about his beliefs and the needs of a child's growth path, and must see the cruelty of this society rather than waving a wave saying that it is not my child.

If everyone loves you, please remember her last wish: it is prevention! There is no longer a second 000! Rather than the responsibility of who! --Lin Father's statement

Sex education to open up new space, so that parents and children, so people can be the ego or the world to ask questions and dialectical. This set of typical killings of countless young girls Miao, girls Fang Siqi, juvenile Ye Yongji system, may have given people a lot of security, as long as the SOP can be a considerable survival security, but it has broken more than the original can spread the arm, we need a long time, a lot of patience to do repair, learn from, To remember and practice the original can fly. (Recommended reading: adults and children should take a class: Because of sexual anxiety, more need for sex education )

If you still have heartache, please join us on the road. If you remember Fang Siqi, we can say with both hands, the world does not match her innocence, the world is not worthy of love, we can also fly against the wind, the world why not? In spite of the injury, we will land closer to the ideal place.

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