Women are obsessed with the season, inviting you back to the applause to feel yourself. With a single time salon, Xu himself a zero-hour, life emptied after the harvest more.

How much time are you willing to keep for yourself in 365 days a year? 24 hours a day, how many minutes do you focus on yourself?

Me Time festival alone season, with solitude to start to zero, let alone to find their own.
Celebrate Solitude for a moment, set aside the exclusive time, and invite the most precious self to a date.

I'd like to leave the time to myself
I would like to spend time to concentrate on the emboldened
I will, take time to make miracles
Time is the best proof of my love for me.

When a woman is obsessed with a salon, only once a year

Sharon originated in France and is the intellectual space to play with knowledge.

The hostess of Sharon brewed the cultural field of the 18th century Enlightenment, and they Salon their lives in the hinterland and debated a new universe. When a woman is obsessed with a salon, make an appointment for a good time only to please yourself, so that you are wild, heartbeat, loyalty, enlightenment. (Extended reading:"Live direct strike" never finish the "Love Class" credits: gentle growth in pain )

One year for this time alone salon, from the solitude to look at the relationship, by the salon hostess Jiangmichi, pull you and have never seen yourself meet, with solitude to create the space of dialogue with the world.

Jiangmichi: I'm willing to sing my life alone

5/25"alone time X relationship" Salon Master Jiangmichi, Chinese pop music the most slender sensitive lyric singer, her voice is gentle, listen to her sing "Lonely and beautiful 〉〈 dear you why not in my side, always warm healing, accompany us through life trough, finally to enjoy solitude.

From singers, actors, to see how Jiangmichi in multiple roles in the use of solitude time to bring their own strength, to meet the different stages of life identity and challenges.

So we planned such a solo salon, talking about solitude and self relationship, inviting you to come. Maybe you are a person who is alone, maybe you are not, but we are all practicing and talking to ourselves about such a love. Listen to her sing, you will be willing to give time to yourself, starting from the time of a song, Practice solitude. (Recommended reading:"single diary Alone" Everyone is waiting for a person, I am waiting for myself )

Event details

"Women's obsession with salon" alone x relationship

I'm willing to sing my life alone


"Speaker Introduction"

Jiangmichi, not only singers, but also play a variety of roles in life, is a woman full of inner energy. Her song you must have heard, unique literary and artistic poetic temperament in the Chinese music scene unique, and this time, her solitary life story, invite you to listen to her.