"Single diary Alone" When we lose love we still have ourselves. You are such a person, love the person may be wrong, but your love is very right.

A said that he began to like the single, friends thought she smiled, reached out to touch her forehead, a face worried, you really okay? Or no disease? Friends too remember the way she was lovelorn, at that time, she like to vomit out the guts of the same crying, her eyes are always very bubble, like a goldfish drifting in their own tears in the sea.

A is such a girl, she once thought love must be "leap love sea" inside that sentence "You complete my",you complete me how romantic ah? " For, a person is incomplete, a person is insufficient, a feel oneself is born is the life of love, very dislike oneself a person.

Plato said that the man had four legs, four hands, four arms, two faces, because they offended the gods, so they were split in half to punish. So throughout his life, we are looking for the other half of the scattered, just feel complete. A feels that he is clearly a believer in Plato. (Recommended reading:"single diary Alone" You do not have to deal with the loneliness, your single righteous )

She likes objects into pairs, pillow to buy a pair, she hated to fall alone, a person good miserable, she hated face with their big blank, helpless, she had nothing to say.

Later, agreed to complete her man gone, they have always been Siamese twins, he walked ugly, and tore down a part of her, she felt completely dispersed. If say break up to her to leave what, that is a lot of time, oneself with own, a person's.

Originally she never, she has always been good at love, but did not think how to get along with herself.

She learns from scratch. In the early days, she felt like a space capsule that had been discarded, the universe was vast, she was lonely, and no one wanted her. She is a person to cook rice, a person shopping, a person in the world wandering, she slowly to spell herself, incredibly first found herself very complete, she was alone in the capsule, looking up at the stars empty, originally she has a universe. (Recommended reading: single diary: You patiently wait for a person worthy of your heart )

She is very complete, hurt the pain of teaching her, everyone is waiting for a person, and she waited for her to walk, and her deep love.

The fourth month after the breakup, a bought a watch for himself, tied to a fine wrist, time is the most precious gift a person can give to another person, then she wants to give time to herself.

After the breakup of the days, she said good-bye to the world, back to herself, she eventually very grateful, this is her with her own, the best time.

A is such a girl, she loves the person may be wrong, but her love is very right, she finally understood, the love must not be who complete who, but because of you I finally understood, I have always been able to complete myself. (Recommended reading: Single Diary: The original We always love ourselves )