unique , from the opening of the heart: " every day is the first day, each time is the first time ." "For the first time, because of the love of reading, I want to" book The exhibition "of the old check, came to a woman paradise chat book talk About love. For the first time, we hold a reading salon for you, together with the Audrey of the women's editor, to share with you in-depth exchange of "Love Class: Lovers ' 50 exercises". (Recommended reading: The love of Love of the Tanabata book: six books, for you who lost in loving )

The power of reading and feeling

What kind of sensory experience do you connect to when words construct images and images? What kind of mood is it when the brain is projecting a scene that is so emotional and tender and aching? Female fan editor Audrey from their own breakup began to talk about, maybe we used to think of ourselves as victims, but in Chenxue's book to find a gentle reminder, both sad and sweet face their fragile.

After reading, each person interprets and interprets words in different ways, and the experience of life creates a special point of view and position. On this downpour night, Audrey shared several "impressions" in the book:

"Love is not omnipotent, but please try to love, love is to illuminate their own." 」

"About breaking up, it is found that they have undergone vicissitudes of ah, but you think that the broken still intact." 」

"Even the road twists and turns, after all, painted a slow and complete circle." 」

Always believe in words, it is a leap on paper, hidden in the book, feeling in the heart of power. To recognize love as a flowing relationship, to comb your love in reading, and to be strong for that person. Audrey's voice is always soft and sweet, she thought of the past to break up, and then love again, only to find this is a sad time to see too sweet book, and Sweet when too sad book. Text does not change, it brings you, is to touch the bottom of your heart a piece of soft deep, at different times to remind you, lost beautiful, has been there. (The Secret of love: A letter Brad Pitt wrote to his wife )

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Lao Cha said, what is love?

I want to know what.

Love, why is an important course in life? Because it is not unexpected, directly into your life, bring you strong, unable to resist and can not resist the feeling. You can't escape, you can't hide, those who have experienced, have not experienced, in this book in accordance with the 50 themes separately dealt with different aspects.

Pushing the glasses, "like an encyclopedia," the old-looking voice is thick and reassuring: "How do you strengthen your self-identity in your relationship from the balance of self-identity, desire, expectation and drop, choice, and variability?" What about the side effects of desire and the pain of anticipation? "Every participant in the field can't stop writing, sometimes it's like chewing the meaning of the word, or falling into a world that we don't understand, but that constructs a link with words."

"Impermanence comes from the heart, says change, and it changes." 」

Like the echoes before Audrey talked about the breakup experience, not just old check, have spent the breakup period, or is going out of the pain of the reader, all of a sudden will return to their own body, ask: love, in the end for what? To find a more loving person and live a more emotional life? So what's the breakup? Old Chavi the past four times to break up experience, let him understand that the relationship is a practice, and in the selfless care, only really full of the past the right person's curriculum: self-identification, do not need to negate the feelings of others.

"Perhaps, to put it simply, there is only a dynamic relationship between me, him and the world." 」

The only man in the scene who was a little shy about the moment of breaking up was really a positive thing, and afterwards it was like a burst of pain. Even so, even if you find out that you are wrong, that's it. Lao Cha is still humorous, covering his heart: "My mind how to break a hole!" It's probably like that. "(laughter)

"Love class" converts affection from adjectives-feelings and states-into verbs: when to do something. Love becomes a "thing to do", a concrete action rather than a feeling, an emotion; "Don't forget what you want to do". To maintain the trust of self, is the old check from this book, most want to remind everyone. (same field Gayon:"philosopher Sham" What kind of love is complete?) )

It's time for you to say: Everyone is a storyteller.

We don't accept, "Tonight, I'm not going to tell you."

There is no joking meaning, "you said", is really everyone began to share the memories of reading, or the current confusion! The reading experience of people who have little experience in love understands that no independent person can walk, it's not about love experience, it's about your own growth. Perhaps the good love can make the growth, but the painful, the unforgettable love Perhaps more can let the person understand the appearance of love.

One girl sobbed out her fear of breaking up, knowing that they were walking towards the result, no matter how much preparation and construction they were doing, whether they could convince themselves of their past singleness, and still be afraid of the unknown. Another girl took the microphone, but not to the old check questions, turned around, nice nasal gently rose: "You know?" You have a pair of beautiful eyes and a soft heart. Don't forget who you are, you think you're falling behind in love? Let yourself go, you loved them all to make you really meet the right person. 」

Some people feel that they are always going to break up quickly, for love seems to be the one to put down first. Until one day not so free and easy, only to find because of their very serious life, in the book put a lot of knot slowly open: Ah, the original is so ah. "Slowly, in their own pace of precipitation, breathing." "In love is willing to change." "A little tears, the corners of the mouth are rising."

Lao Cha: "The book mentions, is not to teach you how to do, but in the new stage, how to find their own balance." 」

When it was time for a reader to share, she suddenly could not find her tongue, not like the usual bright and clever, confusion. Another reader, answering the microphone, responds seriously to the state of being unable to speak: Perhaps the state of the mind is the true shape of love. Audrey added, as Roland Batt mentioned: "Degenerate into a child in love." She then recalls having met the shock of love when studying in France: already 60-year-old couples resolution divorce and find the second spring, friends who already have a partner at a birthday party because of a surge of kissing desire to constantly kiss every friend meet, the sex has different needs of the partner to find another body object.

These shocks to love inspire us more confusion and thinking: After the old wife still resolution divorce, what is really courage into action pursuit? is the desire to have a kiss to escape, or do you need more time to respect your body's desires? Is it not the best way for them to face the differences between sexual instincts and essential needs, even if they are not in line with the public's moral perception, after discussion? (You'll like: stop looking for soul mates!) Cherish the present mr.right now)

Like every love whether or not the pain will still smile you:

Is there a possibility, the tragedy of the times, so that two people in love but can not know each other, and cherish, years later, fate of the tie, but again traction each other, and again.

Time to the end, the emergence of life story, is in the period of martial law love. Tears whirling, the young woman has no longer, only to this sentence to explain her story: "Miss, Time goes on, it is now." "30 years, after the meeting, there is Love?" Reunion is the joy, is worry, is the summer thunderstorm, let Shen accumulated years of love, such as pouring down the rain. She found that they still love each other, so on earth, should she go after the unfinished love?

"I can't give you a definite answer, but if you find that you are still in his heart and if he is, then you can think about whether you should be brave enough to pursue it." Lao Cha pushed a pair of glasses, to the old way out.

We are all in love slowly become ourselves. Love is nourishment, and you are what you are.

"Years later, I did not become the person I thought was the" fit for him ", I did not become anyone's need, I only grew up myself. I live peacefully, more powerful, more complete and richer than I was in love.
Not because of who I have, but I have grown into a truly independent, mature, capable of love, not because of fear of loss, fear of loneliness, anxiety and abandonment, hope that love can do everything, and look forward to anyone who is deeply in love, can heal the wounds, to be redeemed by the "Thirsty love." From Chenxue Love class: The 50-way problem of lovers p.239

Reading is not just a matter of time, write it down, say it.
We look forward to the next time, every time, to meet you at the reading salon.

Thank you for sharing the story of love with each other on this raining summer night.
Seems to be a part of each other's lives:

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Future women fans will also continue to launch a reading salon related activities! Please look forward to it!

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